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Book 3A

Note: Under "Container Size & Type", the numbers such as "5/9" mean that the coffin was 5 feet 9 inches long. Each coffin was custom made to the height of the deceased. The #1, #2, etc. are the different styles of containers. "Single" indicates that a single horse was used to pull the hearse, "Double" indicates a team was used

Book # Year Date Surname Given name Contact Age Container type Container size Interment
3A 1905 1-May Abbott J. W. Child of J W Abbott 1w      
3A 1920 6-May Abrey Marie Parley child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1917 7-Dec Adkins Amos   79y b crepe 6/3  
3A 1906 10-Oct Adkins James boy     casket 6/0  
3A 1914 16-May Adkins Mrs. Emma J C Adkins 40y grey half couch 6/0  
3A 1906 25-Jul Adkins Roland James Adkins 16y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 27-Jul Adkins Anvilla          
3A 1905 27-Jun Adolph Henry child   3m casket 2/0  
3A 1908 20-Feb Ainsworth Thomas   26y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 16-Sep Ainsworth Wm. Chas. Ainsworth 80y 6/3 casket  
3A 1903 31-Mar Alcorn David Theran Alcorn 76y casket 6/0  
3A 1903 18-Jan Alcorn Louisa Thiran Alcorn 65y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 27-Apr Alcorn Mrs. Nathan Meltin Bell 37y gray crepe 6/0  
3A 1913 27-Feb Allen Jenina Kean   56y   6/3  
3A 1905 14-Apr Allison Arthur child of Jack Winters 8m      
3A 1921 30-Dec Altie (?) Mrs. Lucy shipped f. East St Louis        
3A 1908 19-Nov Amant David   32y casket 6/3  
3A 1904 12-Sep Anderson John Wm Finch 70y 6/0 case  
3A 1909 2-Jul Anderson Maitie H J Anderson 14y casket 5/6  
3A 1918 5-Nov Anderson Opal Wilmer Anderson 24y gray plush 6/3  
3A 1911 7-Mar Armstrong Anna B.   76y casket 6/0  
3A 1909 10-Aug Armstrong Bertha child of Ed Arruding 2.6y   3/0  
3A 1904 18-Mar Armstrong Elizabeth Geo Armstrong 39y 6/0 casket  
3A 1904 12-Jul Armstrong Geo. Child of   4m 2/6 casket  
3A 1907 10-Apr Armstrong J W   74y casket 6/0  
3A 1906 20-Apr Armstrong John          
3A 1906 12-Sep Armstrong Judson child of   9m casket 2/6  
3A 1916 1-Nov Armstrong Mrs. Jennie G W Armstrong 43y gray 6/3  
3A 1902 20-Jan Armstrong Nancy (Mrs.) John Mullen 94y casket 6/0  
3A 1903 5-Apr Armstrong Robt Jep Armstrong 44y casket 6/0  
3A 1908 31-Dec Armstrong William   76y casket 6/0  
3A 1921 10-Feb Arnold Clarence his father 11m PK 2/0 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1910 3-Feb Artheloneg Mrs. Chas Anthelong 85y casket 6/0  
3A 1907 3-Aug Artheloney Chas wife   35y casket 6/0  
3A 1910 24-Dec Arthur Carl   20y casket 6/0  
3A 1906 18-Dec Ashurst John child     casket 2/0  
3A 1908 1-Apr Ashurst John child of          
3A 1909 10-Dec Ashurst Matild   58y      
3A 1913 24-May Atterberry Ashford family West by Geo ?? 75y couch 6/3  
3A 1920 3-Aug Atterberry Glenn Clas. Atterberry 8y   4/6  
3A 1911 26-Jun Atterberry Sarah   69y   6/3  
3A 1915 14-Sep Avery Dewey child of Dewey Avery 6m P K 2/6  
3A 1908 3-Apr Avery Henry child of   7y casket 4/6  
3A 1913 10-Oct Avery Henry for child       2/0  
3A 1921 10-Dec Babb George Ernest Babb 69y black slate 6/3  
3A 1915 11-Aug Bain Lewis Wm Ray Bain 73y bl board 6/3  
3A 1909 19-Jul Bain Lewis child of Roy & Will Bain   casket 4/6  
3A 1916 15-May Bain Wm A   45y black 6/3  
3A 1915 5-Jan Bair Mary Will Bair 64y couch 6/3  
3A 1911 9-Aug Baker Auce child of   15m plush 3/0`  
3A 1914 24-Dec Baker Hannah   90y casket 6/3  
3A 1903 19-Feb Baker Henry Cass Co. 21y case 5/6  
3A 1911 29-Sep Baker James Cass Co. 70y      
3A 1910 4-Mar Baker Mrs. Lydia     hearse for    
3A 1916 12-Dec Baker Sarah M. by N H Bone   hearse    
3A 1907 11-Mar Baker Wm. Alwen Baker 80y casket 6/3  
3A 1904 18-Feb Ball Lou hearse for        
3A 1913 9-May Banks Mrs J P J P Banks 73y casket 6/3  
3A 1910 24-Nov Barber Shelby child of   2y PK 3/10  
3A 1920 20-Feb Barker Thomas J. ?? Barker 79y crepe 6/3  
3A 1915 25-May Barnes Mrs. Susan Jno Girdell        
3A 1910 5-Dec Bartley Mrs. John     hearse for    
3A 1902 28-Oct Batty Nir child of Wm Hopps 3d casket 2/0  
3A 1912 30-Mar Beck Mrs. A O Lucas 70y      
3A   25-Feb Bell Arthur child of   3m   2/6  
3A 1913 16-May Bell Geo ?? Bell 70y couch 6/3  
3A 1920 30-Oct Bell Jermima Milton Bell 74y bronze 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1918 18-Mar Bell Mrs. Rose   68y b couch 6/3  
3A 1908 23-Jul Bell Robert Payton   77y casket 6/3  
3A 1921 8-Feb Bell William C. Albert Bell 48y metal 6/3 Showalter Cem
3A 1912 1-Dec Benny Duffy   68y      
3A 1904 15-Feb Benson Jobe A G Haynes 68y 6/0 casket  
3A 1903 23-Apr Betz John Henry Betz 79y casket 6/0  
3A 1903 26-Jan Betz Katherine Henry Betz 68y casket 6/0  
3A 1910 9-Dec Biggs Roy C.   33y casket 6/0  
3A 1905 18-Jan Birchen Mrs. Ed Mason Co./Lewis Sarff        
3A 1904 31-Aug Blair David John Blair 64y 6/0 case  
3A 1911 16-Feb Blair Harry child   6y casket 2/0  
3A 1910 8-Nov Blair Harry child of   2y casket 3/0  
3A 1913 21-Jun Blair Hugh Geo Blair 84y casket 3/0  
3A 1905 31-Jan Blake Ed for wife Ed Blake 61y      
3A 1906 30-Apr Blanchard Mrs. Tom Adkins   case 6/0  
3A 1916 30-Jul Blessman John child   2d casket 2/0  
3A 1911 29-Oct Blessman John daughter   19y grey 6/0  
3A 1908 12-Nov Blessman     80y casket 6/3  
3A 1910 24-Jun Bobbins Roy     casket 2/0  
3A 1905 22-Oct Boensel Anna hearse for        
3A 1911 9-Oct Boensel Geo. Lu Boensel 35y hearse    
3A 1905 9-Dec Boensel Mrs. Chris Chas Boensel   casket 6/0  
3A 1918 15-Oct Bone Margaret H B Bone 29y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1902 23-Jun Boone Howard Hulis Howard Boone 2m casket 2/6  
3A 1915 26-Jan Boone Nina H B Boone 41y gray couch 6/0  
3A 1909 16-Sep Bowens Mrs. Florence          
3A 1904 18-Jun Bradshaw Mrs. John John Bradshaw   6/0 casket  
3A 1904 16-Feb Brandow Alice Jade Brandrow 57y 6/0 case  
3A 1921 10-Jun Brandow John W. M W Anusley (?) 81y wood case 6/3 Fairview Cem
3A 1916 3-Jul Brannins (?) Robert   79y      
3A 1905 15-Jun Breaner Narnie Lou Breawen 78y      
3A 1916 21-Mar Breeden A T Charles Breeden 69y cupa 6/3  
3A 1910 5-Mar Breeden Mrs. Thomas   71y crepe 6/0  
3A 1912 29-Jun Brewer Lewis   60y      
3A 1904 12-Jan Briar Frank child of     2/0 casket  
3A 1904 23-Nov Briar Joseph son Jr. 84y 6/0 casket  
3A 1917 27-Jul Briar Martha Jane Joe Briar 67y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1912 26-Sep Brick Mrs. Alex   65y      
3A 1911 24-Apr Briggs Chas. to C'ville   hearse    
3A 1915 12-Apr Brirar Margaret Dan Brirar 85y oak slate 6/3  
3A 1914 18-Sep Buck Chas. Mrs. Buck 66y state 6/3  
3A 1908 8-May Buck Marvin          
3A 1902 15-Mar Buck Sarah N. Ollie Buck 55y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 19-May Buels Mrs. Marion hearse for        
3A 1904 9-Mar Burke John John Milstead   6/0 case  
3A 1907 13-Aug Butler Isaac   73y casket 6/0  
3A 1902 16-Aug Buxton Henry Jim Murphy 50y case 6/0  
3A 1910 1-Jan Cace Mary W P Pratt 40y hearse for    
3A 1907 1-Nov Campbell Nancy          
3A 1913 20-Feb Cappen Hillie Robt Lu Cappen 55y   6/3  
3A 1917 1-May Carlock Walter child of   3m white P K 2/6  
3A 1908 21-Nov Carlton Isaac   65y casket 6/3  
3A 1903 11-Feb Carlton Zeke child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1903 16-Nov Carpenter Arthur child     casket 2/0  
3A 1914 14-Feb Carpenter Geo estate 63y      
3A 1910 30-Dec Carr J H          
3A 1908 31-Jan Carter Cecil   14y casket 5/6  
3A 1915 14-May Carter Wm Chas. Carter 76y slate 6/3  
3A 1912 25-Jul Case Catherine   89y      
3A 1906 25-Jun Case Joseph Denis case 78y casket 6/0  
3A 1906 11-Sep Case Thomas Nathan Case   casket 6/3  
3A 1918 27-Oct Case Wm. Child of     PK 2/0  
3A 1917 13-Oct Case Wm. Child of   18d   2/6  
3A 1905 22-Jun Chamlich Phoebe Annie Camlick 60y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 13-Jan Cheney Joe child of Ed Workman 1y P K 2/6  
3A 1913 13-Jul Chilton Rufus Chas. Chilton 36y casket 6/3  
3A 1920 22-Apr Chirsen Janis child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1903 20-Oct Chromlich P R   66y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 1-Apr Clark Allen's wife   27y grey 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1916 6-Mar Clark Dorothy Allen Clark 11m P K 2/6  
3A 1912 11-Nov Clause Geo. Frank Noff 73y hearse    
3A 1921 26-May Clausing Hardin Russell Herman Clausing 18m PK 3/0 Newmansville Cem.
3A 1910 13-Mar Clegg C L.   48y casket 6/0  
3A 1913 1-Oct Clemmons Verna Tom Clemmons 12y   5/6  
3A 1917 4-Jun Clilton Wm R. Mrs. Chilton 67y gray metal 6/3  
3A 1913 20-May Close Benjamin John Close 13y couch 5/6  
3A 1920 5-Apr Clussen Mrs James shipped from Jacksonville        
3A 1918 23-Nov Collins Emerson Henry Collins 18y gray crepe 6/3  
3A 1902 16-Aug Collins Gladys Wes Collins 20m case 2/9  
3A 1909 23-Aug Collins Henry child of   6m   2/6  
3A 1921 7-Sep Collins Herbert Lee Collins 4m     Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1905 26-Jan Collins Joe Piesa Honom / Jo Henry 76y      
3A 1913 1-Nov Collins Leslie child of     P K 2/0  
3A 1915 18-Mar Collins Mrs. Joe Joe Collins 57y black 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1908 3-Nov Combs Janus child of   2y casket 3/0  
3A 1912 30-Sep Combs Jim child   4y      
3A 1908 5-Oct Conway J W          
3A 1917 26-Jul Cook Daniel E. Mrs. Cook 60y E E oak 6/3  
3A 1917 17-Nov Cook Emma F.   58y solid walnut 6/3  
3A 1909 13-Feb Cooper Alex Oscar Cooper 58y casket 6/3  
3A 1914 25-Mar Cooper Jno Wm Cooper 82y plain blush 6/3  
3A 1904 23-Apr Cooper Wm. James Cooper 75y 6/0 casket  
3A 1903 12-Aug Cousin Minnie   86y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 22-Apr Coven Heidi child Chas. Artbaley 15m 3/0 casket  
3A 1905 19-Jan Cowan Mrs. Beatrice Cy Griffin 30y      
3A 1918 31-Aug Cowin Eliza Ann Lewis Cowin 73y   6/3  
3A 1914 16-Apr Cowin Viola child of Hearse f/Bloomington        
3A 1913 24-Jan Cox Bettie Mrs. Rob Lynn/Mrs. J R Spink 67y   6/3  
3A 1918 27-May Cox Mrs. Edna Geo Cox 28y gray 6/3  
3A 1914 23-Dec Cravens Joseph Frank Cravens 68y casket    
3A 1912 17-Oct Creed Mary   65y      
3A 1918 4-Feb Curry Lawrence child   1m   2/0  
3A 1902 16-Apr Curry Matilda Ed Curry 78y casket 6/0  
3A 1919 13-Jun Daniels Addie Walter Daniels 36y gray    
3A 1918 29-Oct Daniels Harold Tom Daniels 22y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1905 26-Dec Daniels Isley child of       2/0  
3A 1910 6-Jun Daniels Mrs. John   82y couch 6/3  
3A 1910 20-Sep Daniels Mrs. John   86y couch 6/0  
3A 1903 21-Nov Davis Jesse Emery Carter 62y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 10-Oct Davis Lee Roy Alford Davis   hearse    
3A 1908 24-Apr Davis Ves for wife Jame Davis 47y      
3A 1904 23-May Dawson Tilden child of   4m 2/3 casket  
3A 1907 6-May Dearing Ed child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1919 26-May Dearing Elizabeth Ed, Harry Dearing 82y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1911 18-Oct Dick Ed child of   infant casket 2/0  
3A 1909 31-Dec Dick Geo. Ocar Miller for 8y   4/6  
3A 1913 4-May Dick Martha J. by John Dick 69y hearse    
3A 1904 9-Dec Dick Robert sons 63y 6/0 casket  
3A 1904 8-Jun Didi Amos John ?? Eddings 64y 6/0 casket  
3A 1902 28-Aug Dietsch Godbordt Walt Dietsch 73y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 29-Jul Dietsch Lillian   28y ashes of Roses 6/0  
3A 1919 20-Dec Dietsch Wilhelmina R H Dietsch 83y blk broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1904 1-Mar Dietz            
3A 1909 11-Feb Dillon Henry child     casket 2/6  
3A 1916 4-Nov Dodson Jno Ben Dodson 65y gray 6/3  
3A 1908 21-May Dodson Valentin   59y casket    
3A 1917 7-May Duckwiler David Mrs. Ed Dietsch 87y BB 6/3  
3A 1919 9-Jul Duckwiler James child of   1w plush couch 2/0  
3A 1917 12-Nov Duckwiler Laman child   2m   2/6  
3A 1916 4-Sep Duckwiler Loren child of Diva Duckwiler 1d P K 2/0  
3A 1917 13-Apr Duckwiler Polly Bertha Bain 87y b crepe 6/3  
3A 1921 7-Apr Duckwiler Walter child of     PK 2/0  
3A 1920 17-May Duckwiller Dorothy Joe Duckwiler 4y casket 3/6  
3A 1903 17-Jan Duckwiller Margarett (sic) Dan Duckwiller 66y case 5/6  
3A 1913 10-Apr Duffield Mrs. Harry Duffield 76y      
3A 1913 21-Jan Dysom Thomas Earnest Depue 85y   6/3  
3A 1915 1-Jul Eads Mrs. Eliza          
3A 1908 21-Jan Eddings Arthur   18y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 23-Apr Eddings D C Jno Eddings 76y oak draft 6/3  
3A 1914 6-Jul Eddings Mrs. Clint John Eddings 65y   6/0  
3A 1905 8-Sep Eddings Narncie John Eddings 36y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 2-Jun Eichenaur Mrs. by Rufus 83y slate 6/3  
3A 1915 5-May Eiderman George          
3A 1917 6-Feb Eilks Herman wife   50y black broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1909 1-Dec Elam Maria W K Mentz 65y      
3A 1905 1-Feb Evans Cyrus Albert Listres 61y      
3A 1907 23-Apr Evans Janus Cass Co. for   hospital 6/0  
3A 1911 26-Nov Fairrow John   53y hearse    
3A 1918 9-Sep Fielden Helena Albert Amant 46y      
3A 1911 2-Feb Fielden James Lannes 83y casket 6/0  
3A 1903 15-Jul Fielden John T. Child   15m casket 2/6  
3A 1914 24-Nov Fielden Johnathan   42y casket 6/2  
3A 1915 19-Nov Fielden Margarite S C Fielden 20y ?? Of roses, metal?? 6/0  
3A 1916 24-Apr Fielden Mattie Henry Fielden 51y grey 6/3  
3A 1909 12-Mar Fielden Robert   90y casket    
3A 1910 28-Jun Fiielden B M   39y casket 6/0  
3A 1907 30-Jun Finch Will child R. Lane 3m casket 3/0  
3A 1902 11-May Finch Will child of     case 2/0  
3A 1902 13-Jun Fisher A S widow 64y case 6/0  
3A 1913 19-Jul Fisher Mrs Clara shipped from Peoria        
3A 1921 7-Sep Flaharty Mrs. Mary J. Jno Flaharty 64y gray 6/3 Fairview Cem
3A 1911 2-Aug Fletcher Donald by J C Fletcher 16m couch 3/6  
3A 1904 14-Jan Fletcher John Mrs. Fletcher 76y 6/0 casket  
3A 1920 9-Jul Fletcher Linus Brent France by Janus Pl Flether        
3A 1903 12-Jul Fletcher Percy child of   5y casket 4/6  
3A 1913 15-Jan Fletcher Tim Pete & Willis Fletcher 89y   6/3  
3A 1914 7-Mar Force Harvey J. Mrs. Force 64y grey half couch 6/0  
3A 1912 28-Dec Force Mrs. Geo.   65y      
3A 1917 27-Aug Foster Phoebe K P Ledge 42y gray casket 6/3  
3A 1912 16-Aug Franken John   79y      
3A 1921 20-Apr Franken Mrs. Louisa J M Franken 74y gray 6/3 Cuba, Il.
3A 1904 21-Dec Frankerfield Sarah husband 37y 6/0 casket  
3A 1905 20-Mar Freel Ed child of Jack Winters 2.25y      
3A 1906 5-May Freel Edward Mrs. Freel 37y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 28-Apr Friedrich Mary Philip Friedrich 76y black 6/3  
3A 1908 25-Aug Friend Columbus   76y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 21-Mar Friend Dewey   20y c?? 6/3  
3A 1904 15-Jan Friend Ed child of George Friend 11d 2/0 casket  
3A 1910 9-Feb Friend Ed child of   1.6y   3/0  
3A 1916 7-Dec Friend Ethel Mary Frank Friend & girl 21y casket 5/9  
3A 1921 10-Mar Friend Mary E Chas & Ed Friend 82y gray metal 6/3 Bethel Cem.
3A 1907 10-Sep Friend Mr. Geo Bell   casket 2/0  
3A 1911 8-Sep Friend Mrs. J. Elias Atterbery 40y P K 6/0  
3A 1908 1-Feb Friend Mrs. Oliver          
3A 1913 25-Feb Friend Sarah Frank Boyd Friend 69y   6/3  
3A 1913 21-Jan Garner C K child of Ira Garner 2 weeks   2/0  
3A 1921 24-Jan Garner Floyd Ira Garner   PK 2/0 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1903 23-Aug Garner Harley child of Sam Reitgel   casket 2/0  
3A 1902 8-Mar Garner Harley child Wm. Garner   case 2/0  
3A 1909 7-Jun Garner Harley child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1905 5-Jan Garner Harley child Filford Cline        
3A 1906 9-Sep Garner Ira child of   9m casket 2/6  
3A 1914 7-Oct Garner Knowlten Ira Vin Garner 54y state 6/3  
3A 1905 11-Aug Garner Lucy Lyman Garner 36y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 2-Dec Garner Mrs. Will Hurley Garner 74y casket 6/0  
3A 1920 13-Sep Garner Sarah by Ira Garner 32 gray couch 6/3  
3A 1911 15-Apr Garner Wm Harley Garner 73y slate 6/3  
3A 1909 1-Apr Garrett Lon child     casket 2/0  
3A 1903 9-May Gebhardt Andy child   3y casket 3/6  
3A 1919 3-Jun Gebhardt Caroline Otto Gebhardt 66y gay 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1909 9-Aug Gebhardt Conrad Otto Gebhardt     6/3  
3A 1907 7-Mar Gebhardt Geo. Geo Gebhart 79y casket 6/3  
3A 1907 4-Jan Gebhardt Mrs. George George Gebhardt 72y slate 6/3  
3A 1906 14-Apr Geiss Conrad child of   6m casket    
3A 1908 18-Jan Geutry   Cass Co. for 2y casket 3/0  
3A 1920 28-Jun Goben Joseph by Mason Co. 68y      
3A 1908 5-Oct Goben Mrs. Ike     casket 6/0  
3A 1902 24-Feb Golden Chas. Child Will Middleton 2y casket 3/0  
3A 1916 20-Jun Goodell Harriet   79y      
3A 1908 17-Oct Goodell J H   76y casket 6/3  
3A 1918 7-Oct Gordell Mrs. CC C C Gordell 79y gray casket 6/3  
3A 1921 26-Nov Gorman Beatrice from Springfield        
3A 1907 12-Nov Greenwood Decatur   86y casket 6/3  
3A 1908 25-Aug Greenwood Delia     couch 6/3  
3A 1910 7-Apr Greenwood Richard     hearse for    
3A 1906 6-May Griffe Wm. John Sours   casket 6/0  
3A 1912 5-Dec Griffin Clint child   1y      
3A 1905 13-Dec Griffin J R   68y casket 6/3  
3A 1903 2-Feb Griffin Lena M. Wm Griffin 22y case 5/6  
3A 1919 12-Aug Griffin Lottie B. Ed Griffin 26y bl crepe 6/3  
3A 1919 21-Aug Griffin Lottie B. Child of Ed Griffin 5d PK    
3A 1914 25-Oct Griffin Mrs. Edward Ed Griffin 52y cupe 6/3  
3A 1920 10-Sep Griffin Thurman from Bloomington by Ella Griffin        
3A 1910 7-Oct Griffin William   63y casket 6/3  
3A 1911 8-Aug Halcomb Fred A A Edward 45y crepe 6/0  
3A 1915 30-Jun Hall John Mrs. Jno Hall 39y blade 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1904 19-Sep Hall Sam child of James Sligh 18y 5/6 case  
3A 1921 13-Jun Hamilton Leonard M. Frank Hamilton 72y gray 6/3 Sincarte Cem.
3A 1914 12-Sep Hamm Mrs. Edward     hearse    
3A 1906 24-Sep Harbinson Arthur child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1913 1-Nov Harbison Virginia J A Harbison 9y white Pk 4/0  
3A 1910 13-Apr Hardin Geo child   8m casket 2/6  
3A 1902 9-Apr Hare John W.   41y casket 6/0  
3A 1905 15-Apr Harmel Wm L W Harmel 74y      
3A 1909 25-Jan Harrier Mr. Child of J W Warren 7y casket 4/6  
3A 1912 30-Jun Hart Albert child          
3A 1913 22-Nov Hart Cliabrum     P K 2/0  
3A 1905 3-Mar Hart Mrs. Jack Winters 20y      
3A 1920 4-Apr Hash Ashabel shipped from Fairbury        
3A 1904 2-Mar Hash Susan Zach Hash 78y 5/6 case  
3A 1920 15-Jan Hash Thos G. hearse        
3A 1907 13-May Hash Zachariah Pith Hash 95y casket 6/0  
3A 1914 23-May Hawthorne Robert Jno Hartley 65y hos cupe 6/3  
3A 1908 21-Jul Haynes A G   72y casket 6/3  
3A 1916 23-Mar Henmeyer Henrietta H S Lupe 90y blade 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1911 27-Nov Herring Mrs. Fred Herring 71y casket 6/8  
3A 1909 16-Jul Hess Mrs. Child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1905 18-Feb Hewlett Washington Jack Winters 80y      
3A 1903 20-Jun Hiles Peter wife 38y case 6/0  
3A 1905 4-Feb Hill Will child Chas Hendricks 1y      
3A 1907 11-Mar Hincliliffe Anna          
3A 1904 18-May Hines Henry son of   8y 4/6 casket  
3A 1911 30-Oct Hites Sallie   38y A of roses 6/0  
3A 1918 24-Oct Hobbs Eugene Ralph Moss 24y BD 6/3  
3A 1905 23-Jan Hobbs Jack John Hobbs 70y      
3A 1915 24-Sep Hobbs Jno boy of Timothy Hobbs 63y plain board 6/3  
3A 1913 23-Aug Hobbs Leslie child of       2/0  
3A 1906 21-Sep Hobbs Mrs. John John Hobbs   casket 6/0  
3A 1917 17-Mar Hodson Frank for father   77y b slate 6/3  
3A 1906 8-Sep Holiday John child of   3m casket 2/0  
3A 1908 4-Apr Holliday Dan Cass Co. for 70y casket 6/0  
3A 1908 30-Sep Holliday J H child     casket 2/6  
3A 1916 4-Feb Holliday Jno Cass Co 48y cu?? 6/0  
3A 1906 30-Aug Holliday Mr. Two children of   3m casket 2/6  
3A 1904 19-Oct Hopkins Mrs Harve Phil Hopkins 35y 5/6 case  
3A 1921 30-Apr Hopkins William C. from Astoria, Il 72y concret vault   Sincarte Cem.
3A 1912 14-Dec Hopps Geo. For Tucker Ward 23y      
3A 1910 19-Mar Hopps Wm. Child of   10d P.K. 2/0  
3A 1916 11-Feb Horrom Mrs. P W. P W Horroon 48y steel 6/3  
3A 1905 7-Aug Horron Lyman Milford Cartel 34y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 22-May Hortman Mrs. Cynthia Jno Hortman 66y oak slate 6/3  
3A 1903 12-Oct Howarth Wm James Warren 68y stite 6/0  
3A 1907 18-Nov Howck Jacob   80y casket 6/3  
3A 1916 28-Nov Huber J W     white 2/0  
3A 1910 11-Feb Huffaken Eliza   73y   6/0  
3A 1909 3-Jun Huffaker Warren   72y casket 6/0  
3A 1914 2-Mar Hummel Mrs. Hu Hu Hummel 44y grey half couch 6/3  
3A 1913 12-Aug Humphery Mrs. G.   65y      
3A 1918 11-Oct Hunphrey Roy J. Daisy Humphrey 31y oak 6/3  
3A 1915 18-Mar Hurt Harry child of Ed Hurt infant P K 2/0  
3A 1904 6-Mar Ingram Van child of     2/0 case  
3A 1904 15-Mar Ingram Van child of     2/0 case  
3A 1905 20-Dec Ingram Van child of Ingram 1y casket 2/6  
3A 1906 19-Oct Irwin John child     casket 2/0  
3A 1906 17-Aug Ishmael Martin Mrs. Ishmael   casket 6/3  
3A 1904 12-Dec Ishmael Mrs. Robt Clyde Ishmael 74y 6/0 casket  
3A 1912 6-Sep Ishmael Robt child          
3A 1914 20-Jun Islen John   45y oak state 6/3  
3A 1918 9-Feb Jackson Clary Jo Jackson 58y metalic 6/3  
3A 1907 4-Feb Jackson Ed James Jackson 22y PK casket 6/0  
3A 1917 22-Jan Jergens Fred child       2/6  
3A 1914 27-Jul Jergens Henry child   3y   3/0  
3A 1907 20-Oct Johnson Adolph child Lu Johnson 1y casket 2/6  
3A 1906 3-Sep Johnson Adolph child of     casket 3/0  
3A 1904 6-Nov Johnson Adolph child of Tom Daniels   2/0 case  
3A 1905 12-Feb Johnson Chas child of Jack Winters        
3A 1905 20-Dec Johnson Geo. Child of Mason Co. 7y casket 3/6  
3A 1910 29-Sep Johnson Henry C.   28y grey 6/0  
3A 1907 10-Sep Johnson James Edgar Johnson 63y casket 6/3  
3A 1921 8-Dec Johnson John S. John A. Johnson 78y gray 6/3  
3A 1915 21-Apr Johnson Loyd child of Mr. Johnson 3m plush 2/0  
3A 1907 16-Apr Johnson Mrs. Adolph H A Abbott 34 casket 6/0  
3A 1920 1-Feb Johnson Mrs. S. G. hearse        
3A 1904 18-Mar Johnson Mrs. Walter Lou Sarff   6/0 casket  
3A 1916 9-Sep Johnson Wilbert Chas. Johnson 8y   4/0  
3A 1918 17-Nov Jones Ralph Will Jones 35y oak    
3A 1911 27-Feb Jordan Jim     hearse for    
3A 1919 21-Apr Justice Juanita Roscoe Justice 20d hamiblin 2/6  
3A 1920 8-Apr Justice Mrs. Margaret Roscoe Justice 26y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1903 11-Apr Kacey Ellen child     case 5/6  
3A 1912 2-Jan Kean Ellen   60y   6/3  
3A 1906 6-Jan Kean Hannah Ab Davis 84y case 6/0  
3A 1904 29-Aug Kean Mrs. N. E. Daney Case 17y 6/0 case  
3A 1902 6-May Kean Nancy Allen Watkins   case 6/0  
3A 1919 24-Mar Kean Otha died at NY 26y      
3A 1909 11-Jan Keen Newton E. Mrs. Keen 29y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 7-Aug Keenans Maro Mrs Keenans 35y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1921 27-Jun Kelly Homer Gilbert Geo. Kelly 2y PK 3/0 Sincarte Cem.
3A 1907 2-Dec Kelly Jane child of E Snyder   casket 2/0  
3A 1915 28-Jul Kenneth Mrs. Marie          
3A 1917 1-May Kern Sarah Simeon Kern 64y gray 6/3  
3A 1907 18-May Kershaw John Calvin Kershaw 76y casket 6/3  
3A 1909 10-Aug King Wm. H. Frank King 72y   6/0  
3A 1912 9-Oct Kink Cindy child   2y      
3A 1921 10-Dec Kirchner Elizabeth P S Kirchner 70y black 6/3  
3A 1916 1-Mar Kirchner Elizabeth Wm Kirchner 68y grey 6/3  
3A 1918 4-Dec Kirchner Ernest Floyd     vault    
3A 1909 2-Jan Kirchner Gotlieb Will Kirchner 81y casket    
3A 1908 9-Sep Kirchner Mrs. Wm.   46y casket 6/2  
3A 1902 25-Mar Kirchner Will child of   3m casket 2/6  
3A 1903 22-Dec Kirchner Wm. Wm. Kirchner Jr. 68y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 20-Sep Kirkpatrick Myrtis for Irma Garner        
3A 1903 14-May Knise Jacob   83y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 23-Aug Koehne Henry   80y black broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1921 31-Dec Kohne Mrs. Ruth Frank Kohne 35y tan 6/3 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1916 10-Sep Kramer Lu child of     PK 2/0  
3A 1905 12-Jan Kruse Lawrence Chris Kruse 76y      
3A 1907 7-Aug Kruse Mrs. Lawrence   55y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 2-Jan Kumlee Thomas Mrs. Keenlee 58y 6/0 casket  
3A 1916 7-Oct Laffler Albert J. Child of     P K 2/0  
3A 1915 20-Mar Lamibien Mrs. C. Mrs. A O ?? 78y black 1/2 couch 6/0  
3A 1918 22-Nov Lane Arthur Jo A Lane 24y bonze steel    
3A 1914 15-Oct Lane child Wm Johnson 2y plush 3/0  
3A 1907 23-Jan Lane Joe child of   14m casket 3/0  
3A 1909 25-Sep Lane John E B Mary 44y   6/0  
3A 1906 7-Dec Lane John John Lane Jr. 65y casket 6/0  
3A 1909 10-Apr Lane Mrs. Nancy   80y casket 6/0  
3A 1910 16-Jul Lane Mrs. Robert   75y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 19-Dec Lane Perry Jesse Lane 87y 6/0 casket  
3A 1919 7-Apr Lane Robert Benj. Lane 82y blk slate 6/3  
3A 1904 6-Sep Lane Scott child     2/0 case  
3A 1908 2-Nov Lane Sheridan boy of   13y casket 5/6  
3A 1906 26-Feb Lang Wm.   52y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 27-Oct Layman Hannah          
3A 1913 14-Jan Layman Mrs. Wm JR Layman 63y   6/3  
3A 1908 5-Mar Lee Jennie          
3A 1916 11-Dec Lee S B Thurman Lee 70y BB 6/0  
3A 1921 7-Oct Leeper G W W D Leeper 72y gray 6/3  
3A 1911 16-Jul Leeper Stella          
3A 1918 26-Jun Leoffler Chas       2/0  
3A 1910 17-Oct Linden Mrs. Child of   7y couch 4/6  
3A 1904 8-Sep Linden Richard Mrs. Linder 40y 6/0 casket  
3A 1904 2-Mar Lineberger John child of   3d 2/0 case  
3A 1913 9-Jul Lineberger Rudolph Jno Lineberger 22y casket 6/3  
3A 1919 5-Oct Linekamp Henry vault        
3A 1915 7-Aug Lintner Archie child of          
3A 1907 10-Sep Lintner Chas. Albert Lintner 67y casket 6/0  
3A 1914 17-Jan Lippert Christina Mrs Linder 50y gray half couch 6/8  
3A 1917 29-Jan Lippert Dorothea Mrs. Linden 87y black broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1909 22-Jan Lippert William Isaac Lippert 76y casket 6/3  
3A 1918 25-Oct Little Catherine C E Little 88y black BD 6/3  
3A 1904 9-Jan Little Eugene John Irwin 44y 6/0 case  
3A 1910 24-Jan Little Ida M. Chas Little 54y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 31-Jan Little Moses John Anderson 74y 6/0 casket  
3A 1920 30-Aug Little Oscar from Scottland C E Little        
3A 1911 28-Oct Livingston Mrs. John Betz 76y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 13-Nov Logan Oliver Mrs. E. Logan 80y plain slate 6/3  
3A 1913 29-Dec Logue Clarence Ezra Logue   PK 4/6  
3A 1920 2-Mar Logue Ellen Clinton Logue 69y bronze steel 6/3  
3A 1905 27-Oct Loomis Fannie Chas Goodell 64y casket 6/0  
3A 1910 13-Dec Loomis Mrs. Henry     hearse for    
3A 1914 29-Jan Lucas CC A T Lucas 56y plain crepe 6/3  
3A 1902 10-Jan Lucas Jesse Ray Snyder 70y case 5/6  
3A 1915 2-May Lynch Jno boy of Dodi S???? 21y Jun-00 cupe  
3A 1917 1-Sep Lynn Beulah R. Robt Lynn 14m white plush 2/0  
3A 1902 24-Jan Lynn Bob child of Perry Lynn Jr.   case 2/0  
3A 1902 24-Jan Lynn Cynthia E. died at Springfield (Hicky Cemetery)        
3A 1911 27-Apr Lynn Ed child of Oakford to Hickery   hearse for    
3A 1918 7-Dec Lynn Floyd Scott Patter 18y grey plush 6/0  
3A 1907 24-Aug Lynn George child   2y casket 2/6  
3A 1903 30-Aug Lynn Joe child of Billy Lynn 1y casket 2/6  
3A 1912 15-Jul Lynn Kate   58y      
3A 1908 3-Feb Lynn Mrs. Geo   30y casket 6/0  
3A 1902 28-Jun Lynn Perry Jr. child of   2y casket 4/6  
3A 1905 2-Sep Lynn Robert infant of       2/3  
3A 1916 23-Dec Lynn Timothy J. J W Lynn 86y      
3A 1909 27-Jul Lynn W P Rob Lynn 92y casket 6/3  
3A 1909 16-Jan Lynn Walter Will Lynn        
3A 1903 20-Jun Lynn Walter child   2y casket 2/6  
3A 1921 10-Jan Marcy Lenard E B Marcy 80y b broadcloth 6/3 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1902 15-Jan Marey Marie father 12y casket 4/6  
3A 1908 16-Jan Market Frank child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1907 11-Mar Market Lyda John Market 26y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 12-Dec Market Mrs. Christine J W Market 66y casket 6/3  
3A 1905 25-Mar Mason Chas child Jack Winters        
3A 1921 20-Sep Mason Tracy Wm Mason 51y     Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1918 28-Nov Masten Lula James Mastin 14y grey plush 6/3  
3A 1911 13-Nov Mayes Mrs. Jennie by Cass Co. 79y casket 6/0  
3A 1914 30-Dec McCarty Mary   82y couch    
3A 1915 8-Oct McDaniel Jno child of   4m P K 2/0  
3A 1903 24-Jul McDonald A J Ed McDonald 62y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 24-Jun McDonald Ed   39y   6/0  
3A 1907 18-Jun McDonald Emma          
3A 1917 22-Feb McDonald Kate          
3A 1914 26-Jan McDonald Thomas W. Joe Will McDonald 80y plain slate 6/3  
3A 1910 7-Mar McFarland John   83y broadcloth    
3A 1918 21-Mar McFarland Mary E.   17y lt steel 6/3  
3A 1906 21-Apr McFarland Mrs. John     casket 6/0  
3A 1917 27-Jan McFarland Robert Mrs. McFarland 57y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1913 5-Feb McNeal Mrs. Louis Fred Underbrush     6/3  
3A 1907 10-Aug McNeill Clive child   8m casket 2/6  
3A 1914 2-Feb McNeill Dan estate 79y steel 6/0  
3A 1909 3-Sep McNeill Mrs. Daniel K C McNeill 60y   6/3  
3A 1917 15-Jan Meade Sarah Mrs. Haynes 73y black broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1909 25-Jan Meitzmaker Ott child of   11m casket 2/0  
3A 1910 22-Mar Meitzmaker Otto   40y   6/0  
3A 1911 9-Feb Meitzmaker Pricile Lewis Weaver 65y casket 6/0  
3A 1920 24-Nov Mercy Lois child E B Mecry 74y gray 6/3  
3A 1911 14-Apr Metcalf Leonard Wm J. Lynn 57y cupe 6/0  
3A 1909 12-Jul Metzmaker Mrs. Ethel Otto Mitzmaker 39y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 2-Oct Mibb Mose Mrs. Mose Mibb 73y black 6/3  
3A 1908 30-Jul Middelton Will child   2m casket 2/6  
3A 1902 1-May Miles Nancy P. Dr. Miles   casket 6/0  
3A 1916 1-Feb Miller Bertha Mrs. Ward Miller        
3A 1919 16-May Miller Francis W. Isacc Miller 72y blk broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1910 5-Feb Miller John Rufus Eichenaar 75y black Casket 6/0  
3A 1903 18-May Miller Jule child     case 2/0  
3A 1906 12-Jul Miller Jule Child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1918 30-Nov Miller Lula May Clark Henry Mibbs   blk crepe 6/3  
3A 1902 30-Sep Miller Minnie Jim Miller 6y casket 4/6  
3A 1913 12-Nov Miller Mrs. Oscar Oscar Miller 26y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1913 31-Jul Miller Oscar child   1m   2/0  
3A 1907 6-Mar Miller Robert A. Mrs. Harry Moore 85y case 6/0  
3A 1920 3-Feb Milstead Chas C. Wm Milstead 87y blk crep 6/3  
3A 1907 25-Jan Mitzruaker Otto child of          
3A 1907 2-May Mitzrucker Jack C R Weaver 64y casket 6/0  
3A 1905 10-Feb Morgan Andrew James Morgan 71y      
3A 1919 13-Jan Morgan Anna hearse        
3A 1914 19-Feb Morgan Elizabeth estate 86y black half couch 6/3  
3A 1912 28-Jan Morgan Finis   16y   6/0  
3A 1920 2-Feb Morgan Mary E. Tilden Daniels   amco 6/3  
3A 1905 24-Apr Morgan Mrs. Andrew James Morgan 63y      
3A 1911 3-Nov Morgan Mrs. Sallie Chas Morgan 75y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 5-Apr Morgan R D   79y   6/3  
3A 1916 26-Feb Morgan Rebecca R D Morgan 63y grey 6/3  
3A 1920 2-Feb Morgan Wm E. Tilden Daniels 28y B?? Steel 6/3  
3A 1907 18-Nov Morris Mrs. Joshua Morris        
3A 1907 24-Apr Morris Philip Grant Morris 28y casket 6/0  
3A 1903 30-Nov Morris Taylor child of     case 2/0  
3A 1909 7-Jul Morse A W child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1913 7-Jun Moss Elmer child   2y casket 3/0  
3A 1912 30-Jun Moss Elmer child          
3A 1905 12-Feb Moss Jim child of Jack Winters        
3A 1909 26-Jun Murphy Adolph James Murphy 18y casket 6/0  
3A 1913 9-Mar Murphy D P Mrs. Watkins/Mrs Ben Hall 83y   6/3  
3A 1908 23-Jan Murphy Elizabeth          
3A 1918 23-Feb Murphy George   67y bronze 6/3  
3A 1907 3-Feb Murphy J W Andy Murphy 56y slate 6/3  
3A 1909 31-Aug Murphy Mose child of       2/0  
3A 1915 13-Dec Murphy Mrs. Arthur Arthur Murphy 28y crepe 6/0  
3A 1909 23-Jun Murphy Mrs. D. P   70y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 22-Aug Murphy Mrs. T M James Murphy 75y crepe 6/0  
3A 1920 27-Feb Neff Florence shipped f/St. Louis        
3A 1902 14-Apr Nelson Alta Chris Nelson 8m casket 2/6  
3A 1903 17-Aug Nelson Chris child   2y casket 3/0  
3A 1911 12-Aug Nelson Samuel child of   16m P K 2/6  
3A 1914 11-Jul Nester Mrs. Crocket Jim Nester 88y   6/3  
3A 1906 13-Aug Newman Mrs. Robt. Robt Newman   casket 6/0  
3A 1920 17-Nov Niaberdt Mrs. George shipped from ??        
3A 1916 8-Mar Nientz U N W K Nientz 34y gray slate 6/3  
3A 1908 13-Jul Noll Mrs. Wm.   65y slate 6/3  
3A 1903 8-Feb Nollsch George Eugene George Nollsch 43d casket 2/6  
3A 1920 6-Oct Noltensmier Effie Geo Noltensmier 35y gray couch 6/3  
3A 1902 17-Nov Norms John child of Geo Murphy 8d case 2/0  
3A 1911 31-Mar Norris (of Havana)     hearse    
3A 1918 11-Jun Norris Ernest Floyd John Norris 18y   6/3  
3A 1911 7-Aug Norris George John Norris 45y hos 6/0  
3A 1913 9-Mar Norris Mrs. Sarah Mrs. O Denell/Rob Sillborn 63y   6/3  
3A 1919 11-Jan Nuff Mrs. Elizabeth G H Nuff 85y oak    
3A 1905 27-Feb Null W A Jack Winters 63y      
3A 1916 16-Mar Olesen James Child of Ed Olesen 7d P K 2/1\0  
3A 1918 22-Nov Oleson James for child   3m white 2/0  
3A 1920 12-Apr Olisum Janus child of   4 hours casket 2/0  
3A 1921 8-Jan Owen Alex         Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1908 7-Jul Owens Mrs.   70y casket    
3A 1913 31-Jan Paris James R H Dietsch 83y   6/3  
3A 1914 12-Nov Parley Mrs. Geo. Jack Manany 51y gray cupe 6/3  
3A 1905 24-May Pasley Geo. Child Geo. Pasley        
3A 1905 7-Jun Pasley Geo. Child Geo. Pasley        
3A 1906 8-Apr Pasley Mrs. Geo Pasley   casket 6/0  
3A 1918 12-Oct Pauley Ernest Nicholas Pauley 22y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1907 25-Dec Peak Melvin child of Wm Peak   casket 2/6  
3A 1918 14-May Pendelton Hester   74y6m B B 6/3  
3A 1915 5-Feb Pendlemen A M Jno Pendleton 74y oak 6/3  
3A 1909 17-Feb Perrine Mrs. Barrett Herman Barrett 82y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 24-Mar Perrine Van Don Luthur Perrie 75y 5/6 case  
3A 1908 17-Jan Pesterfield James     casket 6/3  
3A 1917 30-Dec Pettigo Mary Chas Swell 78y b crepe 6/3  
3A 1913 2-Aug Pfeil Mrs. Conrad Geo Pfeil 81y      
3A 1918 17-Oct Phelps Chandler Chas. Phelps 87y blk B B 6/3  
3A 1917 4-Jan Phelps Egbert Mrs. Schrader 28y black crepe 6/3  
3A 1905 18-Nov Phelps Henry Mrs. Schuader 62y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 16-Dec Phelps John Walter/Wallace Phelps 74 state ?? 6/3  
3A 1909 17-May Phelps Mrs. Harriett   75y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 12-Jan Phimmer Mrs.          
3A 1921 7-Jun Pienow (?) Harriett Harry Pienow 73y crep 6/3 Fairview Cem
3A 1916 9-Dec Pierson William Lidel by family 71y crepe 6/3  
3A 1911 27-Nov Pilcher Jeptha   46y hearse    
3A 1915 12-Feb Pilcher Kate Elb. Pilcher 84y grey 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1906 14-Apr Pilcher Mrs. Rose hearse for        
3A 1908 9-Sep Plaster Jeptha   81y casket 6/3  
3A 1904 12-Mar Plimmer M C.   69y 6/0 case  
3A 1912 16-Dec Plue James for Sarah Plue 53y      
3A 1908 25-Feb Plunkett Martha   52y casket 6/0  
3A 1902 24-Feb Pollen Susan Mrs. Kingan   case 6/0  
3A 1903 27-Jul Pratt Chas. Child of   1y casket 3/0  
3A 1904 25-May Pratt Chas. Child of Joe Lynn 11y 4/6 casket  
3A 1921 17-Feb Prentice Eveline E. I H Prentice 15d PK 2/0 Sincarte Cem.
3A 1919 25-Apr Probst Levin J C Simmum        
3A 1913 20-Jun Prunkett H L child   2y casket 3/0  
3A 1918 15-May Ray Albert   86y6m cupe 6/3  
3A 1919 11-Oct Ray Lila Riley Ray 48y crepe 6/3  
3A 1917 10-Mar Reaves John wife   62y black crepe 6/3  
3A 1914 15-Aug Reavis Earl John Reavis        
3A 1918 22-Oct Reavis Isham Cora Reavis `      
3A 1921 18-Jul Reavis Martha M. Harry Reavis 32y grey 6/3 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1904 21-Apr Reitzel Mrs. Sam Sam Reitzee 33y 6/0 casket  
3A 1912 18-Jul Rethorn Herman   60y      
3A 1903 2-Sep Rey C F child   2y casket 3/10  
3A 1902 24-Jun Richards Claude Edger died Havana, buried Cville        
3A 1907 6-Sep Richards Henry James Warren 1y casket 2/6  
3A 1911 30-Jun Richey   by Cass Co.        
3A 1902 27-Feb Rickard John child Henry Tilden 2y casket 3/0  
3A 1906 6-Aug Rickard Peter John Richard 82y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 30-Apr Ridding Mrs. T M Grover Finch   plain 6/0  
3A 1918 18-Oct Rietzel Emma Jane Norm Rietzel 6m PK 2/6  
3A 1913 6-Sep Rirtacher Mary Miss Ritacher   gray crepe 6/0  
3A 1914 29-Jul Rithurn Delmos John Reithurn 5y      
3A 1920 16-Apr Ross Mrs. Annie shipped from Springfield,Il        
3A 1907 29-Jan Ruppel Henry Henry & Chas Ruppel 71y casket 6/0  
3A 1921 9-Feb Saathoff John Otto Saathoff 83y gray 6/3 Mt. Olive Cem.
3A 1915 25-Jun Saathoff Mrs. Jno     gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1918 21-Oct Samuell Addison A J Samuel 11y gray 5/9  
3A 1917 31-Dec Samuels A J child of   10d lauk??? 2/0  
3A 1905 30-Aug Samuels Andy child of   19m casket 3/0  
3A 1916 3-Sep Sarff Abrien Mrs. Sarff 65y oak slate 6/3  
3A 1905 3-May Sarff Geo. John Sarff 34y      
3A 1905 26-May Sarff Geo. Child John Sarff        
3A 1908 7-Mar Sarff Lewis child of   7y casket 3/6  
3A 1904 11-Nov Sarff Mrs. Jackson   42y 5/6 case  
3A 1919 27-Jan Sarff Mrs. Lewis Jackson Sarff 34y gray crepe    
3A 1912 23-Feb Satthoff Boyd child   1 month   2/0  
3A 1919 10-Oct Schaad Albert M. Henry Schaad 26y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1912 11-Mar Schaad Andrew   76y   6/3  
3A 1909 20-Jan Schaad John Wm Schaad 65y casket 6/0  
3A 1919 16-Jul Schaad Mary Tom Schaad 59y gray couch 6/3  
3A 1921 5-Sep Schaad Ross Wm Schaad/f Springfield 3y     Mt. Olive Cem.
3A 1909 27-Jul Schaad Wayne Will Schadd 21y casket 6/0  
3A 1915 20-Sep Schaaf J P Frank Schaaf 68y plain slate 6/3  
3A 1905 17-Jan Schadd Mrs. Tom Schadd 71y      
3A 1909 30-Aug Schadd Mrs. Andrew Robt Schadd 74y   6/0  
3A 1910 21-Nov Schall Mrs. Wm.     hearse for    
3A 1919 3-Feb Schneider Mari E. Mr. H. Gub 92y circassine    
3A 1903 11-Feb Schoadt Mrs. John John Schoadt 38y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 29-Nov Scholl Olla Otto Scholl 28y black BD 6/3  
3A 1916 9-Feb Schoonover John C. Claude Schonoover 68y black broadcloth 6/3  
3A 1908 24-Apr Schoonover Susan   60y casket 6/0  
3A 1902 27-Feb Scovill Pearl child Ira Scovill & Wm Birdgman 6m casket 2/6  
3A 1904 18-Aug Seberded Will hearse for        
3A 1903 15-Jan Selby Eunice Sam Selby 10d casket 2/0  
3A 1914 26-Apr Selby Harry hearse from Pekin, Il.   hearse    
3A 1917 13-Aug Selby William Sam Selby 54y gray steel 6/3  
3A 1905 23-Jun Shankland Lee Mrs. Shankland 21y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 20-Jun Sharckland Elizabeth   86y   6/3  
3A 1908 21-Jan Shaw Jane          
3A 1912 14-Jan Shaw John   80y hearse    
3A 1905 15-Jul Sheedy Mrs. Morris   80y casket 6/0  
3A 1902 29-Sep Shelters Edith Bert Henry 8m case 3/0  
3A 1915 30-Mar Shiedy Morris J P Schaaf 90y plain broad 6/3  
3A 1911 9-Feb Shine William     hearse for    
3A 1920 1-Jun Shirch Mrs. Drusilla Pimin        
3A 1906 15-May Shirley James John Shirley   casket 6/0  
3A 1906 1-Oct Shirley John Robert Shirley   casket 6/0  
3A 1904 10-Jul Shirley Mrs. John Henry Blessman   6/0 casket  
3A 1917 11-Jun Shoemaker Charlie Lester Logue 22y gray metal 6/3  
3A 1918 17-Oct Shoemaker Leslie Christian Logue 27y ring steel 6/3  
3A 1910 24-Feb Shore Charles   27y slate 6/3  
3A 1915 26-Mar Shore Mrs. Emma Arthur Shore 73y ?? 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1911 16-Sep Showalter Ed child of     P K 2/6  
3A 1905 1-Dec Showalter George Mrs. Geo Johnson 66y casket 6/0  
3A 1918 26-Jan Showalter Owen   79y b crepe 38871  
3A 1907 19-Oct Shrader Lewis   61y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 8-May Siltman August son of   14y grey crepe 6/0  
3A 1911 5-May Skaggs Moses to Mt. Olive   hearse for    
3A 1914 1-Aug Slaight G W   68y   6/3  
3A 1902 5-Aug Slulter David Ira   40y casket 6/0  
3A 1916 16-Mar Smith Edward Lawrence Smith 8y P K 4/6  
3A 1907 2-Mar Smith Ira child of     PK casket 2/0  
3A 1902 12-Jul Smith Lawrence child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1903 1-Nov Smith Mr. Sincarte Island 6m casket 2/0  
3A 1918 14-May Smith Mrs. Lucinda Geo Smith 66y   6/3  
3A 1914 27-Aug Smith Sarah J. I M Smith 79y      
3A 1904 9-Aug Smith Tilford Lewis Smith 1.6y 3/0 casket  
3A 1910 14-Mar Smith Wm.     crepe 6/0  
3A 1908 30-Jan Snell Chas. Child     casket 2/0  
3A 1906 30-Jun Snell Chas. Child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1914 23-Apr Snell Mrs. Gertrude Margurite Snell 38y grey half couch 6/3  
3A 1917 14-Dec Snider James B. by sons 92y steel 6/3  
3A 1918 5-Dec Snider Mrs. Chas Snider 70y black st??    
3A 1915 2-Dec Snyder Bessie James Snyder 8y P K 4/6  
3A 1916 15-Mar Snyder Rebecca Mrs. Paxten Snyder 8l2y crepe 6/3  
3A 1907 19-Jan Sours Mrs. Abram          
3A 1908 27-Apr Sours Mrs. Riley   60y casket    
3A 1921 15-Mar Sown (?) Michael daughters 80y b broadcloth 6/3 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1909 17-Feb Spencer Earl child of   6y casket 4/6  
3A 1915 26-Feb Spencer Ellis Bert Henry 72y plain broad 6/3  
3A 1921 8-Jul Spencer Mary E. Earl Spencer 76y black crepe 6/3 Sincarte Cem.
3A 1914 3-Oct Spencer Mrs. Mr. Spencer 76y plain b l 6/3  
3A 1912 12-Nov Staley J W   59y      
3A 1918 26-Mar Stank Hugo Hugo Stank 1d   2/0  
3A 1904 28-Dec Stevenson     21y 6/0 casket  
3A 1920 2-Jan Strait Ilah Wm Strait 1.6m PK 3/0  
3A 1905 1-May Strenning John child of Strenning 8y      
3A 1902 11-Jun Striper H. Child of     case 2/0  
3A 1909 15-Jan Sutton James B R Sutton 34y casket 6/0  
3A 1908 13-Oct Sutton Mrs. Elizabeth   83y casket 6/3  
3A 1911 13-Oct Sutton Mrs. Ann Ben Sutton 89y casket 6/3  
3A 1904 11-Apr Swartwood Dovey Wm Swartwood 17y 5/0 hospital  
3A 1910 8-May Swartwood Mrs. M P   70y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 6-Apr Tairors Evinete JohnTairors 2.6y 3/0 casket  
3A 1913 5-Feb Taylor Frank child of   3m   2/6  
3A 1916 6-Nov Taylor Lilly A. Mrs. R J Humphry 51y gray slate 6/3  
3A 1904 12-Feb Taylor Mrs. Jake James Taylor 65y 6/0 casket  
3A 1910 19-Aug Taylor Mrs. T P   75y grey 6/0  
3A 1913 15-Feb Taylor Thos P. J J Clegg 85y couch 6/3  
3A 1915 10-Sep Thivgat Mrs. Claude Claude Thivgat 43y oak slate 6/3  
3A 1902 10-Mar Thomas Anderson Wm Thomas 80y casket 6/0  
3A 1907 14-Dec Thomas Anna Chas Thomas   casket 6/3  
3A 1913 25-Jun Thomas Pleasant Rufus Chilton 80y casket 6/3  
3A 1909 1-Jul Thomas Pleasant   55y casket 6/0  
3A 1917 26-Nov Thompson Geo. Child   18m      
3A 1907 11-Jan Thompson Geo. Child of     PK 2/0  
3A 1903 7-Feb Thompson William Mike Plunkett 86y case 6/0  
3A 1904 15-Apr Thornily Nancy Eliza Cook 63y 6/0 casket  
3A 1919 1-Aug Thurman Jno shipped f/Jacksonville, Il   hearse    
3A 1906 24-Jan Tinwey Sanford Alva Horron        
3A 1917 5-Mar Todd Wade for child   6m PK white casket 2/6  
3A 1917 7-Feb Toland John wife   40y crepe 6/3  
3A 1904 2-May Tucker Mrs. Plylander Rey 65y 6/0 case  
3A 1913 20-Apr unknown            
3A 1913 22-Dec Updyke Harvey Jno. Updyke   P K 5/0  
3A 1916 8-Jul Vance Dallas child   2y   3/6  
3A 1903 18-Dec Vanetten John child of     case 2/0  
3A 1908 5-Nov Vanetten John child of   11y casket 5/6  
3A 1911 21-Oct VanIngram J B child of   infant casket 2/0  
3A 1906 20-Jun Vaughn Dallas C A Vaughn 59y case 6/0  
3A 1902 11-Mar Vaughn Ezra child of Tom Daniels   casket 2/6  
3A 1920 17-May Vollmer Peter Jno Vollmer 72y steel 6/3  
3A 1911 6-Apr Vollmin Edith Jso. Vollmin 31y shris 6/0  
3A 1902 18-Jan Waddell Will Isaac Lippert 23y casket 6/0  
3A 1905 24-Sep Walker Geo. Child of   21m casket 3/0  
3A 1909 23-Oct Wannender Robt Wm Layman 73y   6/0  
3A 1918 22-Oct Warlick Eugene J R Wailick 5m PK 2/0  
3A 1907 11-Sep Warren Jane Kelly Mason Co. 24y case 6/0  
3A 1908 4-Jun Warren Mrs. Frank   56y casket    
3A 1903 1-Dec Watkins Allen child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1909 1-Jan Watkins Allen wife Allen Watkins 43y casket 6/0  
3A 1904 20-Jul Watkins Charles child James Watkins 2y 2/6 casket  
3A 1909 25-Dec Watkins Chas. Boy          
3A 1912 8-Dec Watkins E. child   9y      
3A 1915 1-Nov Watkins Elijiah          
3A 1913 31-Aug Watkins James     hearse    
3A 1912 15-Apr Watkins Mrs. Jr. Bailey 86y      
3A 1918 30-Oct Watkins Mrs. Cleveland          
3A 1904 Feb-29 Watkins Mrs. James Lee Watkins 62y 6/0 casket  
3A 1905 19-Jan Watkins Mrs. Sam Cass Co /W W Dick 60y      
3A 1915 11-Aug Watkins Ora          
3A 1902 6-Jan Watkins Sarah E J Watkins 40y case 5/6  
3A 1919 21-Jul Way Catherine shipped f/ Fort Scott,Kansas   hearse    
3A 1906 26-Jan Way Charles   42y casket 6/3  
3A 1919 10-May Way Ermeline Levin Briar        
3A 1903 14-Jul Weinclark Rhoda   58y casket 6/0  
3A 1920 11-Oct Wheelock Marie Jane Mrs. C L Harbison 89y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1916 27-Apr Wilkey Mary ?? Wilkey 64y black 6/3  
3A 1915 3-Nov Wilkey Mrs. Mary Jno Wilkey 87y b??? 6/3  
3A 1917 20-Dec Wilkey Thompson John Wilkey 89y BB 6/3  
3A 1915 21-Nov Wilkins Roy child of   1m P K 2/0  
3A 1914 8-May William Curtis child of     P K 2/6  
3A 1908 13-Nov Williams Bert child of     casket 2/0  
3A 1912 8-Mar Williams Bessie Wm Chaise 14y   5/9  
3A 1913 6-Feb Williams Mrs. Martha Jesse Williams 19y   6/3  
3A 1904 27-Jul Wilson Joe Jeff Wilson 2.6m 2/6 casket  
3A 1904 2-Mar Wilson Mrs. Calvin hearse for        
3A 1904 7-Nov Wilson Mrs. Chas Chas Wilson 42y 6/0 casket  
3A 1913 9-Jul Wilson Mrs. Sally Frank Craven 72y casket 6/3  
3A 1911 1-Apr Wing Glenn Jane Wing 16y casket 6/3  
3A 1916 5-Jun Wing James Sr. Fred-James Wing 67y blade slate 6/3  
3A 1916 7-Dec Winshank Leis Isham Reavis 44y slate 6/3  
3A 1916 6-Mar Winster Mrs. Jno Jno Winster 58y crepe 6/3  
3A 1904 10-Nov Wise Mrs. James Ishmael   5/9 casket  
3A 1903 26-Feb Wise Mr. child of Phylander Ray   case 2/0  
3A 1903 27-Jul Wiseman Mrs. W. T. W. T. Wiseman 34y casket 6/0  
3A 1911 18-Apr Witly U J to Mt. Olive   hearse    
3A 1921 4-Jul Workman Cora M. Robt Workman 16y gray 6/3 Mt. Olive Cem.
3A 1914 9-Jan Workman Ed child     plush 3/6  
3A 1920 15-Mar Workman Ed Child of   1w plush 2/0  
3A 1913 2-Jul Workman Henry Mrs. Workman 68y casket 6/3  
3A 1918 25-Jun Workman Ivy for child   7m   2/6  
3A 1917 6-Nov Workman John wife by Ivy Workman 45y crepe casket 6/3  
3A 1907 16-Dec Workman Matilda Smith Workman   casket 6/0  
3A 1913 8-Dec Workman Mrs. Stella Jno Workman   gray 1/2 couch 6/0  
3A 1912 18-Sep Workman Otto   32y      
3A 1905 21-Aug Workman Ruth Smith Workman 18y casket 5/9  
3A 1911 22-May Workman Smith child of   16y plush 6/0  
3A 1910 30-Sep Wright child Mason Co. for 1y   2/6  
3A 1910 5-Mar Wright Joseph     hos 6/0  
3A 1920 21-May Wright Martha W. Stock Clussom 55y gray 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1908 26-Mar Wysdale John child of   10y casket 4/6  
3A 1921 12-Jan Yeck Louis T. Albert Crthures/Harry Bell 59y metal 6/3 Chandlerville Cem.
3A 1904 22-Oct Young N J 's child     2/0 casket  
3A 1916 7-Sep Zellan David Chas. Zellan 73y gray 6/3  
3A 1913 20-Oct Zinn Mrs. August     black-1/2 couch 6/0  
3A 1912 30-Dec Zoak Benny   60y      
3A 1915 17-Mar Zorn August Henry Zorn 73y black 1/2 couch 6/3  
3A 1909 9-Jul Zorn Mrs. Ferdinand Mr. T. Goni 59y casket 6/3