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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

1880 U. S. Federal Census
Supplemental Schedules for the
Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes


June 1880
McLean County, Illinois

Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier

(As with all transcriptions please verify information with original source)

Supplemental Schedules, for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes.

Inhabitants in ...(see below)..., in the County of ...McLean..., State of ...Illinois...

enumerated June, 1880

The object of this Supplemental Schedule is to furnish material not only for a complete enumeration of the idiots, but for an account of their condition. It is important that every inquiry respecting each case be answered as fully as possible. Enumerators will, therefore after making the proper entries open the Population Schedule (No. 1), transfer the name (with Schedule page and number) of every idiot found, from Schedule No. 1 to this Special Schedule, and proceed to ask the additional questions indicated in the headings of the several columns. The word "idiot" has a special meaning which it is essential for every enumerator to know. An idiot is a person the development of whose mental faculties was arrested in infancy or childhood before coming to maturity. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the stupidity which results from idiocy and that which is due to the loss or deterioration of mental power in consequence of insanity. The latter is not true idiocy, but dementia or imbacility. The enumeration desired for the Census is of true idiots only. Demented persons should be classed with the insane. Enumerators may obtain valuable hints as to the number of idiots, and their residence, from physicians who practice medicine in their respective districts.

					Self sup-					Ever been inmate		

				    	porting /	Age 	Supposed		Size of	of training school	Total time	Year of	Also	Also	Also	Also	Also  

Page #	Line #	Name			partly so	occ'rd	Cause		Head	for idiots	         	inmate		dischge	Insane	Blind	Deaf	Epileptic	Paralysed


4	?_?	Bozarth, Hettie		partly	B			large	no					insane

?_?	9	?__ncheart, Sara M		partly	B	Afflictions of Mother	natural	no	

25	16	White, Nany		no	B			small	no						blind


25	44	? Dotoch ?, William    		2	Brain Fever	Large	no									paralysed right side

7	27	Bourns, Martha		partly	B	Unknown		Large	no

18	12	Welch, Walter			6	Measles		Natural	no

15	10	McLend, John			B	Convulsions	Natural	no									paralysed right side


	4	Doty, Matteson (no other information is listed)

	5	Alsop, William (no other information is listed)

	14	Baptist, Jacob (no other information is listed)

	9	Conger, Iammal (Samil)		9	only slightly	medium	no

	41	Roberts, Isaac (enumerator states "has left the district can not find at home")

	21	Ellis, Sarah		partly	3	Female trouble	small	Jacksonville	1 y		1873				epileptic

	25	Butler, Essnau (Emma)	no	10	Hurt on Head	small	no

	5	Smith, William		no	9	Abcess in Brain		no

	48	Holmes, Will (no other information is listed)

	13	Ryan, Briget (no other information is listed)

	33	Bones, Valentino (no other information is listed)

51	5	Fitzgerald, Kate		no	6 m	unknown		small	no

_7	24	Nogan, Mary (no other information is listed)

	32	Calkins, Sterling (no other information is listed)

	28	Smith, Aussie (no other information is listed)


Blue Mound

6	44	Burbank, Grant (no other information is listed)


	18	Park, Mary		no	1 6/12			small

		Campbell, John R			4

Dry Grove

		Augsperger, Joseph		no	15     	excess of cold	natural	no					insane

	16	Lautz, Lymount		no		from infancy	small	yes		3 m		1878


27	26	Nutt, Lena			no	B			small	no


_4	11	Fleming, Maggie A		no	1 y	spinal affection	rather large  no institution 

		(enumerator note: Seems to have no use of itself cannot feed itself only moves it's limbs a little has been so since it was one year old

_3	2	Duck, Joseph  (no other information is listed)

_4	45	Sonder (Gonder), Sara A	partly				medium	no  

		(enumerator note: She appears ?_______? idiot  yet she is idiotic she ?______? some things ?____? ?____? work some	


3	14	Brown, Hattie		partly	B	for want of brains	small	no


_	_	?___?, Sam		no	10	sickness		small	no					insane

_	_	?___?, Mary (Selma)		partly	2	sickness		small	no


14	18	McClure, Maggie		no	6/12	sickness		natural	no	

Money Creek

	43	Berry, Henry		no	B			natural	no

	45	Keck, James		yes	2			large	no

	46	Keck, Danial		yes	2			large	no

Mt. Hope

	27	Brising, Mary P		no	3 m	brain fever		large	no

	8	Canfield, S E		partly	B			natural	



		Crane, Albert E				Epilepsy & Paralysis  large						insane				paralysed left and right


19	23	Carlisle, Franklin		partly		Fright		natural	no

29	6	Spencer, John		partly	B			natural	no

5	7	Green, Eunice (no other information is listed)		


1	8	Cunham, Dellia

14	42	Ryan, John			5				no

_2	24	Gaff, Edward			1				no


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