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McLean County, Illinois
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Carl and Julia Scott Vrooman

Carl Schurz Vrooman was born 25 Oct 1872.

He served as Sectretary of Agriculture in the administration of President Woodrow Wilson. He passed away on 9 Apr 1966 and is interred in the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Bloomington, Illinois. He was 93 years old.

Julia Scott was born on 4 Oct 1876.
An ex-student from Bloomington, Illinois, she entered YMCA service in August 1918 and was discharged in September 1919. She did entertainment work with the YMCA. A major portion of her activities revolved around the jazz band she pulled together from various military units and which toured American bases in France, Germany and Belgium.

She married Carl Schurz Vrooman on December 28, 1896.

Her trip to Europe during the war was facilitated by the appointment of Carl Vrooman (then Assistant Secretary of Agriculture) to a commission to investigate agricultural conditions in Europe.

Julia Scott Vrooman passed away on 30 May 1981 and is interred with her husband at the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Bloomington, Illinois. She was 105 years old.

[Source: "Women of WWI"]


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