1850 Menard County Mortality Schedule

Please Note: These records were transcribed from images of the original mortality schedule, which was faded and difficult to read. The enumerator occasionally made errors or spelled names as they sounded. This transcription shows the information as the enumerator wrote it. If you have corrections, please Email me
Transcribed by Kristin Vaughn, May 2007

"Schedule 3.---Person who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in ____________ in the County of Menard State of Illinois, enumerated by me, M. Shepherd , Ass't Marshal."

Note: No townships or other locations were given on this schedule

Name Age Sex Maritial Place of Birth Month Died Occupation Cause of Death Number Days Ill
Anderson, Rob't. 23? M M Ky. Apl. S. Teacher Consumption  
Arterbury, Henry 6 M   Ill. Apl.   Inf. Brain 1
Arterbury, Mary 4 F   Ill. Apl.   Inf. Brain 1
Atchison, Wm. A. 14? M   Ky. Jany   Consumption  
Baker, Sylvester 50 M M Ky. Oct. Farmer Accident Sudden
Berry, Maria 55 F M N.J. or N.Y. Mch.   Cong chill 3
Blue, Betsy 70 F M Ky. Apl.   Dropsy  
Boggs, John 28 M   Ky. June Chair maker Fever 11
Boyer, John 78? M M Pen. Jany Farmer Apoplexy  
Burbridge, Robt. 60 M M S.C. Dec. Farmer Inf. Fever 7
Cavin, Nancy 49 F M Ky. Aug.   Consumpt.  
Cleveland, C.N. 9/12 M   Ill. Mch.   Fever 10
Colby, Timothy 40 M   N.H. July Wheel wright Consumption  
Conant, Helen H. 9/12 F   Ill. March   Bronchitis 7
Conover, Mary 62 F M Ky. Oct.   Pleurisy  
Crawford, J.W. 1/12? M   Ill. Jany   unknown 4
Debord, M.E. 4 F   Ill. July   Croup 8
Donalson, Wm. 38 M M Ky. May Farmer Fever 60
Driskel, Elizabeth 30 or 50 F M unknown May   Fever 10
Elam, B.C. 2 M   Ill. Apl.   Lung fever 10
Elam, Robert 19 M   Ill. Nov. Laborer? Consumption  
Engle, Alonzo 7 M   Ill. Aug.   Accident? 7
Fasten or Foster, Jacob 1 M   Ill. May   Infl. Brain  
Furguson, Alex 32 M M Va. June Farmer Consumpt.  
Gibbs, L.J? 1/12 F   Ill. April   Croup 2
Goldsby, A.N. 1 M   Ill. May   Croup 1
Goldsby, Rich'd W. 21 M M Tenn. Jany Farmer Consumpt.  
Hall, Polly 30 F M Ky. Apl.   Cng chills 6
Hayes, J.G? 5/12 M   Ill. July   Diarrhea 9
Hayes, S?B? 5/12 M   Ill. July   Diarrhea 3
Hohimer, S.J.? 4 F   Ill. May   Bronchitis 7
Hughes, Sela 2 F   Ia. Oct.   Fever 21
Jones, Phebe? 21 F M Ill. Nov.   Consumption  
Jones, Wm. 6/12 M   Ill. Aug.   Diarrhea 20
Jordan, H.A. 4 or 11 F   Ill. Oct.   Croup 1
Kincaid, D.M. 1/12 M   Ill. Feb.   Whooping cough  
King, H.L? 2/12 F   Ill. Feb.   Fever 3
Knoles, M.J. 21 F M Ia. Oct.   Fever 20
Lee or Ley, J.C. 66 M M Ala? Jany Druggist Lung fever 8
Magee, M.J. 20 F   Pen. Feb.   Consumption  
McArthur, Agnes 23 F M Ill. Mch.   Consumpt.  
McHenry, Martin 7/12 or 4/12 M   Ill. Nov.   Inf. Brain 11
Miller, Ann M. 3 F   Ill. Jany   Croup 7
Miller, Martha 11/12 F   Ill. Feb.   Bronchitis?  
Nance, Elizabeth 79 F M Va. Jany   Old age  
no name 1/12 F   Ill. Sep?   unknown 5
Ogden, Mary? J. 17 F M Ill. Apl.   Consumpt.  
Omert, Isabel 37 F M O. June   Cholera morbus  
Omert, Sam'l 5 M   Ill. July   Scarlatina 5
Pounds, Isaac 19 M   Va. June Stage driver Fever 14
Purkipile, Mariette 7/12 F   Ill. Jany   unknown 8
Purvines, T.F. 27? M M Ill. July Trader Fever 10
Rankin, E.A or E.R. 1 M   Ill. Sept.   Fever 10
Rankin, Lucy 1 F   Ill. Aug.   Cng chills 11?
Rolston, Francis 1 F   Ill. Oct.   Diarrhea 60
Scott, John 66 M M Va. June Farmer Dyspepsia  
Shepherd, H. 38 M M Va. Feb. Cabin? Maker Diarrhea 20
Smedley, Christopher 110 M M England Apl. Sailor, tailor --- Old age  
Snape, John 2 M   England Aug.   Cong chill 7
Spear, C.D. 1 M   Ill. July   Diarrhea 10
Stone, M.A. 5 F   Ill. Apl.   Croup 3
Stone, Martha 1 F   Ill. Oct.   Whoop cough  
Watkins, Martha 15 F   Ill. Oct.   Consumpt.  
Whitney, J.F. 5/12 M   Ill. Mch.   Fever 14
Williams, E.E. 11/12 F   Ill. Dec.   Scrofula  
Wilson, J.F. 1 M   Ill. July   Croup 4
Young, Mathews? 44? M M Ky. June Farmer Diarrhea  

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