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May Blessings be Showered On Them
Taken from Metropolis Herald, November 28, 1907
Submitted by Ann Laird

Albert Bultman and Miss Minnie Teckenbrock were married on Wednesday afternoon last, November 20th at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. Hausman, pastor of Evangelical Lutheran church in Benton precinct, performing the marriage ceremony.

The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Bultman--the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Teckenbrock, both excellent families. Only the immediate families of the bride and groom were present. If the good wishes of The Herald would bring them happiness and prosperity, they would never need have a fear for the future.

Your Grandmother Will Remember
Taken from Metropolis Herald, January 2, 1907
Submitted by Ann Laird

Mrs. H. Nordeman is in receipt of a letter from her son "Charley" at Louisville in which he incloses the letter below which will be read with pleasure by some Metropolis citizens yet alive. The letter reads:

Home, Pomona, Calif.,
Dec. 25, 1906

C. B. Nordeman,

My Dear Brother--We are well. Our weather is charming--70 in the shade between 12 and 3 o'clock and 50 during night. I am writing in my study 8:30 p.m., no fire, very comfortable.

We buried Aunt Sarah Dickinson--Belle's mother, A.R. and C.A. Loud's elder sister--Wednesday at Claremont, 3 miles from Pomona. She was 83 years old, and one of God's elect women. A.R. Loud was stricken last Friday at the supper table at C.A. Loud's house in Pomona; his tongue paralyzed and his body somewhat affected; he is 75 years of age. I met him and Mrs. Loud about 5:30 p.m. on the streets of Pomona and I remarked to them how well they were looking and they both chatted of you. Within three hours he was so affected as to be almost unable to speak. We called to see them and found him cheerful yet it was sad. The doctor says he was liable to drop out any time, may he last sometime.

Belle has a nice family of girls 3 or four they love old times, they love to have me around and they love us as you do, it is so nice to be thought of so.

Well, my boy, when I learned of the death of aunt Sarah I hunted up my Metropolis diary and found when you wnited with the church and received into full connections, I found your father and mother's names on my calling list so was Mrs. Dickinson. Belle asked me to be present specially and assist but I found when I got there that the resident pastor and the others who were to say a word had arranged to let me do tall the talking. One prayed and another read the lesson and pronounced the benediction and I did all the talking.

Mrs. Wilson and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and more to follow.

Your brother,
C.P. Wilson

Ben Hur Holds Election
Taken from Metropolis Herald, February 3, 1916
Submitted by Ann Laird
Metropolis Court No. 181 Tribe of Ben Hur held their annual election Thursday night January 27. The following officers were selected.
W. H. Karr Jr., Past Chief
Clarence D. Baker, Chief
Mable Baynes, Judge
Anna Laird, Teacher
W. P. Baynes, Scribe
James Woodard, Keeper of Tribute
Earl Slater, Captain
Lottie Riick, Guide
Margret Hayden, Keeper of Inner Gate
William Carvender, Keeper of Outer Gate
After election of officers the members visited Brother Woodard's Confectionery and celebrated the event with eating and drinking (soft drinks) of course.

February the 10th the newly elected officers will be installed followed by another banquet.

All members are invited and requested to attend.

Taken from Metropolis Herald, May 30, 1906
Submitted by Ann Laird

We are having cool weather without rain.
Henry Copley and Harry Chick visited with Clyde Johnson Sunday.
Miss Bessie Hayden of Arkansas is visiting the neighborhood.
Byrd Stewart who is staying at Joppa returned home Sunday in a rubber tired trap in which he took this best girl to Sunday school.
Jester Sidener and family and Tyrns and family spent Sunday with J.L. Peck and family.
The people of this neighborhood are preparing a program for children's day the 7th of June.
There was several white bonnets counted in S.H. Johnson's strawberry patch Monday morning.
Thomas Peck and Clyde Johnson were seen going west late one evening last week.
It was reported that the clouds Sunday eve bluffed some of the people out from League and it was not a very large crowd there.
Harry Laird Sundayed with Harman Mathis.
Rev. Geo. Hall filled his regular appointment Saturday night and Sunday night at New Liberty and Brookport.
Byrd Laird filled his regular appointment Sunday and Sunday night.
The League is progressing nicely at Powers, every one invited.
Wm. Horntrop the road commissioner is grading the roads up in good shape.
Oscar Profitt lost a fine colt last week.  It was cut on a barbed wire fence.
S.H. Johnson, wife and daughter, Pearl visited with C.S. Adkins Sunday.
Otto Laird was out riding with his best girl Sunday evening.
Wm. Hitteman went east again Sunday evening.
Miss Alice Trampe passed through our village vicinity this week.
Bert Johnson visited Byrd Proffitt of Metropolis last week.

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