of Mason Co, Illinois

This listing of names was taken from the USGS/GNIS Geonames online database. The locations and mapping information were taken from and the EPA mapping site, and I cannot guarantee their accuracy. More locations will be added as time permits.

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School Name
Additional Information
Mason Co 8th Grade, 1934?    Class Photo
Mason Co 8th Grade, 1937    Class Photo
Unknown School    Class Photo
Allen Grove School Allens Grove East of the intersection of CR 3600 & CR 1550, south of Hwy 136  
Anderson School Bath On CR 400N, east of CR 1300E Class Photos from 1926, 1930, 1932, 1933 & 1944
Ash Grove School Allens Grove Near southeast corner of intersection of Hwy 136 & Hwy 29  
Baker School Kilbourne On CR 2200, south of Poplar City  
Bath School Bath   Class Photo
Beck School Sherman South side of CR 1400N, east of CR 2600 Class Photos
Blackjack School Lynchburg On CR 200 between CR 500 & CR 600E Programs from 1901-02 & 1903-04
Boatman School Havana On Manito Road between CR 1680E & CR 1780E School Photo
Bowman School Havana Southeast of Havana, south side of CR 1400N, west of IL Route 97 & CR 1750E  
Brown School Forest City South of CR 1800, east of CR 2980  
Chaney Union School      
Cherry Grove School      
Coon School      
County Line School      
Crescent School      
Daniel School     Class photo
Danville School      
Deverman School      
Dieffenbacher School      
Easton School     Class Photos
Ebenezer School      
Fairview School      
Forest City Grade School Forest City   School photo
Frankenfield School      
Frog Pond School     Class photo
Golden Valley School      
Hardin School      
Havana High School Havana Havana School photo, 1929 Class Photo
Haw Grove School      
Herget Grove School      
Hickory Grove School      
Howarth School      
Illini Central High School      
Illini Central Middle School      
Jones School     1913 Class Photo
Jordan School      
Knox School Salt Creek On Road 580, about 2 1/2 miles west of Rt. 29 Several photos & news articles
Lake Grove School      
Lake Shore School      
Lakeview School      
Leases Grove School      
Leinweber School      
Leveldale School      
Matanzas School      
McCarty School      
Midwest Central High School      
Midwest Central Primary School      
Mount Carmel School      
Murray School unknown unknown Class photo
New Central Elementary School      
North Prairie School      
Oak Grove Public School      
Oneal School      
Patterson School      
Pennsylvania Lane School      
Peterville School      
Pleasant Row School      
Pleasant Unity School      
Pleasant View School      
Pollock School      
Quiver School      
Reavis Spring School      
Red Oak School      
Reed School      
Riverview Public School      
Roat School      
Rockwell Public School     Class Photos
Rogers School      
Saidora School     Class Photo
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran School      
Sears Grove School      
Sherman Valley School Sherman On CR 1200 between CR 2400 & CR 2500  
Singley School      
Sleepy Hollow School      
South Heater School      
Spaits School      
Swing Grove School      
Trout School      
Union School      
Union School      
Union School      
Union School Number 1 Forest City   School photo
Walker Grove School Crane Creek On CR 2650, south of CR 1000N Class Photos
Walker School      
Wessling School      
White Hall School     Class Photo
White Oak School      
White School      
Wooley School