Political, Religious & Organizations

Mason City Journal, January 8, 1875

At the regular meeting of Mason City Lodge No. 237, I.O of O.F. Dec. 31, '74, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term: John Cameron, N.G., H.M. Anderson, V.G., Arthur Himes, Sec'y., G.W. Elisberry, Treas., S. Eulass, J.J. Cox, J.B. Wilson, W.Y. McElmore, and J.H. Faith were elected Trustees for the coming year.
J.P. Faith, Sec'y.

May 23, 1873, The Sioux City Daily Journal

Springfield, May 22-Lyman Lacy, of Mason County, has been nominated by the Farmers' Convention of Menard, Mason, Logan and DeWitt Counties, held at Lincoln, for Circuit Judge. The proceedings of the convention were characterized by much wrangling, during which Menard County withdrew.

Mason City Journal, February 19, 1875

A Lodge of Good Templars, of forty charter members, was organized on Tuesday the 9th, inst., by Jacob Beck, of Williamsville, at Pennsylvania Township. W.I. Richey, of Teheran, is Lodge Deputy. The Lodge meets regularly on Saturday night. Thus the good work goes on. Let's have these Lodges formed all over the county in every School District; it will awaken the mind of the public to practical thought, on the great question of temperance, and the seed sown now will surely bring good results in the future.

The Daily Inter Ocean, March 13, 1893

Visit of the ex-President to the Illinois Duck-shooting Grounds
Indianapolis, Ind., March 12--Special Telegram--Ex-President Harrison will leave on his duck-hunting excursion with Mr. George Boyd to-morrow night. Their destination is Havana, Ill., a hamlet on the Illinois River, where they have a hunting boat fitted out and provisioned for a week's cruise among the marshes. It is expected that the hunt will last about a week if the ducks hold out that long. Since his return from Washington General Harrison's health and spirits have been excellent. It was feared by his friends that the relaxation from the heavy nervous strain of the past six months would be followed by a breaking down of his strength, but no such unfortunate result has followed. He has busied himself with his correspondence, which continues to be remarkable heavy; has given attention to some repairs and changes about his home, and has devoted much time to his grandchildren. Any fine morning he can be seen accompanied by the little ones taking a constitutional along Delaware or some other street adjacent to his residence, but as yet he has not appeared down town

Belleville News-Democrat, October 21, 1908

Land owners and club organizations in the Illinois river valley met at Havana, in Mason county, and formed a permanent organization, the object of which is to furnish whatever protection may be necessary to guard their prospective properties from trespassing, poaching and encroachments of every character by hunters and fishermen.