Guardian Records - Volume "C"
Mason Co, Illinois

Names listed in the index are mainly those of the guardian, although a few of the minors or wards are listed.

Records were transcribed from the original documents, and spellings in the originals can vary from what a researcher may consider "correct".

All records and index transcribed by Kristin Vaughn © 2013

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Adkins, J.T., Gdn Angers 73
Adolf, L. Louis, Gdn Schweizer 54
Ainsworth, Joseph, Gdn Ainsworth 98-104
Ainsworth, Wm T, Gdn Ainsworth 51
Allen, Mary & Wm McCord, minors 29
Allen, Wm H, Gdn Allen 89
Anderson, H.J, Gdn Goben 31
Atwater, James A., Gdn Atwater 70
Benham, Aaron F, minors of 75
Benham, H.P., Gdn Maloney 84
Benham, Ward., minor 199
Bennett, Henry, Gdn. 35
Boehringer, J. Fred, Boehringer 81
Bowman, A.A., minors of 5
Bowman, Caroline E., minors of 36
Brewer, Luella, Gdn Brewer 62
Brinkman, Simeon, Gdn Wethmiller 63
Buchanan, H.T., minors of 15
Buchanan, H.T., minors of 34
Buchanan, H.T., minors of 72
Busch, Aug., Gdn Eddie J. Busch 108
Busch, John D., minors of 10
Carter, David, minors of 18
Caster, David, minors of 78
Cates, A.J., Gdn Buchanan 34
Cease, Fannie A., Gdn Cease 67
Cleveland, J.H., (Schultz) 48
Collier, Martha, Gdn Collier 30
Collier, R.B, Gdn Collier 91, 200
Combs, John M., Gdn Griggs 57
Conington, Kate A., Gdn Conington 98
Cooper, Mark, Gdn 49
Craggs, Charles F., Gdn Horse? 77
Craggs, George, Gdn Craggs 87
Culp, J.F., Cons Scoville 205
Dierker, John H., Cons. Holliday 201
Doering, Chas., minors of 9
Donavan, R.O., Gdn Harp 43
Douglas, Lloyd, minor 28
Duckett, A.W., Gdn Neeley Heirs 20
Dunker, Fred D., Gdn 29
Earhart, F., Est. 1
Eckard, Nettie, Gdn Eckard 99
Ellerbusch, N.N., Gdn Rupert 110
Elliott, Geo W., Gdn Robinson 86
Eslip, Cora H, minor 24
Fager, H.A., Doering 9
Feild, A.J., minor 76
Feild, H.A., Gdn Feild 59
Field, Mary F., Gdn Field 38
Fitch, Birdie, Guardian (Burnett) 11
Fletcher, James, Gdn of James A. Fletcher 107
Fletcher, John, Gdn of Ludicy & Edwd. S. Fletcher 105
Fletcher, T.M., Gdn of Mary J. Fletcher 106
Garlisch, Anna (Garlisch) 47
Goben, Heirs, minors Gdn Anderson 31
Grounhagen, Fred, Heirs of (minors) 13
Haack, L.A., Guardian Jarvis minors 46
Hackman, Henry H., Guardian Gear, C. Rupert 41
Harpham, O.H., Gdn Harpham 97
Himmel, Saml J., Gdn Himmel 56
Hinkle, M.C., Gdn Hinkle 58
Hobbs, May, minor 68
Holzgrafe, Anna C., Gdn Holzgrafe 74
Holzgrafe, G.B., Gdn Holzgrafe 79
Horde, Wm H., minor of 77
Johnson, Martin, Gdn Carter 78
Jours, Jas. A., Gdn McCord 116
Karl, John Geo & Harry, minors 26
Keefe, John H., Gdn Little 103
Keith, L.F., Gdn Parrott 42
Kelsey, Geo. C., minor 8
Koel, John S., Gdn Koel 85
Krainer?, John N.N. 114
Kreiling, J.H., Gdn Nethmiller 63
Lacy, Emma, Cons. 21
Lamb, Josephine, Gdn Fletcher 52
Lane, Jourdon R., minors of 69
Latham, Hubbard S., Gdn Waggonseller 100
Latham, Hubbard S., Gdn Waggonseller 112
Leiding, John C., Gdn Leiding 115
Lewis, Clara B., Gdn Lewis 55
Lindsley, W.W., Gdn Lindsley 111
Lober?, Henry, Gdn Nehmelman 61
Mahoney, Benjamin, minor 84
Mangold, Chas., Cons. 207
McClintick, M.S., Gdn 36
McClintick, M.S., Gdn Athey 82
McCord, Wm. M. & Mary Allen, minors 29
Mehan, W., Gdn Watkins 92
Melton, R.E. 2
Middelkamp, Herman, Gdn Middlekamp 204
Munro, Geo., Gdn Fletcher 50 & 206
Neely, Samuel, heirs 20
Nehmelman, Sophia, Gdn Nehmelman 60, 117
Nischwitz, E.P., Gdn A.J. Feild 76, 203
Nischwitz, E.P., Gdn Nepdegraff 66, 202
Noble, Willie 22
Northrup, H.R., Gdn Fullerton 39
Northrup, H.R., Gdn Williams 33
O'Malley, Elizabeth, minors of 27
Pelham, C.B. 49
Pemberton, William J. 23
Phillips, John W., Gdn Phillips 80
Phillips, P.F., Gdn Sireley 94
Pitman, John W. 40
Radcliff, Solena 5
Rasher, John P. 12
Rasher, John P. 14
Rieber, Martin, Meyer 90
Roberts, Hiram Levi, minor 35
Robinson, J.B., minors of 86
Robinson, James B. 6
Rochester, James B., minors of 4
Rowley, John W., Tunney 88
Salts, Edward, minor 25
Sanemann, Sophia, gdn Nehmelman 117
Schoneman, Frederick 83
Schwartz, Ida L., minor heir 17
Sering?, Olive A., gdn Sering 32
Smith, James E, Grdn 3
Smith, Martha S., gdn Turner 93
Staging, Mary, minor heir 19
Stantin, Lewis, minors of 71
Stevens, Phebe A., gdn Nabbs 68
Stith, Samuel, gdn Stith 95
Stone, Mary G, minor heirs 16
Taylor, Jas. A., gdn Thos Taylor 64
Taylor, Joseph W., Nora Benham, A. Moor 199
Taylor, Joseph, gdn Beuhain heirs 75
Treut, Lewis C., gdn Treut 96
Tunney, Margaret, minors of 88
Tyler, C.W., gdn Edwd Young 65
Wahlfeld, Mary, gdn Wahlfeld 102
Wallace, E.A., gdn 8
Wallbaum, August, gdn Dismeier 37
Webb, Mary J., gdn Webb 113
Wehmhoff, Geo A., gdn 5
Weidman, Solomon, minors of 7
Wepdegraff, Laura A., minors of 66
Werner, George, gdn Gibson 101
Wethmiller, William 109
White, D.C., gdn 7
White, D.C., gdn Malley heirs 27
Williams, Effie, gdn Field 45
Williams, H.D., minor 33
Wilson, C.W., gdn Wilson 53
Windsor, A.E., gdn Douglas 28
Young, Edward, minor 65

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