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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

1880 U. S. Federal Census
Supplemental Schedules for the
Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes


McLean County, Illinois

June 1880

Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier

(As with all transcriptions please verify information with original source)

Supplemental Schedules for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes.

Inhabitants in ...(see below)..., in the County of ...McLean..., State of ...Illinois...

enumerated June, 1880

The object of this Supplemental Schedule is to furnish material not only for a complete enumeration of the blind, but for an account of their condition. It is important that every inquiry respecting each case be answered as fully as possible. Enumerators will, therefore after making the proper entries open the Population Schedule (No. 1), transfer the name (with Schedule page and number) of every blind person found, from Schedule No. 1 to this Special Schedule, and proceed to ask the additional questions indicated in the headings of the several columns. In this enumeration will be included not only the totally blind, but also the semi-blind. No person will be carried on this Schedule, however, who can see sufficiently well to read. For the distinction between the totally blind and the semi-blind see Note E; it is of the greatest importance to note this distinction with care, by making the proper entry in columns 10 or 11.

					Self sup-								Ever been inmate		

				    	porting /	Age 	Form of  		Supposed 	Totally	Semi-	of institution for	Total time	Year of	Also	Also	 

Page #	Line #	Name			partly so	occ'rd	blindness		cause		blind	blind	the blind		inmate		dischge	Insane	idiotic	


28	2	Hiner, Cintha		partly	26			Sore eyes   	yes		no

25	16	White, Nany		(see idiot census 1880)												idiotic


4	9	Webb, William		yes	46			paralysis of the nerves   yes		Chicago					insane

14	21	Acott, Charles		yes	38			machine shop particles   yes

16	10	Schnolle, Clarra		yes	22			small pox     	no		no

28	39	McCarty, Mary		yes	10			inflamation     	no

44	47	Kane, Patrick		yes	64			stove accident	yes		no

13	40	Crawford, Henry 

37	8	Schroeder, Otto		no				Disease

43	1	Conur (Cruer), John W	no				Disease				yes

42	48	Mareing, Anna 

86	37	Smith, Sarah 

71	12	O'Brien, John 

49	1	Larch, Emma 

49	2	English, Franklin 

27	41	Dixon, David 

24	44	Gilliashea, Catharine 

22	34	Eastman, Albert 

21	2	Samuels, George 

15	14	Story, Mary D 

12	13	Hogan, John 

9	11	Louis, Mittoce 

10	24	Whitman, Catherine 

Blue Mound

14	4	Butler, William 	


38	29	Nelson, Robert O		no	47	Total		Syphilis		yes		no


22	15	Cardwell, Leeander		partly	B	Born Blind     	Unkown		yes		Jacksonville		32 m	1880

10	37	Wilmer, Sanders		no	B	Total		Unknown		yes		no


21	5	Lyons, Mary		partly				small pox	yes          			Eye Infirmary Chicago	   1 m	Feb ?__?

4	23	Goddard, Sarah H E								yes

41	O	Frazier, Medora A (Pleasant Hill)  

Mt. Hope

5	10	McRune, Phills		partly				Amorropis [sic] of eye   yes		no

10	18	Trader, John		no	15			Quick Silver	yes		Eye Infirmary Chicago	   5 d	June 79

25	35	Howard, Ansel		yes	71			Paralysis of the Nerves   yes		no

Money Creek

12	26	Henthorn, Mary  (no other information is listed)	


6	21	Cowley, Frederick W     		10			Fall from a wagon	yes		Jacksonville		6y			idiotic

9	24	Thompson, Belle 

46	38	Stones, Mary Ann 


5	9	O'Neal, Elizabeth H (Ellsworth)  no	15	Total		Scarlet Fever	yes		Indianapolis B. Asylum	1	1957	insane

4	3	Bergin, Anna		no	44	Total				yes		no


12	17	Biglow, Martha		partly				Neuroghlia	yes

9	5	Barton, George H						Cataract		yes

37	34	Owens, Sarah (Cheney's Grove)      				Not Known     	yes



28	2	Hiner, Cintha		partly	26			sore eyes     	yes		no

25	26	White, Mary																idiotic


23	42	Baylor, David 		

White Oak

11	5	Benson, James		yes	63			cateract		yes		no

11	30	King, Christian		yes	64			ordinary sore eyes		yes	no


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