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Daniel Jackson
McLean County, Illinois

(Transcribed by: Amy Robbins-Tjaden)

Daniel Jackson was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, January 16, 1808. His parents were not in good circumstances, and his opportunities for obtaining an education were limited. His time was required for work to assist in supporting the family. When he was twenty years of age he came to Champaign County, Ohio. There he worked for two years, for eight dollars per month. He came to McLean County, Illinois, in October, 1830.

He made a claim of one hundred and sixty acres of land in the present township of Empire, in the present county of McLean. During the winter of the deep snow he lived with John W. Dawson. They pounded their corn as the settlers all did, and sometimes parched it, by way of a change, until the snow was gone and the roads were clear. Mr Jackson built a cabin on his claim, and soon broke ground. With a little help he attended to fifty acres of corn. His grinding was done at Baker's horse-mill, at Blooming Grove, and at Cunningham's mill, at Cheney's Grove. He volunteered, during the Black Hawk war, but was sent back to his home, as he was not needed.

On the 12th of February, 1832, he married Margaret Walden, of Springfield. They worked carefully and well, and succeeded in their labor. Mr Jackson hauled all his grain to Chicago, returning with groceries and lumber. He dealt a good deal in cattle, always keeping a drove on hand. Chicago was his market for cattle until the railroads were built, bringing the market to his door. He acquired, by his care and industry, five hundred acres of land. He did not take much interest in political matters, but was, for some years, supervisor of highways. He was a good citizen, and was one of those who worked hard for the development of the county of McLean. He died March 20, 1861.

The items given above, were furnished by his widow, Mrs Jackson, who still lives on the homestead place in Empire township.

[The Good Old Times in McLean County, Illinois (Bloomington Ill, 1874)]


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