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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

Obituaries and Death Notices

Unless otherwise stated, these obituaries were compiled from old newspapers by Milo Custer and published in 1912

O'Donald, James, d. Clinton, Ill. 4/19/1875 .

Ogan, Wilson, d. at res. of his Bro.-in-law, Thos. Hardway, ( In B.?) 2/19/1878, a. 39 y.

Ogden, John, b. Madison Co. Ohio, 5/23/1807, m. 1st, Esther Stretch, 1826, 2nd, Mary Abbott, 1861, std. in McL. Co. Ill. 1832, d. Gridley, Ill. 3/8/1880. ( Left 8 Ch.)

Oliner, Nancy -- Bloomington, Ill., Dec. 31. - Special Telegram - Nancy Oliner died today at the age of 95 years.
[1894 Jan 1 - Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois]

Olney, Hiram, (Ftr. of Mrs. John J. Price,) d. Joliet, Ill. 12/26/1880, a. 79 y.

O'Neil, Mrs. Mary, b. Co. Cork, Ireland, d. 906 N. Mason St. B. 11/11/1879, a. 77 y.

Orendorff, James K. ( Son of William Orendorff Sr.) b. nr. Hopkinsville, Ky. 12/28/1812, std. in what is now McL. Co. 1823, m. Lovina, Dau. of Elias and Sarah Sayles, 5/4/1837, d. Blooming Grove, McL. Co. 1/31/1875. (Left widow & 4 Ch. See Duis' "Good Old Times" 1874, P. 158.)

Ormesby, Mrs. Lucy C. ( Wf. of Frederick L. Ormesby, Dau. of Mrs. U. K. Jackson,) b. Vandalia, Montgomery Co. O. 5/9/1843, d. Lincoln, Ill. 3/19/1872.

Orr, W. H. d. at his res. 2 miles E. of Shirley, Ill. 3/30/1876, a. 62 y.

Oswald, Mrs. J. D. ( Wf. of Daniel J. Oswald,) d. ( B.?) 9/22/1876, a. 26 y. 2 m. 4 d.

Owen, Miss Mary E. ( Dau. of Jason Owen,) d. Elkhart Twp. Logan Co. Ill. 2/13/1871, a. 21 y. 9 ms.


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