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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

William Maxwell Family

(Transcribed and Submitted by Arthur Maxwell)

William moved with his parents from North Carolina to Orange County, Indiana and here he married Theodocia Sanders, William and Theodocia were married by Ephrain Doan, J. P. Soon after their marriage they moved to Bartholomew County, Indiana.


Probate record 1-3: Petition of Elizabeth Maxwell and Henry Miller filed 4/15/39, that Wm. Max well died 2/25 last, make application for letters administration. Letters issued accordingly so petitioners and bond filed same date.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, Elizabeth Maxwell, Henry Miller, Frances Evans or William Dimmit of the county of McLean and State of Illinois, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Illinois, in the penal sum of Six Thousand Dollars, current money of the United states, which payment, well and truly to be made and performed, we, and each of us, bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, jointly, severally, and firmly by these presents. Witness our hands and seals, this 15th day of April AD 1839.

The conditions of the above Obligation is such, That if the said Elizabeth Maxwell or Henry Miller, Administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of William Maxwell deceased, do make, or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory, of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased, which shall come to the hands, possession, or knowledge of them the said Elizabeth Maxwell or Henry Miller as such Administrators or to the hand's of any person or persons for them; and the same so made, do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited, in the Court of Probate for the county of McLean agree ably to law; and such goods and chattels, rights and credits, which shall be found remaining upon the account of the said Administrators the same being first examined and allowed by the Court of Probate, shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons, respectively, as may be legally entitled thereto; and further, do make a just and true account of all their acts and doings therein, when thereunto required by the said Court; and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the deceased, and the same proved in Court, and letters testamentary or of administration be obtained thereon, and the said Elizabeth Maxwell or Henry Miller do in such case, on being required thereto, render and deliver up the Letters of Administration granted to Them as aforesaid, and shall, in general, do and perform all other acts which may, at any time be required of them by law, then this obligation to be void, other wise to remain in full force and virtue. In Witness

M P Brown Probate Justice of the Peace

Elizabeth Maxwell's mark X"
Henry Miller
Francis Evans
William Dimmet

Tombstone records from Woodlawn Cemetery:

William Maxwell, 1797-February 26, 1839, husband of ___, husband of Elizabeth, son of John & Jane (Brazelton)

William Maxwell, born November 28, 1797 in Ashe County, North Carolina, died February 26, 1839 in Mclean County, Illinois, buried March 01, 1839 in Woodland (Rhodes) Cemetery, McLean County, Illinois.


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