Snicarte Murder

Inter Ocean, December 17, 1874

A Boy of 19 Kills a Man at a Dance.

Havana, Ill., Dec. 16-Last evening at a dance near Snicarte, Ill., nine miles southwest of Bath, a party named Johnson struck and killed a man named Lindsay. The crime was committed with a club, Johnson striking Lindsay on the head and crushing his skull. The cause of the quarrel is unknown, but it is supposed to be an old feud. Lindsay was about 27 years old, and leaves a wife and child. Johnson is 19 years old. He has been arrested.

Inter Ocean, December 18, 1874

Further Particulars of the Murder-Another Victim Lying on His Death Bed.

Havana, Ill., Dec. 17-Further particulars have transpired in the Snicarte case reported yesterday. The two men, Douglas Johnson and James Pruitt, were lodged in jail here to-day. Another man named George Johnson, a brother to the one arrested, assisted in the tragedy and fled. He has not yet been found. When the struggle was going on a brother of the murdered Lindsay tried to help his brother, when he was struck with a club, and now lies very low, his life being despaired of. All three of the murderers are desperate characters, and much feared by the inhabitants in the vicinity. Much talk of lynch law was indulged in, but better counsel prevailed. Both of the arrested men are barely 21 years of age. This is the second murder in this county in six months.

Inter Ocean, December 24, 1874

Death of Another Victim of the Fatal Affray at Snicarte, Ill.

Havana, Ill., Dec. 23-The beginning of the end of the Johnson-Lindsay tragedy is drawing near. Paul Lindsay, who was so badly injured when his brother was murdered at Snicarte, is dead. The escaped Johnson has not been heard from.

Inter Ocean, January 24, 1875

Havana, Ill., Jan. 23-Last night George Johnson, the last of the Snicarte murderers, was arrested on the P., P. and J. Railroad at Chandlerville by John Corr, a conductor. He has been lodged in jail here. All three of the worthies now occupy quarters in the County Jail.

Mason City Journal, January 29, 1875

Geo. Johnson, the missing one of the Lindsay murderers, was arrested last Friday, on the train running from Virginia to Havana, and was lodged in jail in Havana, and together with his accomplices, will be held for trial at the coming term of court.

Mason City Journal, February 19, 1875

The case of the murderers of Lindsay, was called Wednesday morning, Shope of Lewistown, and Dearbon and Campbell of Havana, for the Prisoners, Rogers (State Atty) for the people. Shope moved to quash the Indictment, overruled, and the case was set for next Tuesday. It is understood that Wm O'Brien of Chicago will assist in the prosecution.

Contributed by Kristin Vaughn