1870 Mason County Mortality Schedule

The numbers in the first column represent the family's number in the 1870 census. I have extracted those families from the census and you may view them by clicking on the family number on this mortality schedule (and occasionally a family is continued on the next page.) The enumerator did not properly number Manito, Quiver and Mason City townships so those families were not extracted.

Family numbers with a * by them were misnumbered by the enumerator and are not linked. Numbers with a ** by them were supposedly numbered correctly, but they did not seem to fit in with the family of the same number in the census. I included those families in the extraction just in case they are correct. In some instances the Family number is one number off from the actual family in the census. Also note that not all of those shown as "Town of Havana" were actually in the town in the actual census, but are listed as such in the mortality schedule

Please Note: These records were transcribed from images of the original mortality schedule. The enumerator occasionally made errors or spelled names as they sounded, and in some cases the writing was difficult to read. This transcription shows the information as the enumerator wrote it. If you have corrections, please Email me

Transcribed by Kristin Vaughn, July 2006

"Schedule 2.---Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870, in ____________ in the County of Mason State of Illinois, enumerated by me, ___________, Ass't Marshal.

Family #
in Census
Birth Place
  --- -------, Charlott 58 F W M N.Y.     Jany. Keeping house Hart disease City of Havana
  --- -----, George 4/12 M W   Illinois     May   Don't know City of Havana
  --- -----, Joseph 7/12 M W   Illinois     Feby.   Don't know City of Havana
  --- ------, Louisa 25 F W M Indiana     Nov. None Consumption City of Havana
  --- -----, Lucretia 20 F W   Indiana     April None Avariel Tumer City of Havana
14 Adams, Larinda 6 F W   Ill.     Febr.   Typhoid fever Pennsylvania
120 Anisworth, Mary E. 3 F W   Ill. 1 1 Feby.   Congestive chill Lynchburg
  9* Anno, Mary 1/12 F W   Ill.     May   Don't know Quiver
  9* Anno, Nancy A. 24 F W M Ill.     May Keeping house Erysipelas Quiver
135 Barnes, Mary 5/12 F W   Ill.     Sept.   Flux Mason Plains
55 Beaver, Katrina 50 F W   Hanover 1 1 Dec. Keeping house Child birth Salt Creek
  8* Bell, Stephen 20 M W   Ohio     Oct Book keeper Accidental discharges from gun Mason City
129 Bicklehamer, John L. 4 M W   Ill.     May   Small pox Pennsylvania
2 Bishop, Franklin 1 M W   Ill. 1 1 Aug.   Flux Mason Plains
127 Blake, Sarah 19 F W   Ill.     Dec. House Keeper Convulsions? Bath
196 Bowersock, Jacob 48 M W M Ohio     Feby. Farmer Lung fever City of Havana
157 Brady, Frankie 26 F W   Ill.     March Keeping house Typhoid fever Salt Creek
189 Browning, Edwin 6/12 M W   Illinois     Mch.   Croup City of Havana
  11* Burnham, Theresa 60 F W M Va     Feb House keeper Inflamation fo stomache Mason City
4 Butler, Charles 2 M W   Ill.     March   Bronchitis Lynchburg
18 Cammus, Amelia A. 18 F W   Ill. 1 1 June None Rheumatism Sherman
  15* Carter, Mary 5/12 F W   Ill     Aug   don't know Mason City
33 Clary, Ellen 1 F W   Ill.     May   Brain dropsy Salt Creek
91 Close, Louisa 46 F W   Tenn.     March Keeping House Consumption Crane Creek
  5* Cogdal, William 33 M W M Ill.     March Carpenter Killed by c---? Manito
192 Conklin, Leanan? 2 M W   Ill.     Aug.   Flux Bath
192 Conklin, Stephen? 6 M W   Ill.     Feb.   Spasms Bath
  2* Conkling, Philo 35 M W M N.Y.     March School teacher Lung fever Mason City
  6* Cooper, Edwin 8/12 M W   Ill     Feb   Measles Mason City
  1* Cooper, Henrietta 1 F W   Mo.     Sept   Flux Mason City
  5* Cooper, Maria 27 F W M N.J.     Jan Keeping house Consumption Mason City
88 Cooper, William 6/12 M W   Ill.     Feb.   Lung fever Sherman
59 Crites, Nancy 22 F W   Indiana     July House Keeper Child Birth Allen's Grove
14 Crouch, Minnie 4/12 F W S Illinois     Sept.   Teething City of Havana
  12* Cue, Charles 3 M W   Ill     Oct   Congestive chills Mason City
34 Culp, Edward 40 M W   Prussia 1 1 Sept. Farmer Flux Lynchburg
154 Curry, Anna 4/12 F W   Ill.     April   Unknown Bath
247** Dailey, Phebe 49 F W W Ohio     Jan. House keeper Heart disease City of Havana
51 Davis, Catharine 40 F W M Inland [England?] 1 1 Dec. Keeping house Hart disease City of Havana
155 Davis, George 1/12 M W   Ill.     March   Unknown Bath
  8* Dennisten, Samuel 42 M W M Ohio     May Farmer Consumption Quiver
9 Dentter, Robert C. 44 M W   Penn.     Dec. None Insane? Caused? Death? Sherman
239 Dolben, Goodman 16 M W   Wales 1 1 May Farmer Congestive chill Bath
29 Dray, G. W. 1 M W   Illinois     Sept.   Teething City of Havana
38 Driver, Rosinah 43 F W M Ohio     Sept. Milliner Infl. Womb City of Havana
  9* Elliott, Oliver 1/12 M W   Ill     Sept   Flux Mason City
316 Ellis, Esther 60 F W   Va.     July   Pthsic? Bath
282 Engle, Catharine 9/12 F W   Ill.     Apr.   Consumption City of Havana
142 Evans, William 18 M W   Illinois     Aug. Laborer Congestive chill City of Havana
100** Fletcher, Amelia A. 8 F W   Ill. 1 1 May   Burned to death by kerosene lamp explosion Lynchburg
100** Fletcher, Mary I. 28 F W   England 1 1 May Keeping house Burned to death by kerosene lamp explosion Lynchburg
110 Fletcher, Thompson 32 M W   England 1 1 April Farmer Measels Lynchburg
29 Gorden, William 8 M W   Ill.     Nov. Farmer Spinal disease Mason Plains
117 Green, Isabel 1/12 F W   Ill.     Nov.   Colic Allen's Grove
118 Green, Mary A. 2/12 F W   Ill.     Febr.   Confliction? Brain Allen's Grove
187 Gum, Charles 1 M W   Ill.     March   ---?--- to death Bath
5** Hall, Alice M. 5 F W   Ill.     Febr.   Measels Salt Creek
  7* Havens, Anna 13? F W   Ill.     Aug. None Accidental drowning Quiver
  14* Havinhorst, Louisa 58 F W W Hanover 1 1 May None -----? Of bowels Quiver
117 Hemfe, John F. 60 M W   Prussia 1 1 Jany School teacher Chronic inflm stomach Bath
277 Heye, Mary 2 F W   Ill.     Oct.   Flux Bath
  3* Heyl, Henry A. 10/12 M W   Ill. 1 1 Feb.   Don't know Manito
  1* Hills, Anna E 22 F W M Hanover 1 1 March House keeper Don't know Manito
148 Hineman, Samuel 25 M W   Ind.     March Farmer Lung fever Salt Creek
212 Hoffman, James 1 M W   Illinois     Nov.   Typhoid fever Allen's Grove
69 Holtslaw, Sarah 42 F W   Ohio     Febr. Keeping House Consumption Crane Creek
38 Hopkins, Lemuel 43 M W   Ohio     May Farmer [illegible] Lynchburg
13 Horstman, Caroline 1/12 F W   Illinois 1 1 Jany.   Inflamtion stomach City of Havana
134 Juzi, Charles F. A. 35 M W   Windsonburg? 1 1 Dec. Ninseyman? Lung fever Lynchburg
229 Kelsey, James F. 5 M W   Ill.     Nov.   Inflamatory croup City of Havana
42 Kesler, Maria 67 F W W Penn.     May House keeper Heart disease Sherman
  2* King, J. W. 26 M W   Penn.     March Carpenter Tumors of bowels Quiver
32 Koke, Harmon 1? M W   Ill. 1 1 Dec.   Lung fever Sherman
377 Lacelles, John 2 M W   Ill.     Sept.   Poupera Bath
  6* Larry, Jeremiah 3/12 M W   Ill.     March   Don't know Manito
71 Lewis, H. M. 60 M W M Ohio     Nov. Farmer Heart disease Sherman
57 Linback, Carhard 42 M W M Hanover 1 1 Nov. Farmer Plurisa Mason Plains
  3* Littell, Georgia 1 M W   Ill.     Nov.   Croup Quiver
214 Loveland, Chas. D. 53 M W M Halafax     June Retired physician Hectric? Lease? City of Havana
  6* Marshall, Flora E. 7 F W   Ill.     Aug.   Inflamation of bowels Quiver
27 Martz, Henry 19 M W   Penn.     March Farmer Spotted fever Sherman
  12* McCarty, Lorin 7/12 M W   Ill.     Aug.   Diarrhea Quiver
  5* McHarry, Rachel 66 F W M P.A. 1 1 Sept. None Disease not known Quiver
  7* McNeeley, George 27 M W M Ill.     Jan. Farmer Consumption Manito
16 Mihlohp, Luella or Lorella 6/12 F W   Illinois     Aug.   Unknown City of Havana
  4* Milby, Hattie D. 2 F W   Ill     June   Hooping cough Mason City
  14* Miller, Martha 64 F W M Ky     May Keeps house Heart disease Mason City
15 Million, William 49 M W   Ill.     Dec. Farmer Dropsy Crane Creek
  13* Mitchell, Claraetta 1 F W   Ill     Sept   Inf condition of brain Mason City
  10* Mullin, Oliver 27 M W   Ohio     Apr Farmer Lung fever Mason City
272 Nehlman, Margaret 60 F W   Hanover 1 1 March   Unknown Bath
111 Nichols, Starks 66 M W M Mass.     Feby. Teamster Despepsia City of Havana
106 Northern, Albert W 13 M W   Illinois     Aug.   Putrid sore throat City of Havana
106 Northern, Wellington 36 M W M K.Y.     Oct. Physician Assasinated-homicide City of Havana
1 Opp, A. M. 2 F W   Illinois     Sept.   Cho-----? Inflamation Sherman
  17* Oyler, Charles E 8 M W   Ill     April   Scarlet fever Mason City
  18* Oyler, George W 4 M W   Ill     March   Scarlet fever Mason City
  19* Oyler, Hattie B. 3 F W   Ill     March   Scarlet fever Mason City
  16* Oyler, Jannie 22 F W M Ind     March Milliner Scarlet fever Mason City
179 Page, Phineus 71 M W M New Jersey     Jany. Retired farmer Hart disease City of Havana
  8* Parsen, Lucy 1/12 F W   Ill.     March   Jandaice? Manito
383 Pearson, Bessie 3/12 F W   Ill.     May   Measels Bath
179 Peck, Thomas 45 M W   Conn.     March Farmer Small pox Salt Creek
179 Peck, William 47 M W   Conn.     April Farmer Small pox Salt Creek
135 Peterson, Lydia E. 1 F W   Ill. 1 1 March   Spinal affection Crane Creek
193 Phelps, Ettie C. 1 F W   Ill.     Febr.   Lung fever Salt Creek
26 Pierson, Charity 6/12 F W   Ill.     May   Congestion b-----? Lynchburg
25 Pincille, Hattie 3 F W   Ind.     March   Lung fever Salt Creek
199 Pond, Marvin B. 60 M W M New York     July Farmer Dropsey City of Havana
161 Rasher, William 34 M W M Indiana     April Farmer Consumption City of Havana
  11* Reed, Walter N. 1/12 M W   Ill.     Aug.   Don't know Quiver
40 Richmond, Bildad 42 M W   England 1 1 Oct. Farmer Killed in a well Pennsylvania
  4* Ringhorne, Sarah E. 2 F W   Ill. 1   Oct.   Inflamation of bowels Quiver
  13* Ringhouse, Lizzie 13 D W   Ill. 1 1 Oct. None Abyass? Of ------? Quiver
104 Robbins, Stanton B. 1 M W   Ill.     May   Inflamation Brain Allen's Grove
54 Roberson, Mary F. 11/12 F W   Ill.     Feb.   Measels Sherman
3 Robinson, Julia A 45 F W   VA     Oct. Keeps house Consumption Salt Creek
78 Rogers, James H. 22 M W   Ill.     March Farmer Small pox Pennsylvania
  7* Roundtree, Manda M 1 F W   Ill     Apr   Measles Mason City
82 Samuels, Georgianne? 1/12 F W   Ill.     Sept.   Hooping cough Sherman
330 Saul, Charles 10/12 M W   Illinois     Aug.   Consumption City of Havana
15 Schoonover, Ann S. 3 F W   Ill.     Oct.   Inflam brain Lynchburg
  2* Shales, Susan 34 F W M Ohio     Oct. Keeps house Lung fever Manito
83 Shelton, Henry A. 1 M W   Ill.     May   Lung --?-- Crane Creek
  10* Skinner, David 69 M W M N.Y.     March Farmer [illegible] Quiver
26 Smith, John W. 44 M W   Ohio     Sept. Miller Typhoid fever Salt Creek
45 Smith, Lilly 9/12 F W   Ill.     April   Measels Lynchburg
151 Squires, Elizabeth 35 F W   Ill.     May House Keeper Child Birth Allen's Grove
211 Stout, Wm. W. 37 M W M Ohio     Sept. County clerk Consumption City of Havana
178 Suffield, Lewis 18 M W   Ill.     April   Measels Allen's Grove
48 Swartz, Louisa 25 F W M Prussia 1 1 Dec. Keeps House Child birth City of Havana
173 Sweney, Harvey D. 58 M W   Pa.     March Farmer Typhoid fever Allen's Grove
  4* Talbot, John 2 M W   Ill.     Sept.   Accidentally shot Manito
  3* Taylor, Reason 15 M W   Ill     July none Accidentally killed by cows Mason City
95 Thomas, Elizabeth 23 F W   Ill.     Feb. Keeping House Child birth Crane Creek
95 Thomas, Franklin 9/12 M W   Ill.     Jany.   Lung Fever Crane Creek
  1* Todd, Joseph 70 M W W N.Y. 1   May Farmer Consumption Quiver
167 Tomlin, Olive 1 F W   Ill. ?     Nov.   Spinal affliction Allen's Grove
  --- Vandeveen, John 1/12 M W   Illinois     Nov.   Don't know City of Havana
271 Wagener, Leonard 1 M W   Ill. 1 1 Aug.   Don't know City of Havana
6 Walker, Charles W. 5 M W   Ill.     Dec.   Consumption Salt Creek
6 Walker, William C. 20 M W   Ill.     Aug. Farmer Inflm bowels Salt Creek
38 Warner, Christina 16 F W   Ill.     Jany. Home Dropsy Salt Creek
49 Waterworth, Marmaduke 2/12 M W   Illinois 1 1 Sept.   Croup City of Havana
64 Watkins, Elias 41 M W   Ill.     Aug. Farmer Congesting brain Crane Creek
4 Watkins, Francis M. 17 M W   Ohio     Janu. Farmer Lung fever Allen's Grove
219** Wheadon, Willie O. 6 M W   Ill.     April   Consumption City of Havana
101 Williams, Verlinda 37 F W   Ky.     March Keeping house Child birth Salt Creek
92 Wilson, John M. 8 M W   Ill.     Sept.   [illegible] Allen's Grove
56 Wolf, Adolph 12 M W   Illinois 1 1 Mch.   [illegible] City of Havana
25 Worster, John 77 M W M Hanover 1 1 Feb. Farmer General dibility City of Havana
122 Zeimer, Louis 44 M W M Frantz 1 1 May Farmer Suicide City of Havana

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