Belleville News-Democrat, August 19, 1909

Friends of Illinois Farmer Declare He Was Victim of Foul Play
Had Purchased Poison After Failure to Raise Money to Buy Outfit Preparatory to Farming Immediately After Marriage

Havana, Ill., Aug. 19-Mystery envelops the death of George Edwin Tigar, a young farmer found dead in the bottom of his wagon after the driverless team reached his home. The coroner's jury rendered a verdict that death was due to carbolic acid poisoning.

Popular opinion is about evenly divided between the belief that the man committed suicide or was the victim of foul play. On account of the fact that Tigar was soon to have married Miss Bertha Markert, daughter of a prosperous farmer, and had arranged to take charge of a splendid farm, it seems unlikely that he would have killed himself.

Had Purchased Poison.
When found the odor of carbolic acid was perceptible, although the body was cold. Investigation showed that he had bought a two-ounce bottle of carbolic acid at a local drug store in the afternoon, the druggist who sold it supposing that he, like other farmers, kept it to mix with Vaseline for the treating of sore shoulders on horses. The acid had burned both sides of the face, throat and chest.

The relatives of the dead man scout the theory of suicide, and claim that the boy was murdered. They point to the fact that the neck was discolored, the veins swollen and the lips tightly compressed.

Persons who met Tigar Monday say he was in a cheerful mood. The family will try to establish proof that he was murdered and an autopsy may be held. The man's fiancée is prostrated. The bottle which had contained the acid has not been found.

Failed to Buy Implements.
Tiger came to this city to buy a team of mules and other live stock and farm implements preparatory to farming immediately after his marriage. It is said that he was unable to secure the money for this purpose. The reasons for purchasing the deadly acid and why he did not secure sufficient money is a mystery for it is known that he had financial backing.

Miss Markert was unable to throw any light on the tragedy, and she can give no reason why he should commit suicide. They were to have come to this city to buy furniture for the new home, and this fact discredits the story that he took his own life. Tiger had never acted strangely in her company, she said.