Group of Young Adults

Carol writes: This is a group photo and Flora Gardner-Harding has listed the names of most of the young people on the back

Written on back of photo:
Top Line
1. Name not Known
2. Name not Known
3. Miss Richmond
4. Mr. Roach
5. Name not Known
6. Miss M. Spaulding
7. Mr. Brombeau
8. Mr. Gibson
9. Miss Miller
10. Miss Richmond
11. Mr. Faucet

Next Line
1. Mr. Smith
2. Mr. Johnson
3. Miss Fortheringham
4. Miss Gaithen
5. Mr. Pillew
6. Miss Joeberg
7. Miss Pellett

Third Line
1. Mr. Bissey
2. Miss Conley
3. Miss Smith
4. Miss Owens
5. Mr. Concorkin

Fourth Line
1. Mrs. Price
2. Miss Gibson
3. Mr. Price
4. Miss McKune?
5. Miss G. Spalding
6. Mr. Albert Kerr
7. Miss Kerr
8. Mr. H. J. Spalding
9. Miss Gordon

Photo and information contributed by Carol Knight

Note: If anyone can identifiy any of the Name not Knowns, please Email

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