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Destruction of Corlis & Rankish’s Tobacco Factory at Metropolis
The tobacco factory of G. W. Corlis & Co., at Metropolis, Massac County, was destroyed by fire on Sunday night between eleven and twelve o’clock. The building and about $20,000 worth of tobacco and cigars was consumed, not to exceed $1,000 worth of manufactured goods being saved from the fire. It is not positively known to be so, but the impression prevails that the fire was the work of an incendiary. The building, together with the stock of manufactured tobacco on hand, was worth from $30,000 to $35,000, with $10,000 insurance on building and stock. The loss of this establishment is a heavy blow to Metropolis, and we hope to hear of the firm resuming business again soon. Mr. Corlis is one of the solid and enterprising men of southern Illinois, and we regret to hear of his misfortune.
[The Cairo Daily Bulletin, 14 Dec 1875; transcribed by Darrel Dexter.]

Metropolis, in Massac county, on the Ohio river, is considering the feasibility of extending its limits, introducing water works and an electric light plant.

(September 25, 1889, Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville Illinois -- Submitted by S. Williams)

Another bank, supposed to be solid as a rock, suspended this week. It is the institution of Brown & Bruner, at Metropolis. It was the oldest banking house in Massac county, and was for many years the only bank in the city. It was established in 1870 and passed safely through the crisis of the years following. The cause of the failure is stated t be the business depression of the last two years and the withdrawal of deposits. The amount of liability is believed not to exceed $80,000, and creditors have been assured that they will be paid in full. One singular fact in connection with all the failures of banks the past two years has been the over estimation of the worldly possessions of the principals. Banking, it is evident, is yet largely a matter of confidence rather than science.
(June 14, 1895, Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville Illinois -- Submitted by S. Williams)

Metropolis - The county commissioners have sold the county poor farm to B.F. Dunn for $80 an acre. The county has only had to keep one or two inmates there and the expense of keeping up the farm and buildings was much more than it would have cost to have taken care of the inmates otherwise. Massac county is probably the only county in the state that does not need a county farm.
(October 3, 1919, The Daily Herald, Chicago Illinois -- Submitted by S. Williams)

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