LYTLE R. WILEY most emphatically lives on the line which divides Martin and Lawndale Townships, said line running through his kitchen, but for certain reasons he prefers to be called a resident of Martin. Of this he has been one of its most useful and valued citizens and has contributed a generous share toward its development. Mr. Wiley was born in Garrett, Meade Co., Ky., Nov. 7, 1815. When but six months old his parents removed to another part of the State, and two years and a half later to Switzerland County, Ind., where our subject lived until 1835. In the fall of that year he came into McLean County, Ill., with his father, and lived with him in what is now Martin Township for about two years, having in the meantime purchased 160 acres of land located partly in Lawndale and partly in Martin Township. To this Mr. Wiley subsequently added from time to time until he is now the owner of 1,050 acres of land, 100 of which is in timber. He has been industrious, economical and wise in his disbursement of funds, and is now reckoned among the thoroughgoing and prosperous business men of this section. Mr. Wiley was married in Switzerland County, Ind., June 13, 1843, to Miss Sarah R. Wiley, a distant relative, who was born in Switzerland County, Ind., Dec. 12, 1825. Of this union there were born eight children, of whom the eldest, Thomas R., married Miss Mattie Reeves, and is a successful physician of Gibson City; Rhoda M. and John are at home; Hannah E. and William S. are deceased; Sarah L. became the wife of Henry C. Henline, and resides in Lawndale Township; Lytle R., Jr., married Miss Mary M. Harpole, and is a resident of Martin Township; Mary C., Mrs. William Hudson, resides in Lawndale Township. The faithful and affectionate wife and mother departed this life Sept. 25, 1881, having been a lady greatly respected by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. She was a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Wiley might properly be termed an Independent Greenbacker politically, and in the casting of his vote endeavors to support those men whom he deems best fitted for office. He is a man whose opinion and judgment are highly respected, and has held various minor offices in his township.

Portrait and biographical album of McLean County, Ill. : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Illinois, and of the presidents of the United States. (Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1887), 608. Transcribed and annotated by Judy Rosella Edwards.


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