JONAS SILL has been a resident of Dry Grove Township since 1857, and is now located on section 16. His has been a varied and busy life, interspersed with travel to various parts of the world, including two trips to Europe and visits to different parts of the United States; in fact he has seen the wonders of the principal cities of the world, and his experiences, if written out, would make an interesting volume.

Mr. Sill was born in Bedford County, Pa., on the 10th of April, 1819. He is the son of Daniel and Catharine (Stiffler) Sill, natives of the same county as their son. Daniel Sill was born in 1778, and died in Pennsylvania in 1850, at the age of seventy-two years. He was possessed of a good English and German education, and was engaged in farming pursuits the greater part of his life.

Mrs. Catharine Sill was born in 1786, and departed this life in 1848, after becoming the mother of sixteen children, nine sons and seven daughters, viz.: Elizabeth, Sophia, Henry, Jacob, Catharine, Isaac, Daniel, Zachariah, Mary, Jonas, George, Michael, Henry (second), Mary (second), Susan and Nancy. Of these only six are living. The parents were members of the Lutheran Church and were people highly connected in their community, training up their family to habits of industry and principles of honor and virtue.

Jonas Sill was married in his native State, to Miss Theresa Boyer, on the 22d of October, 1841. Mrs. Sill was born in Somerset County, Pa., Oct. 26, 1816. Her parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellrich) Boyer, natives of Maryland.

Of this union there were born four children, two sons and two daughters. William, who married Miss Nora Swallow, is living in this county; Elizabeth, Mrs. John Lucas, resides in Missouri; Catharine, who married Rev. Andrew Latimer, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Latimer was born in New York State, in 1838, and reared in Canada, where his education began.

He came to Illinois in 1868, and completed his studies at Evanston College [ed., probably Northwestern University in Evanston], near Chicago, entering the ministry the following year. He is now located at Durham, Marion Co., Iowa, and to himself and wife have been born two children: Simpson J., born Sept. 29, 1874, died Sept. 27, 1886; Arthur H. was born July 4, 1878.

Mr. Latimer is distinguished as a revivalist, and is one of the most prominent clergymen in his locality. Daniel M., the other son of our subject, was born Dec. 3, 1851, and is still an inmate of the parental home. He is highly educated, completing his studies in the Wesleyan University [ed., Illinois Wesleyan University] at Bloomington. On account of failing health he went to Oregon and spent four years, and after returning to Illinois, made a trip to Europe.

Mr. Sill is the possessor of 210 acres of finely cultivated land, upon which he has erected a tasteful farm dwelling with all necessary barns and outbuildings. Of late years he has been largely engaged in the breeding of fine stock, especially horses, of which he has imported choice specimens of Clydesdale and Norman. Of these he has made three importations and disposed of them to parties in Oregon and other portions of the Northwest. His farm is beautifully located in the central part of the township, and the local elections have been held at his shop for the last sixteen years.

Mr. Sill is Republican in politics, and has been a member of the Evangelical Association for a period probably of forty-seven years. He has been closely identified with the agricultural and industrial interests of this section for the last thirty years, and has contributed his full quota toward its development and growth, and in presenting his portrait, we give that of one of the leading and representative men of McLean County.

Portrait and biographical album of McLean County, Ill. : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Illinois, and of the presidents of the United States. (Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1887), 322. Transcribed and annotated by Judy Rosella Edwards.


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