1883 Marriages

Transcribed and Submitted by
Jane Toone (Kicket8681@aol.com)

This information was taken from photocopy of the actual Register of Marriages in the Massac Co., Courthouse. I've not made any attempt to proofread the entries, I transcribed them exactly as I found them. If I couldn't read a word or felt it might be an error I inserted a ? beside the entry in question.

Where there is a NOTE: included after an entry, the note is mine, it was not part of the original entry.

License #, License date
Groom's full name, Residence of groom, Occupation of groom, Age, Race, Place of Birth
Father's name, Mother's maiden name, # of marriage, Marriage date
Bride's full name, Maiden name if bride is a widow, Place of residence, Age, Race, Place of Birth
Father's name, Mother's maiden name, # of marriage.

986, 8-18-1883
LINDSEY John D, Marshall Co., KY, Teacher, 20, W, Marshall Co., KY
Cornelius LINDSEY, Unknown, 1, 8-18-1883
HILL Lola, Marshall Co., KY , 20, W, Marshall Co., KY
Reuben HILL, Mariah JOHNSON, 1

985, 8-31-1883
GILBERT Randol Ervin, Paducah, KY., Painter, 30, W, Paducah, KY
F.G. GILBERT, Unknown, 1, 8-11-1883
BITER Indiana , Paducah, KY, 30, W, Tennessee
John BITER, Susan OLIVER, 2
(NOTE: Indiana Biter was actually John Biter's step daughter her father's name was Drury SEALS. Drury SEALS was Susan OLIVER's first husband and after he died Susan married John BITER. I first found them in the 1860 Dickson Co., TN Census records. John M. BITER & Susan OLIVER (SEALS) BITER were my gr.gr.grandparents. Anyone interested in more information on this family can contact me personally and I'll be glad to share what I have.)

989, 8-22-1883
BARTON Robert F. , Massac Co., IL., Farmer, 27, W, Pope Co., IL.
John BARTON, Ester Ann PRADER ?, 2, 8-24-1883
WEAVER Indian ?, Massac Co., IL, 27, W, Illinois
Barton ? Elizabeth ANDERSON 1

991, 8-25-1883
ANDERSON George W., Massac Co., IL., Farming, 47, W, Robertson Co., TN.
William ANDERSON, Unknown, 2, 8-26-1883
DOUGHERTY Susan E, McCracken Co., KY, 47, W, North Carolina
Sam C. DOUGHERTY ?, Unknown, 1

894, 8-31-1883
BARR Nathanaial, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 27, W, Tennessee
Harvey BARR, Lucinda BLACK, 1, 9-02-1883
REYNOLDS Jennie ?, Massac Co., IL., 23, W, Saline Co., IL
Jasper REYNOLDS, Phebe CARTER, 1

997, 9-04-1883
CARUTHERS Reuben, McCracken Co., KY, Farming, 39, C, McCracken Co., KY
Father not listed, Matilda CARUTHERS, 2, 9-04-1883
ALLEN Harriet (also listed as Maret DUNN), McCraken Co., KY, 37, C, Lodd Co.
Father not listed, Rachel (no last name), 2

998, 9-09-1883
FRANCIS John F, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 21, W, Massac Co., IL
William FRANCIS, Mary J. HODGES, 1, 9-09-1883
SHELDEN Anna B, Massac Co., IL, 21, W, Massac Co., IL
Joseph SHELDEN, Nancy McGEE, 1

999, 9-09-1883
CUMMINS William F, Johnson Co., Farming, 23, W, Johnson Co
Daniel T CUMMINS, Elizabeth SMITH, 1, 9-10-1883
WILLIAMS Sarah R, Massac, 18, W, Johnson Co., IL

1000, 9-14-1883
VAUGN David, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 55, Black, North Carolina
Moses BLUNT, Mother's name Unknown, 2, 9-19-1883
WILLIAMS Cytha (also listed as Cytha TURNBOW), Massac Co., IL, 35, Black, Choctaw Nation
Geo CRAFT, Ona Courtney ?, 2

1001, 9-14-1883
KINNEMAN Henry, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 23, (no race listed), Massac Co., IL
Gustave KINNEMAN, Cana KRANE, 1, 9-16-1883
DUGGER Annie Bell, Massac Co., IL., 20, W, Graves Co., KY
Brittain S. DUGGER, Martha PORE, 1
(NOTE: Henry Kinneman is listed on the 1880 Massac Co., Census on page 66a line # 25 with his father and family)
(NOTE: There is a Briton S Dugger listed in the 1880 Massac Co., Census on page 72a line # 25, may not be the same one though)

1002, 9-18-1883
FUQUA James W. ?, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 21, W, Massac Co., IL
Theodore J FUQUA, Margaret FUQUA, 1, 9-19-1883
BASSENGER Martha J, Massac Co., IL, 19, W, Gibson Co., TN

1003, 9-19-1883
FULLMER Lewis D, Massac Co., IL, Farming, 29, W, Indiana
Lewis FULLMER, Melb SMITH ?, 1, 9-19-1883
WILKINS Margaret J, Massac, 27, W, Massac
Michael WILKINS, Elizabeth WALBRIGHT, 1

SCURLOCK James B, Massac Co., (no occupation listed), 27, W, (no birthplace listed)
Franklin L SPURLOCK, Eliza (last name unreadable), (no marriage number listed), 9-30-1883
FINCH Isabell, Massac Co., IL, 17, W, Paducah, KY
Franklin FINCH, Nancy E ALSUP, 1

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