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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

Family Bible Records

Caroline E. Andrews born in Dighton, Mass on 21 May 1821 to Hannah and Joseph Andrews
married H. W. Cornfield (?)
Died in McLean, IL - 5 Dec 1893.

H.W. Cornfield(?) died in McLean, IL - 14 May 1889
[Submitted by C. B. Allen]

Letter of Charles Baker to Solomon Baker, May 12, 1851.
(See Old Family Records, No. 5.)
"Nevada City, (Cal.) May 12th 1851."
"Dear brother Charles.
*** Hiram and I enjoy good health in this country. Hiram is now at Sac City disposing of our Mule Team. He intends running an ox Team through the summer and fall. He prefers that to mining, and perhaps will make quite as much at it. The last time he was at the City for goods, he had his purse stolen from under his head while asleep. Fortunately he had paid out all his money but about seventy Dollars. I am closing off such articles as we have on hands. I shanll then start for the Mountains in search of Orro,* and endeavor to follow that business while I remain in the Country. H. and myself will still share the proffits if there should be any. We have been able to save but little of our earnings since we came to the Country. We are not yet entirely discouraged, and hope we will do better in (the) future. We have been unfortunate in all our speculations, and now intend applying Mustle and Sinew to the task.
We have not yet been able to find any of our stock that was stolen, nor to collect but few of our outstanding debts. Stephen Park, a Gentleman who has been engaged with us in business has just returned from a three months prospecting tour in the Northern Mines. What time he was able to work for the falling weather, he made Ten Doll(ar)s per day. He was on the North fork of the Trinity, a distance of three hundred and fifty miles. There is where we now talk of going. Should we find the mines lasting and be able to hire a number of hands I think we will do well.
The Bloomington boys are well so far as heard from. None doing better than they should. Sam'l Aston, G. B. Larison, William Elkin, John McKisson, Lewis Durley, Harvey Merriman, and others too uumerous to mention, have gone North for the purpose of mining, H. J. Wickizer, is in Sac City, talking starting home soon. Thomas Howard, William Hill of Clinton, James Mitchell, Edward Park, Davidson and others, are now in the City. Maj. M.W. Packard & J. Dieterich (are) at San Jose. (Cal.) John talks of going home soon. I received a line from him a few days (ago.) He is very anxious to sell out his Tin Shop and furniture. I received a line from Levi Hite a few days since stating he had sold his interest in (the) Ranch, and was then clerking in Marysville. J. Greenman, William Dawson and others have gone home.
Philip Loving was on (a) Ranch when I last heard from him, and had a prospect of doing well. He intends making Hay." ***
"Charles." "Yours Afft. Brother --"
*Spanish for gold. Probably John H. Wickizer.
(See also " War Record of McLean Co." 1899, Page 439)

[" The Central Illinois Historical Annual, No. 1" Transcribed by Janice Louie]


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