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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

1880 U. S. Federal Census
Supplemental Schedules for the
Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes


June 1880
McLean County, Illinois

Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier

(As with all transcriptions please verify information with original source)

Supplemental Schedules, for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes.

Inhabitants in ...(see below)..., in the County of ...McLean..., State of ...Illinois...

enumerated June, 1880

The object of this Supplemental Schedule is to furnish material not only for a complete enumeration of deaf-mutes, but for an account of their condition. It is important that every inquiry respecting each case be answered as fully as possible. Enumerators will, therefore after making the proper entries open the Population Schedule (No. 1), transfer the name (with Schedule page and number) of every deaf-mute found, from Schedule No. 1 to this Special Schedule, and proceed to ask the additional questions indicated in the headings of the several columns. Care must be taken to enumerate persons who are deaf only (hard of hearing) or dumb only (tongue-tied) as deaf-mutes. A deaf-mute is one who cannot speak, because he cannot hear sufficiently well to learn to speak. Enumerators may obtain valuable hints as to the number of idiots, and their residence, from physicians who practice medicine in their respective districts, and from school-teachers. Great assistance may be derived from questions addressed to deaf-mutes themselves: Do you know any deaf-mutes in this neighborhood? The class feeling of the deaf and dumb, arising from their isolated state is great that they seek each other out for the sake of companionship, and ordinarily know every deaf-mute for miles around.

					Self sup-						Ever been inmate		

				    	porting /	Age 	Supposed 	semi-	semi-	of institution for	     Total time	Year of	Also	 

Page #	Line #	Name			partly so	occ'rd	Cause		mute	deaf	deaf-mutes	     inmate	dischge	Insane / Blind / Deaf / Epileptic


18	3	McHalleus, Emma J     	yes		measles				Deaf Inst. Jacksonville	7 y	1867

7	31	Maurer, Christine		yes		fits				no

3	13	Smith, Charles		yes		inflamation of brain			Jacksonville		8 y	1875

3	24	Neal, John D		no						no


15	1	Moreland, Lydia		yes	3	Hydrocephalous			Columbus / Jacksonville	2	1862

17	17	Gearhart, Franklin		yes	?_?					Jacksonville		3

17	18	Gearhart, Elmer		yes	?_?					Jacksonville		3

17	44	Bradbury, John E		yes	


29	46	McComb, Thomas		no	B	Born Deaf			no

17	13	Frederick, William (no other information is listed)

13	47	Steele, William		no		Scarlet Fever			no

38	16	Bryant, Francis		yes	12	Disease				no

42	19	McEvoy, Emanuel		yes		Disease				no

153	18	Steiger, Mary				Deaf				no

155	40	Root, Emma		no		Disease				no

27	18	Schwand, Powell  (no other information is listed)


39	25	Murdy, Clarence		no	B	Spinal		yes	no	Jacksonville		8

41	4	Wait, Lester		no	3	Can hear but not speak -- yes semi mute


2	17	Beale, Laura B				Can hear but not talk

4	44	Stewart, Mary				Can hear but not talk


18	3	McHollis, Emma J		yes		measles				Jacksonville		7	1867

7	31	Maurer, Christine		yes		fits				no

3	13	Smith, Charles		yes		inflamation of brain			Jacksonville		8	1875

3	34	Neal, John D		no						no


37	45	Browning, Sarah J		partly	2	Scarlet Fever			Jacksonville		3 m	1870


13	35	Fry, Louis  (no other information is listed)

46	19	Alfurl, William (Empire)  (no other information is listed)

Money Creek

8	39	Hall, Hester  (no other information is listed)	

Mt. Hope

15	40	Pumpally, Nannie		parents	2 m	Jaundice				no

16	12	Robinson, Maggie		yes	8 y	Fever		yes	yes	Jacksonville		7	1865


	13	Weasel, Emma		no	6	From a fall				Jacksonville		2 y

51	37	Dekoff, August		no	1	Dysentary	no	no	no

Old Town

14	31	Clement, Ada (no other information is listed)	

14	30	Clement, Charles (no other information is listed)	


11	41	Vencill, Hattie				Cerebro spinal Menigitis

10	9	Holt, Annie J			B	Born Deaf

25	1	Rightlinger, Isaac W (Cheney's Grove)	B	Born Deaf

45	2	Rightlinger, Inly (Cheney's Grove)     	B	Born Deaf

6	11	Robason, Lewis (no other information is listed)			

8	18	Bell, Kenlea (no other information is listed)				

White Oak

3	6	Sobsinger, Phoebe E		no	1/12	milk crust				no


10	36	Calkan, Willie		no	?_?	spotted fever	yes	yes	Jacksonville		2 y

12	11	Stephens, Addie		partly	B	unknown		no	no	Jacksonville		4 y

42	12	Stephens, Frank		partly	B	unknown		yes	yes	Jacksonville		4 y

12	16	Stephing (Stephenz), Louella yes	B	Unknown		no	yes	no		

19	4	Fenton, Mary		yes	B	Unknown		no	yes	no

22	37	Hopkins, Robert F		yes	2	Lung Fever     	no	no	Indianapolis		6	unk

22	28	Hopkins, Emeline		yes	2	Scarlet Fever	no	no	Hartford ? Cms.?		6 1/2	unk

22	39	Hopkins, Caroline A     	yes	B	Nature		no	no	no		


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