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McLean County, Illinois
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1850 Mortality Census Schedule

Transcribed by Teri Colglazier




Place of Birth



Cause of

Days Ill

Adams, No Name 1/12 M Illinois   Oct Unknown Sudden
Adams, Calyin P. 34 M Kentucky Married / Farmer May Unknown Long
Alease, Hanah 1/12 F Illinois   May Unknown 6 days
Auvton, Anaren 22 M Kentucky Laborer Feb Consumption Sudden
Ayers, Elizabeth 32 F Virginia Married Feb Fever 9 days
Baker, Elias 48 F (?) Canada Married Apr Bronchitis Long
Barnard, Rebecca 53 F North Carolina Widowed May Unknown 7 days
Barnett, George W. 4/12 M     Jan Illinois  
Bennett, No Name 1/12 F Illinois   Mar Unknown Sudden
Barr, Elizabeth J. 21 F Indiana Married Jan Dropsia Long
Bennett, George 4/12 M Illinois   Jan Cold 4 days
Benson, Jesse 40 M Indiana Married / Farmer Jul White Swelling (not noted)
Biggs, Zachariah 63 M Pennsylvania Married / Farmer Mar Unknown Sudden
Briggs, John 1/365 M Illinois   Dec Unknown (not noted)
Brock, Henry 33 M     Sep Ohio  
Brooks, Amanda A. 1 F     May Illinois  
Brooks, Joshua 86 M Pennsylvania Widowed / Farmer Jun Billious ?__? 4 days
Brown, Pdby M. 40 F     Mar New York  
Case, Hannah 1/12 F     May Illinois  
Cheney, Sarah 14 F Ohio   Aug Lightning 0
Coffey, Nancy 36 F Ohio Married Feb Consumption Long
Conaway, Mary A. 31 F Virginia Married May Child Bed Fever 5 days
Cottrell, Margaret 42 F     Nov Ohio  
Dawson, Frank 4 M Illinois   Jul Croup 3 days
Dawson, Mary L. 18 F (not noted) Married May ?__? Long
Deen, George 9 M Illinois   Apr Unknown Long
French, Charles E. 2/12 M Illinois   Mar Unknown 7 days
Gibbs, Elias 41 M England Married / Teamster Apr Unknown 6 days
Goodere, Robert C. 1 M Illinois   Jul Cholera 5 days
Gridley, Edward 1/12 M Illinois   May Dion (?) Long
Haggard, Minter C. 1/12 M Illinois   Jan Unknown 9 days
Hastry, Matilda 1 F England   Feb Dion (?) Long
Hays, Julius 2/12 M Illinois   May Fever 4 days
Heffner, Mary B. 11/12 F Illinois   May Inf Born 8 days
Henline, Sarah 1 F Illinois   Jun Unknown 4 days
Hobson, Mary E. 3/12 F Illinois   Sep Flux 12 days
Howard, William 2 M Ohio   Dec ?__? 23 days
Howser, Milton 14 M Kentucky   Oct Unknown Long
Jackson, No Name 1/365 F Illinois   Nov Unknown Sudden
Karr, Aaron 9/12 M Illinois   Mar Scalded (not noted)
Lawrence, Frank G. 4 M Ohio   Jun Croup 8 days
Livingston, James 19 M Indiana   Feb Lung Fever 8 days
Livingston, Winthrop 28 M Indiana   Nov T Fever 14 days
Mator, Margarett A 18 F Kentucky   Jul Afflic of Spine Long
McAboy, Mary 54 F Virginia Married May Consumption Long
McClem, Robert K. 52 M Virginia Married / Methodist Clergyman Mar Consumption Long
McIlfish, Arthur 1 M Illinois   Aug Dwra (?) Long
McMullen, Duncan 34 M Virginia Married / Farmer Jan Lung Fever 10 days
Miller, Catharine 6 F Illinois   Jul Flux 5 days
Miller, Winthrop 3 M Illinois   Jul Flux 4 days
Mitchell, Elizabeth 53 F Kentucky Married Jan W Fever 22 days
Morgan, William S. 2/12 M     (not noted) Illinois  
Murphey, Charles L. 1 M     Mar Illinois  
Newton, Andrew 22 M     Feb Kentucky  
Nichols, David A 23 M Maryland Shoemaker Feb Consumption Long
Odgen, Mary 14 F Illinois   Apr Encephalitis 7 days
Ogden, Hiram 20 M Ohio Laborer Oct T Fever 13 days
Orr, Marcus 71 M North Carolina Married / Farmer Feb Consumption Long
Owen 1/12 M     May Illinois  
Patton, Margarett 68 F Maryland Married Jun Lung Fever 8 days
Popwaters, No Name 2/12 M Illinois   Mar Lung Disease 14 days
Robb, Susan M. 19 F Illinois   May Inflamation 13 days
Robinson, James S. 6/12 M Ohio   Feb Dropsey of Brain 18 days
Rose, Benjamin 19 M Illinois Laborer Mar Infection Lung 8 days
Russell, Sarah Ann 1/12 F Illinois   May Measels 15 days
Russell, William 1 M Ohio   May Measels 21 days
Ruth, Sarah E. 1/12 F Illinois   May Unknown Long
Sampson, Lucnid A 26 M Kentucky Married / Merchant July Cholera (not noted)
Shields, Alex 2 M Ireland   Oct Sun Sick 12 days
Short, Philip 72 M Delaware Married / Farmer Mar Cholera Morbid 4 days
Shottra, Christian 19 M     Mar Pennsylvania  
Spawr, George W. 2/12 M Illinois   May Unknown 16 days
Wakefield, Emily 1 F Illinois   Aug Summer C Long
Walden, Almira 0 F     Mar Still Born Illinois
Washburn, Drucilla 1 F Indiana   May Liver C 3 days
Weed, Corrilla 5 F Illinois   Apr Croup 3 days
White, Sarah R 4 F Illinois   Apr Croup 12 days
Wilcox, Edward 72 M Kentucky Married / Farmer Nov Consumption Long
Winn, Samuel E. 10/12 M Illinois   Aug Drara Long
Withers, Peter 78 M Illinois Widowed / Farmer Aug Unknown Sudden
Young, Sidney Ann 34 F Ohio Married Mar Fever Unknown


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