JOHN LAMONT, a retired farmer, is now a resident of Le Roy, and situated in a pleasant and comfortable home where he is living in the enjoyment of a competency, accumulated through his own industry and perseverance. Mr. Lamont was born in Scotland, Feb. 14, 1809, and is the son of Peter and Martha (LaFevre) Lament, the father a native of Argyleshire and the mother of France. Our subject was but an infant when his parents took him to England, and he there grew to manhood, in the city of London.

He was trained in early life to habits of industry, and when very young began to learn the trade of bricklaying and plastering, which he followed in London until 1850. Then, resolving to emigrate to America, he set sail on the 8th of June, that year, and landed in New York City on the 31st of July following. He was accompanied by his wife and child, and proceeded directly to Buffalo, N. Y., via the Hudson River to Alleghany, and completing the remainder of his journey by the Erie Canal.

He followed his trade in Buffalo for a few months, then proceeded to Indiana, first stopping at Covington, Ky., and thence proceeding to Perrysville, Ind., where he remained until January, 1852. He then started overland for Illinois, with a team of horses and wagon which he had hired for the purpose.

Upon arriving in Le Roy, this county, he rented a small house about one mile south of the town. His worldly possessions consisted of a scanty supply of household goods, and $2.50 in cash. He had, however, a good stock of courage and determination, and immediately set about procuring employment. His intelligent face and pleasing manner at once secured him friends, and he was seldom idle, being willing to employ his hands at whatever he could find to do. In the winter season he occupied himself with odd jobs and when spring opened worked at his trade when opportunity offered, and one winter was employed on a farm at fifty cents per day, which at that time was considered good wages. He was prudent and economical, and saved his money, and in due time was enabled to purchase seven and one-half acres of land, for which he paid $65. Upon this he built a log house, and worked at his trade and cultivated his land, putting in all his time to good account. He was prospered in his labors and in due time added to his landed possessions until he is now the owner of 100 acres, under a good state of cultivation, and supplied with all necessary and convenient farm buildings. This he leases to a tenant who operates it, and which yields to its proprietor a handsome income.

Mr. Lamont was married in the city of London, in 1846, to Miss Sarah Durham, who was born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, and was the daughter of Charles and Pattie (Wrighton) Durham, natives of the same country. Mr. and Mrs. Lamont became the parents of one child, a son named Peter James. He was born in England, Oct. 28, 1848, and is now a resident of Le Roy, following the trade of a bricklayer and plasterer. He married Miss Hester Atherton, a native of Ohio, and they have five children Sarah E., Francis P., Victoria A., Clara E. and Blanche D.

Mrs. Lamont has in her possession a Bible which was printed in London in 1637, which was the property of her great-great-grandfather. It is bound in leather with brass corners, and formerly had clasps which are now gone. She also has a Bible that was given her at thirteen years of age in a Sunday-school at Aylesbury, through the liberality of Lord Wharton.


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