Havana newspaper, WW II era, no date

Class One Will be Exhausted Early in October

Four men to Camp Grant on Tuesday, thirty-five to Camp Grant on Thursday and fifteen to Camp Forrest on Friday--these are the call that have been made on Mason County this week. The local board has been advised to proceed with the examination of all class one men as rapidly as possible in anticipation of heavy calls that will be made the latter part of this month or the first week in October. These calls will take all of the class one men, it is said. It will then be necessary to reclassify some of those who are at present in deferred classes or go into the list of new registrants, those from 18 to 21 and 31 to 45 who will register on Sept. 12.

The following list contains the names of those who have gone or will go into service this week:

Call 1197 To Camp Grant, Sept. 3.
Harry L. Atwater
Ira Dierker
Adolph H. Hillemeyer
Paul Alger Sarff
Henry Wepher

To Camp Grant, Sept. 5.
Henry E. Armburst
Emmitt N. Bradley
Frank Belles
George Raymond Beal
Rudolph H. Carman
William Clifford
Isley M. Craggs
William B. Doyle
Paul R. Donovan
Josh Wayne Dailey
George H. Eilers
George Gathman
Arthur Gellerman
Curtis I. Jones
George Keltner
August W. Krause
Addison C. Lynn
Earl H. Loux
Oscar C. Lynn
Raymond McCreery
Winfield A. Neikirk
William E. Pedigo
Frank H. Rohlfs
Benjamin Roy Roat
Richard Stovall
Walter Sargent
Arthur H. Shawgo
Oscar A. Schulz
Otis Spear
Edward H. Steging
Bert J. Travis
William C. To*li* (Looks like Tomlin)
Otis Whitlow
Henry J. Wehner
Joseph E. Yardley

Call 1249 to Camp Forrest, Sept 6.
William R. Blessman
Hugh Cackley
Charles W. Davis
Clarence Emmons
Sardius W. Estep
Harry Foutch
Clifford J. Goshert
Charley Hart
Arthur W. Keith
John Messman
Stanley B. McFadden
Edwin Speckman
Wallie Bell Summers
Arthur E. Williams
Orvill D. Zook

Contributed by Judy Ingram Schuur