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Lewis Crumbaugh
[Heritage of the prairie : a history of LeRoy and of Empire and West townships, McLean County, Illinois
LeRoy Historical Society; LeRoy Bi-Centennial Commission (1976)]

(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)

Lewis Cass Crumbaugh, whose father, Henry Crumbaugh, was a great cattle man, spent his boyhood summers herding cattle and his winters feeding them. They used an "Old Virginia Wagon" which was made entirely out of wood and built out wide over the wheels so it would hold 150 bushels of corn. Every night they would round up the cattle and put them in the "poind" to keep them from the wolves, and many times Mr. Crumbaugh shot both wolves and deer on the prairie. On Sunday it was a regular chore to salt the cattle in the morning and in the afternoon he would ride horseback to the Brittin schoolhouse where Sunday school was held. At that time there were only four houses between Old Town and the Mackinaw timber near Colfax, a distance of 15 miles.

He married Miss Rachel Travis of Indian Grove, south of Fairbury. At the time there were only two buggies in this part of the county, so he borrowed one to bring home his bride. He had to get his license in Pontiac. It rained and snowed and froze and it took him all day to make the trip. They commenced farming in a two-room house built near his father. He bought his first table at a sale for 25c.


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