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McLean County, Illinois
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Spanish-American War
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War with Spain (1898)

War was substantially declared March 21, 1898, by the passage of an act requiring Spain to withdraw her troops and relinquish all authority over the island of Cuba, and authoritarian the President to employ the army and navy to enforce the demand. The President called on the Governor of Illinois for seven regiments of infantry and one regiment of cavalry. The militia of the state was made the nucleus from which these calls were filled. Bloomington had two companies of militia, Company D, Fifth Infantry, and Troop B, Calvary. Troop B was divided, and recruited to two full companies, B and G, First Illinois Cavalry. The three companies were organized at Bloomington.

First Illinois Volunteer Cavalry

Major, William P. Butler
Squadron Adjutant, Louis Reeves

Troop B

Cleon L Hills

1st Lieutenant
Edward E Pierson

2nd Lieutenant
Frederick J Knorr

1st Sargeant
Chris C Taylor (1)

Louis Lartz

Harry Tompkins
Robert Eson
Funk Douglass (2)
Bert O Trimmer
Charles G Hayden

Orselle A Bray
Bert V Howard (3)
David S Ramage
John A Mantle
Otto T McMurry
Frederick A Baker
Frank B Higgins
William F Ziegler

Rolla B Price
Harry J Robbins

Frank Wilson

William C Swallow

Robert L Wright

George B Davis

Pearl B Anderson
Headen C Arnold
William W Adams
Frank C Benjamin
Ira D Benjamin
Frank R Beeson
William A Bryant
George C Buff ham (4)
William H Burns
Edward T Cunningham
Joseph L Chambers (5)
Calvin C Chrisman
Hans P Christiansen
Walter B Clark
George M Coulter
Earl C Cheney
Harry B Cultra
Charle E Daniels
Walter E Eastman
Park I Eicher
Ernest H Fisher
Oscar H P Freeman
Finis Gammill
Thomas P Graybill
Thomas J Hartson
Charles H Higgins
Bert L Hinshaw
Robert I Hunter
John E Hunter
Waldo B Holmes
Cyrus Johnson
Elijah T Jester
Ernest E Jones
Otha J Kerr
Ulysses G Kerr
John H Keegan
William Kellum
Oscar C Kinney
Jean B Kopf
Lucien LeClair
Andrew M Lemons
Barney Lovell
George McFadden
Vance H Marshall
William H Maupin
Carlyle M Myers
Herbert H Mossman
Peter A Meulendyk
Benjamin F Nelson
Robert L Pemberton
Charles D Pemberton
Glenmore Petticord
Albert G Page
Jacob U Plank
Robert T Prince (6)
Emory C Plumley
William B Preston
Howard D Rayburn
Aaron W Robinson
Webster Skinner
Clyde M Stewart
William H Sullivan
James W Sweetman
Howard Suddarth (7)
William LTatman
Ashley T Trimble
Charles Taylor
Albertuss Tally
Clyde A Vandivort
William WVanMeter
Wilber Waterman
Clifford F Wakefield
John B Wallace (9)
Arthur C Weaver
William F Weller
Joseph T Wilkinson
Edward H Wick
George W Wright
Joseph L Zimmerman

(1) Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Troop G, same regiment, August 18, 1898
(2) Promoted to 1st Sergeant, August 21, 1898
(3) Promoted to Sergeant, August 24, 1898
(4) Died, August 21, 1898, of cardiac embolism at Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
(5) Died, August 27, 1898, of typhoid fever at Fort Sheridan, Illinois
(6) Promoted to Corporal
(7) Deserted, July 3
(8) Promoted to Corporal (Transcriber Note: no 8 appeared on / in the list)
(9) Promoted to Corporal

Troop G

Edward C Butler
1st Lieutenant
Charles M Beam
2d Lieutenants
Thomas W Tipton (1)
Chris Taylor

1st Sergeant
Ben Winslow
Charles Fauntz
Lute Hayes
Thomas Saul
Oscar Lindstrom
Chris Kilgore
Donald D Mclntyre
OlinW Patterson
Frank F Becker
William F Cowley
Howard R Brinton
Oscar F Jackman
Harry M Wait
Harold B Stiles
Gratz A Bryan

William Deuchler
Ira Fisher
William Dunk

John H Hoffa
Charles F Schmidt
William Adams
Albert Barker
Frederick Beam (2)
Walter C Brown
Leon T Barnes
Edward Bowman
William G Bone
Clarence M Cunningh
Marion P Carlock
Charles Cannon
Cele Y Daniels
William L Durant
George H Deane
Harry R Davis
Ora C Eithel
Samuel K Empey
Clarkson Faulk
John W Garis

Owen Hill
Charles Hatfield
Frank R Higgins
George W Hamblin
William H Hicks
Bert Hamilton
Bertie G Hudson
Elmer H Hartman
Monie Jones
Theodore G Keegan
Fred Kenning
Chris J Kaufer
Gustav P Krueger
George H Kelsey
Tony Lovelass
Ira Largent
James B Lautz

Elmer E Langley
Owen E Long
Robert M Leaf
Edward B Little (3)
Lawson D Moore
Magnus M Morine
Marion C Minser
William A McClure
Chester W Mooberry
Henry D Morris
Awald H Mueller
Edward Nutt
Victor Nelson
Harry A Nickerson
Andrew W Peack
Williams Porter
Joseph Penn

Ertha W Powell
George H Pennock
Mack Roberts
Edward G Rathman
Max Ruhl (4)
Charles A Riddle
Clifton H Rogers
William Reaugh
Harry Rayburn
Christopher H Renolds
William WSciple
Louis C Schuckers (5)
Guy W Skinner
Thomas Shea
Charles W Steere
Lester J Snyder

Alie W Saul
Orson R Smith
Charles R Smith
Elmer Smith
Ernest R Snyder
Ralph L Sohn
Frederick C Staub
Hiram Winningham
Augustus Wells
Bert O Harrison (6)
William Bowen (7)

(1) Resigned Aug 8
(2) Died
(3) Died June 11
(4) Hospital
(5) Troop Clerk
(6) Deserted Aug 12
(7) Deserted Aug 12

NOTE -- Troops B and G, First Illinois Cavalry, went to the rendezvous at the State Fair Grounds, April 27, where they were sworn into the United States service May 26 and May 30 proceeded to Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, Ga., where they remained until August 26, when they were sent to Fort Sheridan, where they remained until September 5, when they were given a thirty-days' furlough and were mustered out October 11.

Fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Company D

Edward Y Miller

1st Lieutenant
Harvey A Waltz

2d Lieutenant
Roy E Bowman

1st Sergeant
Fred W Loehr

Charles A Myers

Jesse W Hainline
Harvey C Myers
William F Witty
Henry B Ebner
Oscar Dekins
Gordon B Hutchinson
Fred W Bailey
J Park Cutting
Schuyler C Scrimger
Harry M Akers
John O Judd
William L Myers
Fred W Goff
Robert D Blaine
Hugh C McDaniels
William Pennock

Albert Neis
Borden Calhoun

Oscar F Soverns

John T McReynolds

Ed Abbott
Adolph Anderson
Charles A Benjamin
Amos O Bennett
Erman Blake
Herbert J Broughton
Warren S Broughton
Ben Bruce
Daniel D Butler
William Canfield
Clarence Cannon (1)
Paul Carroll
William R Carroll
Harry W Clark
Joseph C Clements
Frank L Collins
Jesse Conrow
John H Dean
Samuel E Davis
William N Dekins
Robert G Dixon (2)
Thomas J Dlubla
Fred J Downs
Herbert East
Carl Fritz
John W Frost
Eugene A Gelsthorpe
William LGerth
Elmer Gill
William Goddard
Joe Goetz
Harvey Hancock
Charles Hanks
Charles F Hartenbower
Edgar N Heafer
Lewis R Hendryx
Russell P Hillis
Alex Jorgenson
Louis F Kearfott
Philip Kline
Louis Kuntz
Arthur T Lee
Wilbur H McCoy
Mortimer J McKinney
Charles A McWilliams
Henry Z Miller
Ernest L Nutt
Harley Nutt
Minzo Nutt
Edward Palmer
A Jackson Powell
Albert L Price
Charles G Price
William H Prince
Worthington Prince
Jesse Pyatt
Clarence Reynolds
Walter Ritchie
John A Riser
Clarence L Rounds
Eugene T Sage
Clyde W Schermer
Walter Schmidt
Fred W Schwenn
Edward I Schields
Albert Short
George R Smith
Pres Spaur
Robert G Steere
Frank E Strimple
George C Taylor
Harry E Taylor
John B Taylor
James N Taylor
Walter Trow
Orton E Wilber
Ulysses Willyard
Walter H Woodford
Fred Wren
William Wren

(1) Died September 3, 1898

(2) Died August 18, 1898

NOTE -- Company D, Fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry was formed from the company of the same name in the Illinois National Guard together with a number of recruits who were enlisted after the call for troops was made. Orders were received Monday night, April 25, to proceed to Springfield and report not later than 12 o'clock m. April 27. The company left Bloomington Wednesday morning, April 27, by way of the Chicago & Alto railroad for Camp Tanner (State Fair Grounds), and reported to Col. J S Culver at 11 o'clock a.m. Were mustered into the United States volunteer service May 9, 1898. Left Springfield for Chickamauga Park, Ga., (Camp George H Thomas) May 14, arriving there May 16. The Fifth Illinois Volunteers was the first volunteer regiment to report to General Brooke for service. Left Chickamauga for Newport News, Va., (Camp Grant) August 8, where they embarked on the 10th on the United States transport "Obdam" bound for Porto Rico. Owing to some delay the vessel was detained until the next day when word was received that no more troops were needed and orders were given to dis-embark and pitch camp again. On August 18 the regiment left Newport News for Lexington, Ky., (Camp Miles), arriving there August 20. Left Lexington, Ky., for Springfield September 5. Furloughed from there September 12 for thirty days. The company reported to Camp Lincoln October 12 for physical examination and final payment, and was mustered out of the United States volunteer service with the regiment Sunday, October 16, 1898.

Eighth Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Company G

A second call was made under which the Eighth Illinois Infantry, made up exclusively of colored men, was raised. After the surrender of Santiago and the development of great sickness among the white troops of the United States in Cuba, the 8th was ordered to Santiago for garrison duty. Company G was made up mostly from this county. They went to Springfield about July 24, were mustered into the service, and shortly afterward sent to Santiago, Cuba, where they still remain doing garrison duty.

The following is a roster of that company, so far as from McLean county.

Julius Witherspoon

1st Lieutenant
H W Jameson

W Smith
N D Lamb
J H Wagoner
H Milhorn
C S Anderson
S Hardeman
H D Rodgers
C G Toliver
V McDonald
H Riley
H Robert
E Henry
A Fears
W M Schields
J G Wilson
F Murphy
J Hardin
W Riley
D Early
W M Jones
F Grayer
AC William
W A Watson
W Hardin
S Madison
D Moore
J Browner
C Jones
J Samuels
J B Gains
N Lewis
C Martin
G Samuels
E Thomas
W R Clark
C Glasco

[War Record of McLean County and Other Papers, Transactions of The McLean County Historical Society, Bloomington, Illinois, Volume I. (1899)]


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