1903 Marriages

These are marriage records I received from IRAD when I request a search for a family member. I've placed them here hoping to help someone else.






Marriage Date

Groom's Parents

Bride's Parents

Will BROWN 23 Delia FOSS 21 Sept 20 1903 D* Brown ---
Joel SMITH 23 Annie CROACH 18 Sept 20 1903 John Smith/George Ann Mackelmore Wm. Croach/Lucy Nacentire
John E. WADE 22 Rubie A. GLEASON 19 Sept 16 1903 H. Wade/Mollie Baker G. E. Gleason/Anna Owen
James METCALF 29 Dora LYNN 18 Sept 20 1903 H. M. Metcalf/Mary S. McGee Crave Lynn/Mary Shelton
Louis BELSHER 28 Lizzie RODGERS 23 Sept 19 1903 Bill Wade/Annie Love Wm. Rodgers/Mary Morgan
Lorenze HARRIS 24 Bessie SCOTT 22 Sept 19 1903 George Harris/Sarah J. Bryant Wm. Scott/Ann Weaver
Clifton M. ESTES 21 Cora B. CRAIN 21 Sept 19 1903 R. W. Estes/Jane Kelley  J. B. Crain/Ella Green
Putnam FLOWERS 22  Hattie MENIFEE 24  Sept 19 1903 B. Flowers/  T. Menifee/ 
Bertram SMITH 22  Maggie L. RENO 19  Sept 20 1903  James C. Smith/___Stewart Albert Reno/Mary Dyus 
Oscar SIMS 34  Julia GARDNER 17 Sept 27 1903 Oscar Sims/Annie Newburn Edward Gardner/Rosa A. Anderson
John D. FREEMAN 31 Mary G. FREEMAN 20 Sept 21 1903 A. N. Freeman/Nancy Thompson Lee Freeman/Dora Reeder
Leslie HOPSON 22 Lila WILKINS 20 Sept 21 1903 Wm. Hopson/Luella Catheral Thos. Wilkins/Jane Jones
Arthur S. ADAY 22  Ella F. BIRCHETT 19  Sept 22 1903 W. J. Aday/Mary E. Bird James P. Birchett/Mattie Brown 

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