Bath School
Mason Co, Illinois

On the reverse side the photo is dated 15 Oct 1909. It is also written that it is property of Herman Keith of Havana, IL. The name of the school is not given but is assumed to be Bath High School.

All names are from left to right.

First Row, (against the door): Mabel KEITH, Zelia SAPP, Hazel DUNLAP

Second Row: Clifford ATWOOD, Ruth LANGSTON, Ceclia WELKER, Nellie DARLING, Nellie FORSYTHE, Edith BROWN, Ruth WEBER

Third Row: Mr. HARTZEL (teacher), Henry WEHNER, George OLEARY, Zoe MOORE, Nina Roloff WHEELOCK, Daisy DARLING, Flossy BROWN, Pearl EDLIN, Edith GROFF, Sabie MARTIN, Ralph LACEY, Edith LIPPERT, Sylvia BREEDEN

Fourth Row: Lawrence MERRILL, Irvin MCCARTY, Grover ---DEN (paper tear, part of name lost), Edna KRAMER, Margaret SORHURST, Doris BLACK, Maud POWELL, Roz GRIFFIN, John BUTLER, Zerl MOORE

Fifth Row: Commodore KEITH, Archie ATWOOD, Frank ROLOFF, Harold HARTZEL, Ike BUTLER, Ewell GERDES, Billie WALLACE

Contributed by Scott Lee

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