Commercial Register, Containing a List of -- Merchants, Manufacturers, Bankers, Etc.,
in the State of Illinois, March, 1862
S.P. Rounds, Book and Job Printer, 46 State Street, Chicago

"This book is sold only to such as are interested as creditors, and it is expressly agreed and made a condition of the sale, that it shall not be exhibited, nor any thing contained therein disclosed to any person whatever, save only to partners in business, or their confidential clerks, and for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of the purchaser. Purchasers pledge themselves that this prohibition shall be honorably and faithfully observed."

Transcribed from the original book by Kristin J Vaughn
All names & towns spelled as in the original document

Books, Paper, &c
H. Hamilton Petersburgh

Boots & Shoes
F. Heigold Petersburgh
G. Heigold Petersburgh
A. Loal Petersburgh

Cabinet Ware
J. Carter Petersburgh
W.S. Conant Petersburgh

Drugs, &c
D.C. Brown Petersburgh
L.L. Bean Petersburgh
E.F. Brindel Petersburgh
J. Hall Athens
J.D. Lee Athens
T.B. Osburn Petersburgh
J.J. Prim Athens
L. Propst Sweet Water

J.P. Beala Petersburgh
M. Jacobs Petersburgh
D. Kyle Petersburgh
C. Levering Petersburgh
J.H. Laning Petersburgh
L. Sabzenstein Athens
J. Seese Petersburgh

General Stores
J.T. Bennet Petersburgh
Ball & Hill Petersburgh
J.A. Brahm Petersburgh
R. McReynolds Greenview
B.F. Bergen Petersburgh
Davis & Pierce Sweet Water
Engle & Son Sweet Water
Epler & Weir Tallulah
R. & D. Frackelton Petersburgh
L. Jacobs Petersburgh
M. Myers Athens
Minor & Ship Petersburgh
M. Rothschild Petersburgh
A.D. Wright & Co. Petersburgh
J. Stein Petersburgh
A. Sathaaf Petersburgh
B.F. Thrapp Rushway
M. Keetzenstein Petersburgh

Hardware, Iron, &c
F.A. Chambers Sweet Water
W.P. Elam Petersburgh
M.S. Morris Petersburgh
Robt. Bishop Petersburgh

Harness, &c
W.C. Dawson Petersburgh
W. Davis Petersburgh
F.R. Ricker & Papes Petersburgh

Liquors, Hotels, &c
A. Saal Petersburgh

R. Erwin & Jordon near Athens

Stoves & Tin
B.N. Gibson Petersburgh
C.H. Moore Petersburgh
A. Walker Petersburgh

Tailors, Clothing, &c
H.H. Missman Petersburgh

Watches, Jewelry, &c
W. Meyers Petersburgh