Turner/Wilcox Cemetery
Menard Co, Illinois

View of the cemetery in May 2006 and November 2006

View looking east, and view of Ephraim Wilcox family stones

This cemetery was originally read by James Toal in 1981, then by Stan & Jeanie Lowe and Duane & Betty Albert in January 2002. Allen & Carole Martin revisited it in November 2006, and were able to dig up several stones and set several others upright. They again visited in March 2007 and uncovered another headstone and two footstones. The cemetery is overgrown with weeds and trees, and many stones have fallen and broken.

Directions: from Route 29 travel west on Rout 123 towards Petersburg. 4.6 miles from Rt. 29 is Tice Road (or Indian Point Rd.) Turn left (south) on Tice Rd to Wernowsky Rd. Follow Wernowsky Rd for 2 miles from Rt. 123 to 15991 Wernowsky Rd. The cemetery is located in a grove of trees less than 1/2 mile from the road, but it is not visible from the road. You must cross private land to access the cemetery, so please go at a time when you will not damage the crops, such as late fall and winter.

Carole has provided a MAP of the cemetery area.

All photos and information provided by Al & Carole Martin except where noted

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Name Birth Death Other Inscriptions & Information
Brooks, Genetta   17 Feb 1879 Age 24y 2m 4d, Wife of J.H. Brooks
Ferguson, Leroy A.   9 Aug 1858 Age 18y 6m 17d
Ferguson, Rachel E.   22 Sept 1856 Age 42y 1m 15d, Wife of L. Ferguson
Ferguson, Sarah M.   21 Oct 1851 Age 10y 2m 16d, dau of E. & M. Ferguson
Hobbs, Wm. T.   27 May 1875 Age 28y 11m 9d
Paxton, Samuel M.   10 Aug 1875 Age 38y 10m 21d
Pierceall, Eddie   6 Jun 1880 or 1881 Age 10m 11d, from death records, stone not found
Turner, Berry   10 June 1874 Age 38y
Turner, Mary N.   20 July 1864 Age 2y 9m, dau of B. & N.E. Turner
Turner, Naoma E.   10 Dec 1872 Age 29y 9m, wife of Berry Turner
Turner, Richard   28 Feb 1880 Age 39y, Co K?, 11th Kentucky Infantry, date from death records
Turner, Sarah A.   28 May 1874 Age 9y 2m, dau of B. & N.E. Turner
Wilcox, Elenor   11 Jan 1848 Age 55y 20d, wife of Ephraim Wilcox
Wilcox, Eli   Sept 1831 Age 16y 1m, son of E & E Wilcox
Wilcox, Eli   26 Sept 1852 Age 1y 4m 7d, son of S. & R. Wilcox
Willcox, Eliza Ann   2 April 1855 Age 22y 17d, wife of Willes Willcox
Wilcox, Ephraim   21 Sept 1858 Age 79y 3m
Wilcox, Mary   Aug ---- Age 58y 2m 20d, stone is broken
Wilcox, Thomas   20 Sept 1853 Age 4y 12d, son of S. & R. Wilcox
Wilcox, Willes     only footstone has been found
E.W.     footstone, may belong to baby Eli Wilcox
J.B.     footstone, found a few feet from Ephraim Wilcox, possibly Genetta Brooks husband James?
S.C.S     footstone
Unknown     broken, illegible stone
Unknown     Broken footstone

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