The following was extracted from a book labeled "Court Docket Book 'B', Jno. B. Hicks". Most cases were continued to a later term. The book has been placed in the Circuit Clerk's office

Submitted by Ann Laird

    September Term 1853
  1. Joel Mabry, Adm of Estate of Isaac Copland, granted June 1849. Inventory amounts.
  2. Abram Bruner, Adm of Estate of Cepter Everett, granted March 1850. Cont'd
  3. Mary Ann Ballard, Adm of Estate of Andrew J. Ballard, granted Oct. 1849. Notes.
  4. John H. Tucker, Adm of Estate of Wm. Whitten, granted Dec. 1849. Cont'd.
  5. Jane McDonald, Adm of Estate of John McDonald, granted Apr. 1851.
  6. John Looney, Adm of Estate of Isaiah Hays, granted June 1850. Due from estate to Riddle, Judy Baily, Hardin, Bridges & Boran, Richey, Burrell Wood, Uriah Stephens.
  7. Ephriam McClain of TN, Adm of Estate of Joseph Hale. Cont'd.
  8. Jesse Simpson, Adm of Estate of Joseph Hale, granted Mar. 1852. Cont'd.
  9. James Jones, Guardian infant heirs of James Robinson. Settled.
  10. Winfrey Wadlington, Guardian of Jesse and Emily Robinson, granted May 1952. Cont'd.
  11. Eliza Locker, Adm/intramarried with Isaac Cooper of the Estate of John Locker, granted June 1851. Notes, cont'd.
  12. Joel Mabry, Guardian infant heirs of Isaac Copland. Notes.
  13. Wm. McDowell, Adm of Estate of Robert Whiten. Cont'd.
  14. David McBride, Adm of David Waggoner, granted Oct. 1851. Cont'd.
  15. Willis Gurley and Joseph Robbins, Adm of Estate of A. Robbins, granted Oct. 1851. Notes, cont'd.
  16. S.P. Benton, Ex and Adm of Estate of Sam'l Benton, granted Nov. 1851. Notes, cont'd.
  17. Patrick Jones, Adm of Estate of Mary Jones, granted Nov. 1851. Cont'd.
  18. Wm Armstrong, Guardian Christiste? Armstrong, granted Nov. 1851. Cont'd.
  19. Wm. Armstrong, Guardian infant heirs of Frances Armstrong, granted Nov. 1851. Cont'd.
  20. Pennington Morse, Guardian infant heirs of John Locker, granted Jan. 1852. Cont'd.
  21. Wm. J. Allen, Adm of Estate of Spates Davis, granted Jan. 1852. Notes, Cont'd.
  22. George Chadwick, Guardian infant heirs of Robert Taylor, granted Feb. 1852. Settled.
  23. Margarete Moody and James Martin, Adm of Estate of Jonathan Moody, granted Apr. 1852. Notes.
  24. William Madden, Adm of Estate of Zephahiah Wethers, granted May 1852. Notes, cont'd.
  25. George M. Gray, Adm of Estate of Jacob Vickers, granted May 1852. Cont'd.
  26. John Gurley, Adm of Estate of Susan New, granted May 1852. Due from Estate to Alexander Warren, Willis Gurley, A.M.L. McBean, William Holliday, Lewis Farris.
  27. Ann Code, Guardian infant heirs of Robert Code, granted Apr. 1853. Settled.
  28. F.M. Little, Guardian of John Fletcher, minor, granted Apr. 1853. Cont'd.
  29. Elizabeth Stalcup, Adm of Estate of Elijah Stalcup, granted Apr. 1853. Cont'd.
  30. Nelson Snider, Adm of Estate of Elizabeth Keleus?, granted Oct. 1851. Cont'd.
  31. Mariah Harrison, Adm of Estate of Thomas Harrison, granted May 1853. Settled.
  32. James Shirk, Adm of Estate of John Shirk, granted May 1853. Cont'd.
  33. Sarah Black, Guardian infant heirs of James K. Black, granted May 1853. Cont'd.
  34. John Reynolds, Guardian infant heirs of Sophia Reynolds, granted June 1853. (Sophia crossed out and said John Reynolds written above it.) Cont'd.
  35. Charlotte Gholson, Adm of Estate of James Gholson, granted Aug. 1853. Notes.
  36. Cynthia Smith, Adm of Estate of William Smith, granted Aug. 1853. Cont'd.
  37. John Averete, Adm of Estate of James Tubbs, granted Aug. 1853. Notes, cont'd.
  38. Martin Beson, Guardian of Catharine N. Davis, minor of James Davis, granted Aug. 1853. Notes, cont'd.
  39. Martha Martin, Adm of Estate of Cornelius Martin, granted Aug. 1853. Notes.
  40. Mary Wilson, Adm of Estate of Hazard Wilson, granted July 1852. Hazard in business with his brother, Jno. E. Wilson. Due from Estate to S.G. Choat, Jno. W. Thompson, S.H. Pfrimmer.

End September Term 1853

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