McDonough County, Illinois

Widow Moore Cemetery

Est. 1840

aka Old Colchester Cemetery
Located at Constitution (East 540) West of Colchester, IL
402535N -- 0904837W

"The following names and dates were taken from the remaining stones -- many graves unmarked, many stones broken & writing not legible on many others."

These names and dates obtained from stones, July 7, 1958 by L. Eslinger, who added this note:
"Mr. Otto Hunt, RRI, Colchester, Illinois, who lives across the road from this abandoned cemetery, stated that he and his wife have tried to clean and burn off and keep the cemetery, but he needs help. Many graves are not marked, many have sunken down, many stones are broken off, many stones moved, many (mostly all) have been disregarded or forgotten."

Transcribed by ©Genealogy Trails Transcription Team members:
Anna Parks, Helena Lane, Mandy Shemery, Penne Cartright and Tonya Nueweiler

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Widow Moore Cemetery, Colchester, Illinois, McDonough County

Garrett, Isabella, Wife of S. Garrett, Died Sept. 18, 1875, Age 31 years
Spicer, William D., Son of John & Rebecca Spicer, Died by Accident, June 10, 1861, Aged 14ys 3ms 3ds
Dodds, Josie, Dau. og T. C. & L. E. Dodds, Died April 4, 1888, Aged 9ms 2ds
Terrill, John T., Son of J. & A. N. Terrill, D. Mar. 2, 1876
Frisbe, Ida, Dau. of B. K. & S. Frisbe, D. Mar. 3, 1871, Aged 5ms 17ds
Putt, Almira, Wife of James Putt, Departed This Life May 16, 1877, Married June 22, 1831
Cooper, Mary, Died Mar. 24, 1874, Aged 39 years
Lowther, Ann J., Wife of T. Lowther, Dec. 10, 1826 – Feb. 14 1890
In Memory of Grandma – Aunt Betty, Uncle John Wylie
Underhill, L. C., Son of J. U. & C. L. Underhill, Died Sept. 31, 1871, Aged 1yr 10ms 2ds
Children of L. F. & J. L. Rippetoe, Infant Dau. Died May 22, 1876, William E. Died April 20, 1875 Aged 8ys 18ds.
Cooper, Eliza, Dau. of G. & J. Cooper, Died Oct. 1, 1872, Aged 11ms 25ds
Cooper, George, Died Dec 9, 1878, Aged 29ys 9ms 6ds
Stubbles, Adda S., Dau. of Rev. W. J. & S. A. Stubbles, Died April 30 1870 Aged 12ys 11ms 11ds
Stookey, Michael, Died Mar 8, 1881, Aged 57ys 10ms 15ds
Stookey, Lucinda, Wife of M. Stookey, D. Nov 26, 1887, Aged 60ys 7ms 2ds
Dodds, Mary, Wife of Thomas Dodds, Died Aug. 21 1876, Aged 42ys 1m 2ds
Children of J. A. & N. E. Stookey, Freddie M. Died Sept 15, 1873 Aged 3ms 1d; Eddie Died Aug. 22 1874, Aged 3wks 3ds.
Nelson, John W., Son of S. D. & M. E. Nelson, died Nov 6, 1873, Aged 1m 17ds
Nelson, William H., Son of S. & M. Nelson, Died Aug. 27, 1871, Aged 2ys 28ds
Smith, S. S. Died Jan. 19, 1874, Aged 27ys 6ds.
Smith, Cora E. Dau. of S. S. & E. J. Smith, Died July 14, 1871, Aged 1 yr 6ms 6ds.
Smith, Mary O., Dau. of S. S. & E. J. Smith, Died Oct. 29, 1872, Aged 1yr 1m
Smith, James F., Son of S. S. & E. J. Smith, Died August 31, 1873, Aged 17ds
Danielson, Minerva (No other data on stone)
Children of T. & A. Thompson, John W. Died Sept 21 1865 Aged 2yrs 1d; Alice E. Died Sept 23 1865 Aged 4yrs 4ms 5ds
Bennett, Lucinda, Dau. of H. B. & J. Bennett, Died Nov 9 1861, Aged 2yrs 2ms 13ds
Thompson, A. M., Born June 7, 1840, Died Dec 16, 1889
Thompson, Thomas, Born Dec 15, 1820, Died July 2, 1887
Botts, Polly A., Wife of Rufus Botts, Died Nov. 13, 1848, Aged 39 yrs 3ms
Dickerson, Chas., Co F, 64 Ill. Inf. Chas P. Dicerson Died May 9 1893 In the 56th year of his Age
Moore, Mary, Died Dec 8, 1863, Aged 52 years
Moore, Schuyler B., Died 1848, Aged 51 years
Smith, George, Died in Colchester, Ill. April 20, 1876, Aged 34 years
Little Gertie, Son of J. W. and H. A. ____, died July 2, 1876, Aged 1yr 1m 11ds
Roberts, Emma, 1865-1907
Parker, Catharine, Wife of Thomas Parker, Senator, died April 15, 1871, Aged 73ys 9ms 21ds
Parker, Thomas, Died Nov. 11, 1847, Aged 56ys 4ms 5ds
Parker, Mary, died Jan. 8 1858, Aged 21ys 3ms 24ds
Bowman, Eliza, Wife of Charles N. Bowmn, Died Oct. 17, 1857, Aged 38ys 1m 17ds
Bowman, Infant, Son of C. N. and E. Bowman
Loyyderman, Charles M., Son of P. & S. Loyyderman, Died Sept. 26, 1865, Aged 1yr 9ms 7ds
Hoyt, Cyrus A., Son of J. & E. Hoyt, Died Aug. 21, 1862, Aged 15ys 11ms 9ds
Stookey, Marshall, Son of M. & H. Stookey, Died Sept. 16, 1855, Aged 1yr 9ms 19ds
Stookey, Martha, Dau. of M. & H. Stookey, Died Sept. 18, 1847, Aged 9ms
Stookey, Jacob, Son of E. & J. Stookey, B. Feb 14, 1842, Aged 3days, Also an infant b. Mar. 1848.
Stookey, Jacob, Died Sept 11, 1855, Aged 77ys 4ms 11ds
Stookey, Eliza A. Dau of E. & J. Stookey, Died Feb. 14, 1858, Aged 3ys 6ms 28ds
Stookey, Jane, wife of Elijah Stookey, Died Oct. 23, 1873, Aged 55ys. 11ms. 21ds.
Stookey, Elijah, Died Mar. 13, 1876, Aged 66ys 11ms 9ds.
Parker, Absalom Jr., Died Sept. 26, 1867, Aged 44ys, 10ms, 8ds
Parker, Anna B, Wife of A Parker, Died Dec. 19, 1846, Aged 33ys, 3ms 3ds
Parker, Mary A., Dau. of A. & M. Parker, Died Mar. 12, 1853, Aged, 17 ds
Parker, Milton, Died Sept 30 1840, Aged 15ys 2ms 6ds
(one stone broken off—part gone—in Parker lot)
Hoyt, Elizabeth Rowley, Died Dec. 25, 1902, Aged 83ys, 6ms, 12ds.
Hoyt, Jonathan, D. Apr. 6, 1896, Aged 87ys 6ms 28ds
Canote, Mary M., Wife of C. Canote, Died Dec. 22, 1859 In the 31st Year of Her Age
Canote, Madora, Dau. of C. & M. Canote, Died Apr. 22, 1858, Aged 3ys 1m 22ds
Bowman, D. N. Died Feb. 23, 1858, Aged 43ys, 9ms 18ds
Bowman, Daniel W., son of D.N. and N. Bowman, Died Apr. 14, 1865, Aged 17ys 2ms 6ds
Whitford, (no other data)
Brent (no other data)
Rippetoe, Peter, Died Mar. 15, 1859, Aged 67ys 5ms 8ds
Rippetoe, Nancy, Wife of P. Rippetoe, Died Oct. 18, 1859, Aged 63ys 6ms 13ds
Rogers, James, Son of W. & V. Rogers, Died Oct. 17 1872, Aged 6 months
Taylor, William, D. June 2, 1879, Aged 60 years
Russell, Arden, 1876-1880
Rogers, William, Son of J. & C. Rogers, D. July 3, 1871, Aged 1yr 1m 11ds
Our Parents
Five Children of Harry & Bertha Russell
Lloyd II, Born Mar 16, 1905, Died Mar. 31, 1906
Bryan K. Born Nov 14, 1907, Died July 17, 1909
Three Infants

Russell, Milton, Son of S. & S. C. Russell, Died Mar. 1879, Aged 36ys
Russell, Samuel, Died Nov 12, 1891, Aged 76ys 10ms 5ds
Cowan, Jane, Wife of John Cowan, Died Dec. 18, 1863, Aged 73 years
Cowan, George, Son of D. R. & J. Cowan, Died Aug. 12 1871, Aged 2ms 20ds
Gridley, Elsworth C., B. June 4, 1861, D. Dec. 12, 1887, Aged 26ys 6m 8ds
Cowan, John, Died July 21 1856
Robinson, Laura, Wife of Thomas Robinson, d. Apr. 16, 1887, Aged 21 ys, 3ms, 8ds
Gridley, Albert, D. April 27, 1878, Aged 19ys 8m 6ds
Gridley, Eva, d. July 2, 1877 Aged 21ys 1m 28ds
Milliken, Arthur, Son of D.C.S. & M.S. Millikin, d. Oct. 7, 1870, Aged 11ys 3ms 21ds
Gridley, Timothy, d. Sep. 21, 1877, Aged 62ys 10ms 8ds
Rippetoe, LeRoy, son of J. C. & E. D. Rippetoe, D. Apr. 30, 1877, Aged 8ms 3ds
Millikin, Francis M., Dau. of a. & L. Millikin, D. Mar. 14, 1858, Aged 1y 1m 16ds
Millikin, Lucy, Wife of Arthur Millikin, 1821-1882
Millikin, Arthur, 1817-1882
Hulson, D. Aug. 21 1872, Aged 23ys 4ms 19ds
Harper, Julia A., wife of John Harper, Died at Salt Lake City June 7 1888, Aged 34ys 11ms 21ds
Harper, Elizabeth, Infant Dau. of John and Julia A. Harper, D. Aug. 8, 1883, Aged 8 months
Cowan, Ella, Dau. of D.R. & L. Cowan, d. Oct. 19, 1878, Aged 8ms 12ds
___, Little Annie (name of parents omitted), died Sept 4, 1875, Aged 10ms 7ds
Crone, Margaret, Wife of John Crone, D. May 24, 1875, Aged 50ys 4ms 21ds
Hoppenstall, Nephi, Son of D. & M. Hoppenstall, D. Jan. 3, 1871, Aged 19ys 28ds.

Children of W. & C. McIntosh
Barbara A. D. May 19, 1860…Aged 11ms
Robert J. – D. June 10, 1863..Aged 2Ys
Jennette – Sept. 20, 1864.. Aged 19Ms

Nelson, James R. –Son of S.D. & M.E. Nelson, D. Feb. 24, 1875, Aged 17 Days

Bright, Charles – D. Sept. 6, 1860, Aged 30 Ys

Charles – Died April 19, 1879, Aged 72 years
Eliza – Died Mar. 5, 1874, Aged 47 years
Eliza J. – Died Aug 18, 1866 (Dau. of C. & E. Willstead), Aged 11Ms
Lewis – Died Jan. 24, 1864 Aged 5Ys 1M 18Ds
William – Died July 21, 1863, Aged 11Ms

Children of J. & S., Surtees
Jane Hannah – D. May 31, 1880, Aged 27Ys 2Ms 21Ds
Margaret C. – D. Nov. 10, 1863, Aged 3Ys 21Ds
Joseph A. – D. Feb 17, 1867, Aged 7Ds

Huntly, Joseph – Died Sept. 6, 1859 in the 90th Yr of his age.

Proud, Mathew – Co A, 16 Ill. Inf

Newton, Jane – D. July 18, 1864 in the 64th Year of her age

Huntly, Ruth – Wife of Joseph Huntly – D. Nov. 9, 1859, Aged 67 Ys 6Ms 27Ds

(Note: No dates)
Children of J. C. & A. P. Vest
Stella – 6Ys 7Ms 7Ds
Laura S. – 7Ys 8Ms 4Ds

Stone marked only as: Sons of S. W. & R. Hunt

Kerus, Judge – B. Oct 4, 1873, D. Dec 10, 1878

Parker, Thomas Jun – D. Feb. 27, 1881, Aged 48Ys 8Ms 15Ds
His wife, Harriet O. – B. Feb. 23, 1839, D. Mar 19, 1907, Aged 68Ys 26Ds
Eva Estella, Dau. – D. Sept. 7, 1862, Aged 8Ms 22Ds
Emma J., Dau. – D. June 5, 1863, Aged 2Ys 11Ms 25Ds

Merideth, Edward – Son of J. & A. Merideth, D. Aug. 13, 1862, Aged 1Yr 6Ms

Cooper, George – D. Dec 19, 1878, Aged 29Ys 9Ms 6Ds

Stewart, George M. – Son of M. & S. Stewart, D. Feb 24, 188_, Aged 23Ys 28Ds

One Stone:

Calvert, Robert – D. Mar. 21, 1863, Aged 16 Ys 3Ds
Margaret, wife of D. Jones – D. Nov. 21, 1876, Aged 64Ys 9Ms 9Ds
David O. Jones – D. Apr. 16, 1877, Aged 53Ys 10Ms 8Ds

This stone was erected by James Stewart, Portland Oregon, in memory of his Mother, Alice Stewart who died Aug. 31, 1875, aged 80Ys 15Ds

Hopwood, James E. – Son of J. & S. E. Hopwood, D. Jan 8 1877, Aged 1yr 4ms 25ds
Bennett, Lewis – 1816-1911, His wife Sarah, 1836-1910
Haines, Nellie – Infant dau. of E. & M. Haines, D. Feb. 10, 1876
(One Stone) Barbara Spicer 1828-1911 – Susan Brooks 1845-1908
Spicer, Jacob – Died June 26, 1878, Aged 80ys 1m 24ds
Spicer, Jane – Died July 28, 1878, Aged 87ys 1m 11ds
Oldham, Henry

Three hand-made cement markers in one row

Huntley, Joseph - d. Sep. 6, 1859 - "In the 90th year of his age" (
transcribed from tombstone pix by K.T.)
Huntley, Ruth - Nov. 9, 1859 (
transcribed from tombstone pix by K.T.)



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