Birth Announcements

Mason City Journal, January 29, 1875

The voting population of Mason City is still on the increase. David Hudson, after nearly ten years of childless married life, is the happy father of a Hudson, Jr. We would like to enjoy a telescopic view of David, promenading the room on a cold night in his small clothes, Hudson Jr., in one arm, and a bottle of soothing syrup in his right hand.

Mason City Journal, February 5, 1875

Babies are a sure crop in Mason City, and the crop is a big one this year. Harman Dierkus is father to a fine girl, while Dan Bryant is so happy over his nine pound girl baby, that he feels like dancing all the time. Joy to them is our hearty wish.

Mason City Journal, February 5, 1875

Six young gentlemen were marching down the street last Saturday noon, when they espied Ben Riner standing by the counter in Kincaid & Bradley's drug store; they quietly surrounded him, before he discovered their presence, and told him he must surrender, as they were ready to smoke over that new boy baby, at his expense. Ben, came down gracefully. We hope that baby may live to a ripe old age and be the owner of a horse that shall beat Coldsmith Maid's best time.