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Lots numbered One, Two, Three, Four, Ten, and Eleven, all in Block numbered Twelve of the Village of Joppa, Massac County, Illinois, being a part of the North East Fourth of the North East Quarter of Fractional Section 23 Township 15, S., Range 3, East of the Third P.M. Massac County, Ill. And all of B 15 except 91 feet and 1 inch off South side thereof.

The County of Massac, State of Illinois was formed out of certain parts of Pope County and Johnson County, Illinois by Acts of the Legislature of the State of Illinois, A.D. 1843, and the records relating to the conveyences of Real Estate which are now in Massac County, Illinois, and which were made prior to the above date have not been transcribed from the Records of said counties, and for this reason reference is hereby made to the Records Books of Johnson County, Illinois for some of the earlier conveyences of said above real estate of which this tract was formerly a part.

U.S. Patent--Feb. 24, 1836--United States of America by the President to Samuel Spotts.

Deed--Dec. 31, 1840--Samuel Spotts, of Johnson Co., IL, by Samuel Copland Commissioner, by order of Court to Nathan B. Bennett.

W. Deed--Dec. 1, 1841--Nathan B. Bennett and wife to Samuel Copland.

Mortgage--May 23, 1842--Samuel Copland to Henry W. Billings.

Mortgage--Nov. 5, 1843--Samuel Copland to Elizabeth Massey, William Copland, Martin Harvill and B.S. Smith.

Administrator's Deed--Aug. 23, 1866--L.W. Fern, Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Copland, deceased to James P. Copland.

Mortgage--Aug. 23, 1866--James P. Copland to L.W. Fern, Admr. of the Estate of Samuel Copland, dec.

Master's Deed under Foreclosure--Oct. 12, 1869--Samuel Copland, by Master in Chancery to Andrew J. Kuykendahl.

A. J. Kuykendahl and his wife Cynthia Kuykendahl, caused to be platted and laid out what is known as the Town of Joppa, Illinois, in Massac County, which said Plat embraces part of Fractional Section 23, Township 15 South Range 3, East Massac County, Illinois, said Plat bearing date of August 5th A.D. 1872. See Deed Record "S" page 248. No file mark of record.

That afterward of the 9th day of September A.D. 1909, J.W. Bowerman, and E.L. Kern, Ike Hatfield and Emma Hatfield dedicated to the Village of Joppa, a part of the North East Fourth of the North East Quarter.

Abstract Title found in Circuit Clerk's valut.

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