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History of Massac County, Illinois

Life Sketches and Portraits

By O. J. Page

Editor – “Journal – Republican,”
Member Forty – First General Assembly

Published in 1900.

PART TWO - Sketches and Reminiscences


To a devoted and sacrificing wife, to a host
Of friends and to the stalwart citizenship of Massac
County, we dedicate this work.



By thy river gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois,
O’er the prairie verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois,
Comes an echo o’er the breeze,
Rustling through the leafy trees;
And its mellow tones are these, Illinois, Illinois,
And its mellow tones are these, Illinois, Illinois.

From a wilderness of prairie, Illinois, Illinois,
Straight thy way and never varies, Illinois, Illinois,
‘Till upon the inland sea
Stands thy great commercial tree,
Turning all the world to thee, Illinois, Illinois,
Turning all the world to thee, Illinois, Illinois.

When you heard your country calling, Illinois, Illinois,
When the shot and shell were falling, Illinois, Illinois,
When the Southern host withdrew,
Pitting Gray against the Blue,
There were none more brave than you, Illinois, Illinois,
There were none more brave than you, Illinois, Illinois.

Not without thy wondrous story, Illinois, Illinois,
Can be writ the Nation’s glory, Illinois, Illinois,
On the record of the years
Abr’am Lincoln’s name appears,
Grant and Logan and our tears, Illinois, Illinois,
Grant and Logan and our tears, Illinois, Illinois.


PART I – History

Preliminary Events Regulators and Flat Heads
Fort Massac and Concurrent Events Mobs
Fort Massac Newspapers
Conspiracies about Fort Massac Secret Orders
Physical Geography Medicine
Peoples Items of Interest
Political History Religous History
County Organization Metropolis City
Reminiscences Pope County History
Massac County Bar  

PART II.--Sketches and Reminiscences

Metropolis Precinct George's Creek
Golconda Citizens New Columbia
Brooklyn Precinct Samoth
Brooklyn Circuit Johnson County
Cumberland Presbyterianism in Massac County Jackson Precicnt
Adams, Frank, Mayor Morgan, Ike L.
Adkins, Dr. A. E. Moseley, Thomas J.
Atwell, Samuel, Captain Mozley, Dr. C. A.
Barham, R. C. Muse, Rev. Eben
Bonifield, W. H. Norris, Dr. J. H.
Brinnen, C. W. Nutty, A. F.
Brown, Colonel W. R. Orr, Dr. J. A.
Chapman, Hon. P. T. Otey, C. R.
Choat, Green B. Owen, Wesley
Cook, Elder A. R. Paris, D. L.
Copeland, Major L. W. Pell, Mitchell
Cowan, D. J. Peter, Col. R. A.
Cummins, Lewis Peter, Capt. J. A.
Cummins, Dr. J. T. Pillow, Geo. W
Deane, Daniel Pollard, Dr. R. H.
Delavan, Judge B. J. Poor, S. D.
Durfee, Charles Priestly, Prof. William H.
Elliott, James Pryor, Elder D. R.
Evers, John W. Ragsdale, Dr. A. C. 
Fisher, Dr. H. C.  Rankin, Col. Benj.
Fry, J. W. Reynolds, J. M.
Gilbert, John Rhoads, Dr. Solomon J.
Gilliam, W. H. Roby, Tillman
Giltner, C. A. Robarts, Judge J. P.
Gore, Thomas M. Rose, Hon. James A.
Gowan, Dr. J. E.  Rush, George
Green, Hon. W. H. Samson, Walter
Hankins, M. A. Sawyer, Judge George
Harker, Judge O. A. Scott, Rev. J. H.
Helm, Hon. D. W. Scofield, Rev. Edward
Helm, Dr. J. A. Sexton, E. O.
Hilliard, Captain E. W. Sedberry, H. L.
Hodge, Professor J. H. Shoemaker, S. S.
Jobe, Han. James E. Skaggs, Hon. C. P.
Jones, Hon. B. O. Spence, Elder W. A. 
Kerr, Hon. S. B. Stone, D. R.
Kerr, Tony R. Swan, Rev. B. C.
King, Hon. J. W. Teitloff, Charles W.
Kraper, W. H.  Thompson, Judge D. G.
Lafont, Eugene Tindall, W. H.
Lay, Joseph Trovillion, Dr. C. E.
Leeper, R. T. Trovillion, Dr. M. H.
Leeper, R. Byrd Turnbo, J. L.
Lytton, R. B. Vickers, Judge A. K.
Martin, William Walker, Wayne A.
Martin, G. E. Walbright, Dr. G. W.
McBride, Charles D.  Webb, Dr. Chenault
McBride, John Whitley, Hon. M. S.
McCartney, Hon. R. W. Whiteside, Judge W. A.
McCartney, Captain J. F. Willis, Hon. J. C.
McCartney, Professor M. N. Wolfe, Elder G. Lay
McCartney, Professor W. P. Woods, Capt. Elisha Thomas
McKee, R. G. B. Wright, William
Moore, W. H. Wymore, Dr. J. W.
Morris, Rev. W. T. Young, Hon. G. W.
Morris, Colfax Young, Hon. J. D.
Morgan, Thomas S. Young, Fred. R.


Read –
a)      Louis XIVth p. 13 instead of “Louis XIXth”
b)      1827-1831 p. 43, instead of “1872-1883”
c)       John H. Mulkey instead of “John C. Mulkey” p. 74
d)      July 1849, p. 78, instead of “1844 or 1845” and King instead of “Davison”
e)      John H. Norris instead of “Morris” p. 86
f)        Uncle instead of “father”, p. 91; line 32
g)      Dr. S. J. Rhoads, instead of “O.J. Page” author, p. 90
h)      James E. Gowan, M.D., came to the county 1864, graduated at the Rush Medical College, and entered upon a long and successful practice.  He died in 1899.
i)        Mesdames Malinda Lafond instead of “Fafont” p. 86, near bottom page.
j)        John L. Turnbo for “John H. Turnbo” p. 236, heading
k)       Hon. George W. Pillow instead of “Geoge H. Pillow” p. 310, heading.


This book is published to preserve interesting and important historical data of our county; to record events in the lives of worthy citizens, dead and living; though fraught with many discouragements and onerous toil, our task is done.  You view the result of our labors, and pass judgement thereon.  It is not perfect – but perfect things are not to be expected of others, than ourselves.  After passing the cold deductions of your criticisms, may we not ask a fragment of consolation in the fact that our intentions were worthy of commendation, at least, and may we ask of you, dear critic, what you did to aid the right in the preservation of our country’s history?

We thank our friends who have contributed in any way to the success of the “History of Massac County” and hope it may receive a geneous reception a the hands of the public.

O. J. Page

Metropolis, Ill., Sept. 1, 1900.

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