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Taken from Massac Journal Republican-Illustrated Industrial Edition, August 10, 1916
Submitted by Norma Jean Huss

The Massac Journal-Republican will issue an


Setting Forth the Many Advantages of Metropolis and Massac Co.

Splendid Feature Booster Article

Pictures of Prominent Citizens and Residences

Also Street Scenes, Schools and Churches

Photos of Fort Massac and Bridge as it Will be When Finished

If you have the interest of Metropolis at heart co-operate with us.  This will be a paper which will help in putting Metropolis on the map to stay.  We want more Factories and desirable citizens!  Book your order now for extra copies.

Taken from Massac Journal Republican-Illustrated Industrial Edition, August 10, 1916
Submitted by Norma Jean Huss

Numbered among Metropolis' many manufacturing industries is the Artman, Nichols & Cox Lumber Company, manufacturers of Hardwood Lumber.  It is owned and operated by foreign capital, but nevertheless is one of the assets of the city.

The officers of the company are as follows:

F. T. Nichols, President
E. C. Artman, Vice-President and manager
H. L. Foote, Secretary
W. E. Cox, Treasurer

W. A. Haas is the local manager having been sent here July 1st.  Mr. Haas is from Providence, R.I. and since coming into our midst has already established himself in business circles as a man of broad ideas.  He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and is in every way a splendid man.

The Artman, Nichols & Cox Co., is a big concern and employ a large number of men steadily.  During the year the company will consume eight million feet of lumber, and this enormous amount of lumber is sent - broadcast throughout the country and "Metropolis" is likewise sent out to the world as a desirable place for manufacturing interest.

The Artman, Nichols, & Cox Lumber Co., while its owners are not residents of the city, will not be found wanting when approached in behalf of Metropolis.  The gentlemen have their manufacturing interest here and will reply to any call made upon them.  The fact that they are represented in this Industrial edition of the Journal-Republican is proof of that position.

Taken from Massac Journal Republican-Illustrated Industrial Edition, August 10, 1916
Submitted by Norma Jean Huss
Offers Safety and More

"Safety First: is a good motto and especially should you apply it in choosing your bank.

Strong as Steel--This bank extends to you every courtesy consistent with safe and sound banking. We have always taken a pride in the growth and prosperity of Metropolis and Massac County, and will give all information desired by prospective citizens concerning this section.

In speaking of the three strong banking institutions of Metropolis, too much cannot be said of the City National Bank, recognized throughout Southern Illinois as a bank of the highest order.

The City National Bank was organized in 1907 and is located on corner of 5th and Ferry street, where it is housed in its own substantial home. The offices of the bank include the best men in the entire county and are as follows:

L.G. Simmons, President
Eugene Lafont, Vice-President
George Schneeman, Cashier
Noah J. Korte, Assistant Cashier

The officers and directors are as above stated, among the strongest financial men in the county and they have the confidence of the entire public. The depositors are steadily increasing in number.

A feature of this bank is the fact that it pays the wage-earner to save, and what inducement that should be for the man who toils for his living to start a bank account with this bank. This can be done by depositing in the City National. Then you can watch your dollars grow. Study that question over, young man, and start you a bank account. It will be the best day's work you ever accomplished.

As above stated, the bank is managed by men of the strictest integrity. Mr. Simmons, the president, is one of our oldest residents, as are also the other gentlemen who compose the bank's official family.

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