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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

War of 1812
Soldier Burial Information




Location of Cemetery

Walter Bailey Selma Cemetery Lexington
Cassel Banks   Danvers
John Benson   White Oak
James Bigger Clarksville Cemetery Money Creek
Adolphus Binich Dawson Cemetery Dawson
Daniel Branimen   Dawson
Jacob H Burtis   Hudson
James R Cawson   Money Creek
Jonathan Cheney Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
Ceorge Cline Stipp Cemetery Arrowsmith
Daniel Cornell Stipp Cemetery Arrowsmith
William Crookshank Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
Job Cusey Rodman Cemetery Old Town
James R Dawson Dawson Cemetery Money Creek
John Draper Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
George Dunkle   Lexington
Henry Flesher Indian Field Cemetery Lexington
Col. John Flesher Scrogin Cemetery Lexington
John Funk   Funk's Grove
Timothy M. Gates City Cemetery Bloomington
William Goodheart City Cemetery Bloomington
John Haefer City Cemetery Bloomington
Benjamin Haines City Cemetery Bloomington
John Halderman Frankerberger Cemetery Dawson
George C Hand Hand Cemetery Randolph
William Henry East Twin Grove Cemetery Dry Grove
John Harbison Porteus Cemetery Lexington
John Hudson Hudson Cemetery Hudson
N H Harvey Scogin Hill Cemetery Bloomington
Jesse Havens N W Sec 28 Haven's Grove Cemetery Hudson
Thomas Houghton   Gridley
Edward Janes Scrogin Hill Cemetery Lexington
Charles Leeper Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
John LIndley Grassy Ridge Cemetery Bloomington
Archie Martin Dawson Cemetery Dawson
Andrew McConnell CIty Cemetery Bloomington
William McGee Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
Robert Means Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
Ethan Newcom Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
John Nelson Scogin Hill Cemetery Bloomington
Col. Hazo Parsons City Cemetery Bloomington
Abner Peeler   White Oak
William Popejoy Indian Cemetery Lexington
Thomas Reid Stipp Cemetery Arrowsmith
William C Rowley Friends' Cemetery Dawson
William Rust Section 21 Cemetery Randolph
Valentine Spawr Selma Cemetery Lexington
Ezekiel Stansbury Saybrook Cemetery Cheney's Grove
Robert Stubblefield Funk's Grove Cemetery Funk's Grove
William Toppass   Empire
William Walker Hendrix Cemetery Bloomington
Joseph Welch   Lexington
Edward Wilcox Wilcox Cemetery Money Creek
Joshua Wilhoit   Downs
Robert M Williams City Cemetery Bloomington
David Withrow Scogin Hill Cemetery Bloomington
William Young Clarksville Cemetery Money Creek

[War Record of McLean County and Other Papers, Transactions of The McLean County Historical Society, Bloomington, Illinois, Volume I. (1899)]


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