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Name: Derek Ewing      Date: October 13, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Ewing, Moore, Scott, Jackson, Reeves
How you found us: Google
Comments: Very informative site, very pleased with it.

Name: Michael Rush      Date: September 28, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Rush, Sheets
How you found us:
Comments: Looking for Vivian Rush descendants; she graduated from Petersburg High in 1922 and married a _____ Sheets.

Name: Vicki Self       Date: September 25, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Neely and Sapp
How you found us: research
Comments: Comments I am resumeing the research my Grandmother Dorothy started many years ago on the Neely's.Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Maggie Stevens       Date: August 27, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Barnett-Jones
How you found us: Google
Comments: I am trying to find information on my great-grandmothers family. All I know is that she was born April 29, 1881. Possibly in Iowa, and she was adopted Oct. 27, 1883, by Phillip and Mary Jones at the Menard County court house. The adoption certificat says she was an illegitimate child and mother could not support her. Her name was Emma Barnett-Jones Thank you.

Name: Robert Janssen       Date: August 11, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Feulner and Janssen
How you found us:

Name: Samuel Dieffenbacher Montero       Date: August 7, 2008
Surnames of Interest: all
How you found us: research
Comments: I'm looking for descendants of daniel Dieffenbacher Cowen of Habana or his brother, Thomas. I think they are de last of my family in Habana IL

Name: Linda Sechrist       Date: June 9, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Laumeyer, Laumeier, Daniel W. Short and Daniel K. Short families of Menard and Mason Co. ca. 1830-1900
How you found us: Google

Name: Harold Schafer       Date: June 4, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Schafer
How you found us: Web
Comments: spectacular site, looking for some info on otto and arminda schafer bitters,possibaly from tallula

Name: Maria Sablo-Yates       Date: May 31, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Yates, Adams, Hardin, Eden, Powell, Estill
How you found us: Google
Comments: This is a wonderful site! I have learned so much here! Thank you for all your hard work!

Name: Donna Montgomery Stewart       Date: April 29, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Montgomery, Gaddie, Keene, Parry
How you found us: Google
Comments: Just when I think I have wrung the internet dry in pursuit of genealogy, I find this site. Extremely well done!
I'm looking for info and maybe even some old photos.

Name: James Chapman       Date: April 25, 2008
Surnames of Interest: I'm looking for descendants of John B. Chapman of Petersburg & Springfield or his brother, William E. Chapman of Franklin County
How you found us: genealogy research

Name: Julie Mickits       Date: April 5, 2008
Surnames of Interest:HAMILTON, BOUGER
How you found us: By accident
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the history of Menard County that is documented in this site. I am searching for information on Miles Gibson Hamilton and his wife Barbara Bouger. They left Menard Co. after 1850 and moved to Texas.
Please contact me with any info on these relatives and I may have some to share as well. Thanks!

Name: Jeanne McElheran Capps       Date: March 1, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Watkins,Fruit and McElheran
How you found us: Through Google Search
Comments: This is one of the best sites I have found so far. Most of the sites want money. For a free site this is wonderful. Please contact me if you have any information also looking for Kelly"Dearing" Reffett

Name: Mary Montgomery Douglass       Date: February 24, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Montgomery, Dickey
How you found us: menard co il site

Name: Pat Salak Gilliatt       Date: February 18, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Turner, McQuinn
How you found us: Google
Comments: Very nice site! I'm the grandaughter of Edward and Litta Turner -- daughter of Frances Turner Salak -- I'd appreciate any information that anyone has for them and their ancestors.

Name: Stuart Orr       Date: February 12, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Little, Orr
How you found us: Internet search
Comments: Very helpful site.

Name: Sally (Scantlin) King       Date: January 14, 2008
Surnames of Interest: Scantlin
How you found us: my brother Norman D. Scantlin
Comments: Comments I am searching for my family history pertaining to William and Hannah Scantlin and their descendants. I found much appreciated info on this site. If anyone has any info on them please contact me. Thank You

Name: Ruth Snider       Date: December 8, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Ray and Stuhmer
How you found us: Newspaper
Comments: Comments I appreciate all the work that has been done. This site is very inforamtive.

Name: Barbara Chidester       Date: November 30, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Baum/Bumgardner
How you found us: Searching Illinois
Comments: Looking for any info on the Bumgardner family living in Athens, IL area. My G- grandfather Geo. L. Bumgardner was born in Athens, 1854, and would love to find the history and who his father Wm. Nick bumgardner for I've hit a brick wall on my gg- grandparents. This is a great site and has lots of great info.

Name: Charles Vance       Date: November 8, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Vance, Maxon, Stein or Perry
How you found us: Browsing for Stein or Maxon
Comments: I have traced back to the early 1700's, so maybe we can help each other.

Name: Linda       Date: November 7, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Tuxhorn
How you found us: Recent visit to New Salem
Comments: Comments I tried to send an email and did not know all the email account information. Interested in any Tuxhorn information in the area, You have a great website. Thank you for providing it.

Name: James D Hudspeth       Date: July 24, 2007
Surnames of Interest: of course HUDSPETH
How you found us: Google
Comments: Nice

Name: Locksley Stubblefield      Date: July 16, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Stubblefield, Tucker, Watson, Hall
How you found us: Yahoo Search Engine

Name: Carole Curran       Date: July 15, 2007
Surnames of Interest: Couchman, Greene, Senter, Henderson
How you found us: Google
Comments: Fabulous! Easy! Clear! Fun! Informative! Fast links! Photos of tombstones terrific! Church Histories - thank you! Military Service - WOW! Can spend all day here!

Name:Dr./Professor Neil Garland       Date:April 28, 2007
Surnames of Interest:
How you found us:
Comments:Phenomenal. Accurate, concise, extremely informative, save me a lot of time, a website about a very special place in history and on this earth. Mr. Abraham Lincoln would be even impressed with the detail and accuracy.
Dr. Neil

Name: Maria Sable-Yates       Date:October 28, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Yates, Adams, Hardin
How you found us:Google
Comments:I am researching my husband's family (Yates). This site has provided me with lots of useful information. It was touching to see the photos of the gravestones of some of his distant relatives. Thank you.

Name: Mark Potter       Date:October 24, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Potter, Green, Elmore
How you found us:Jeanie Lowe
Comments:This is a fabulous resource. This is the benchmark for all genealogy and county history sites. A ton of volunteer work was gone into this project and it shows. "Great Job" to the guys and gals who have created this masterpiece. Thank You. And a special "Thanks" to Jeannie Lowe. She is an incredible person.

Name: Terry Davison       Date:September 5, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Squires; Stubblefield
How you found us:
Comments:Very good site. Keep up the good work

Name:Beverly Humphrey       Date:June 29, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Humphrey, Regnier
How you found us:Google
Comments:I previously signed guestbook but have changed email address. Still woring on Illinois info-great resouces on this site.
Thank you

Name:Mike Peters       Date:May 29, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Peters, Wood, Wedge, Followell
How you found us:Just browsing Genealogy Trails
Comments:I just ran across Genealogy Trails a few days ago. I live in Sangamon County,but from what I have seen so far, I think this county site is about the best one I've seen. It seems to have a lot more information on it than the other state and county sites. Congratulatins on having an exellent site.

Name:Susan Blair       Date:March 29, 2006
Surnames of Interest:reed
How you found us:through roots web town and county
Comments:I would especially like to thank ms. lowe for helping me get permission for the smoot cemetery, got permission, was just there last week march 19- 23-2006 seen the gravesite of my 2nd great grandfather ratliff boone reed, and his parents issac and winney reed, and his son wallace b. reed. his other son milton was my great grandfather, which john walter reed was my grandfather. It really did help to look around petersburg to get some feel from where they came from. I just started searching last year 4-2005. thank you so very much.

Name:John Stein       Date:March 6, 2006
Surnames of Interest:Stein
How you found us:Google
Comments:A very wonderful website and much appreciated. Searching for family history pertaining to Jacob Stein and Paulina Temperance Clark and their descendents.

Name:Abigail Banks Dennison       Date:January 10, 2006
Comments:VERY NICE !

Name:susan oliver       Date:December 10, 2005
Surnames of Interest:miller,william
How you found us:searching thru google site
Comments:william was born 1865 there,dad was chris miller,mom was mary leonard looks like on the marriage i have on william, trying to find someone to look up a birth for me,if births was recorded somewhere.

Name:Peggy Lovelace Contreras       Date:November 27, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Hall, Rees
How you found us:
Comments:Thank you for putting the Hall-Overstreet genealogy on your web site. I descend from Elisha Hall b. 1734 & Caroline Estes, then through their son, Elisha b. 1775. I have lots of Hall data to share. My line went from MO over the Oregon Trail. I live near where the Halls ended up in 1845.

Name:Allen L. Martin       Date:November 5, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Martin, Kinney & Faith
How you found us:Petersburg Librarian
Comments:We very much appreciate your work in on this site.

Name:Barbara Shannon Cox       Date:October 27, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Hall/England/Jensen/Lawson/Raikes/Shannon/McKinney/Hardwick
How you found us:Jeanie Lowe
Comments:I am trying to contact Ernest J. Nall, who posted an inquiry in 2003 concerning children of Martha Louisa McKinney, as the email address listed is incorrect or inactive. I am descended from her marriage with Michael Shannon, but would appreciate any photos or information relating to her.
Thanks, Jeanie and Kristen for your continuing efforts on making so much information about Menard County available for researchers.

Name:N.       Date:October 2, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Morrow
How you found us:google
Comments:I am searching for a current resident. His name is Ryan Morrow 21-22 years old and last I knew he lived in Athens, IL. If you know of anybody that may know him I would really like to get in touch with him thank you. plz email me.

Name:Muriel Jenkins Alkire Heal Bywater       Date:September 6, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Alkire, Lee, Ajens, Henderson, Hayden, Moore
How you found us:have always been interested in it
Comments:It's one of the greatest!!!!! Thanks to all who make it so.

Name:Jill Hartley       Date:August 30, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Foster, Stone
How you found us:genealogy research
Comments:Your site is the most functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing site I have been to in my research (and I have been to quite a few!) Thank you especially for the cemetery photos which allow this Wyoming girl to see her great great grandparents headstone in a pretty Illinois cemetery. Kudos to all involved with this website! Job well done!

Name:Visitor       Date:July 1, 2005
Surnames of Interest:
How you found us:Internet Search
Comments:I think it would be very neat if someone could research all the county officials dating from the beginning of Menard County and going all the way with the current county officials. I.E.- Sheriff, Coroner, Circuit Clerk, State's Attorney, County Clerk, Treasurer, etc. I know this would take a lot of work, but I think many would find it very interesting. Thanks for all you have done. (P.S.- If you think abotu doint this, post it on the guestbook so I could know) Thanks again

Name:James H. Sikes       Date:June 14, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Sikes
How you found us:web search
Comments:just starting to attempt to trace my family back. I dont mind sharing information if i have any need .

Name:Jim Gumm       Date:June 9, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Gum, Armstrong, Arterberry, Potter, Pantier
How you found us:theres mention of it on the Menard Co. web site under Queries
Comments:I found much information at this site that I did not even know exsisted, such as wills and pioneer histories of my Gum relatives. This site has definately brought me closer to my relatives. I wish all states were as free with there history and geneology as Illinois.

Name:Juanita Sikes       Date:April 21, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Sikes
How you found us:Google
Comments:Looking for a Dr, Hiram Sikes His family is buries in the Alkire Cemetery, but he is not, can't find him anywhere.

Name:F. George Holt       Date:January 8, 2005
Surnames of Interest:Adams, Naylor
How you found us:Browsing
Comments:You folks have done such a tremendous job of putting together this site. I can't imagine just how many hours of time it took you. From an old man in California who has "roots" in the Lebanon Cemetery in Menard County, please accept my sincere thank you. God bless you all. George Holt Arcadia, Ca

Name:Bob Ryan       Date:January 1, 2005
Surnames of Interest:
How you found us:Found on Yahoo. I was researching buried stones and read your site. It is beautiful.
Comments:I enjoyed reading about the Boy Scouts & everyone who helped uncover the stones. I tried to get it done where my ancestors are buried but the parish priest said that they shouldn't be touched because they were the property of the individual families. I've been doing a little of it on my own & I've uncovered quite a few but none of my own family. Time will tell

Name:Rose Tolliver       Date:November 9, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Beaver,Stiles,Meacham,Baker
How you found us:Just surfing looking for ancestors
Comments:I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad that you have taken the time in creating this site. It has been a very big help. God bless you, Keep up the good work.

Name:Jacques Travers       Date:November 3, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Kebbon
How you found us:google
Comments:Very nice web site

Name:Jackie       Date:October 27, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Armstrong, Jones, Wilcox
How you found us:Google
Comments:This site is great! I am a 10th grade english student and I had a project on SPOON RIVER. I choose to research Hannah Armstrong. This site was great in helping me find what I needed!! Thanks!

Name: Marilyn K. Thompson Johnston       Date:October 24, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Markwell, Ennis
How you found us:Looking for Alexander G. Markwell
Comments:I havae quite a lot of information of the Markwell, but when we were in Menard county two years ago we couldnt find Smoot Cemetery. I am glad to know where it is and that you have found Alexander G. Markwell's Grave marker

Name: Will Carter       Date:October 7, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Conover, Lawson,Lounsberry,Vandagrift,Hughes,Perkins
How you found us:Illinois Trails
Comments:Great looking site, it is great to see a site that is so user friendly.

Name:Tonia Chambers Boothe       Date:August 14, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Davis, Gum, Atterberry, Hohimer, Sutton
How you found us:msn search
Comments:I have been researching Davis family for years--and glad to see someone with a site up now with so much info. I work in Mason County Recorder Office and help w/family tree research there as time permits. The more I find out about the Davis family from Menard Co., IL--the more I find relatives of all surnames connected to them.

Name:Bing       Date:July 24, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Clary
How you found us:Out searching
Comments:I think you guys have done one outstanding job in providing this information. If only everyone did in every state, it would help every resercher in the world. Thanks to you all for doing such a fantastic job.

Name:Rodney B. Dimmick       Date:May 8, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Marbold, Fischer, Fisher, Wernsing, Warnsing
How you found us:Yahoo reference
Comments:Very Very Very Good!
Whom ever are

Name: Rob Roy Ratliff       Date:April 23, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Ratliff
How you found us:Via another Ratliff researcher
Comments:An outstanding site! So great to have transcriptions of the early history books, etc. I knew my Ratliffs were in southern IL and was very surprised to find them cited as early pioneers "up north" in your Rock Creek precinct. A salute to the folks who have worked so hard to post all this material. Excellent work and much appreciated.

Name:Lois Menichetti Dietzer       Date:February 23, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Menichetti
How you found us:Google Search
Comments:I was very interested to find my father listed among the WWII Vets...I realized that no one has his branch of the service and rank listed...the box on his line is empty. So: let me fill you in. Dad became a Lt. Senior Grade in the U.S. Navy...his ship was the Saturnia. I enjoyed your web site! Thanks. Lois M. Dietzer,Lambertville, Michigan

Name:Jeni Hancock Appel       Date:January 18, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Musgrove Hancock Vaughan Craddock Clark Dabney Morris etc.
How you found us:doing research
Comments:Very, very nicely done. And quite correct. I live in Richmond and have land near your (and some of my) ancestors. You should research the Wilkersons of Amelia Va. - there is alot about the Hall family in that - Also, my George Morris who married Susannah Dabney - her mother was a Hall - so I am one that way, too. Just about everyone in Bedford & Amelia Va. are probably related to you! - Really good job! Give me an e-mail if you ever visit!
P.S. My Great grandad's middle name was Elisha, too!

Name:Kelly 'Dearing' Reffett       Date:January 2, 2004
Surnames of Interest:Watkins, Dearing
How you found us:Google searching
Comments:You have created such a wonderful site! Jeanie and all the volunteers are such professional researchers and a treasure to all of us! Sincerely thanks to all of you for your generosity to preserving this fabulous history. Our families will certainly enjoy it for generations!

Name:Bob Overstreet       Date:December 20, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Overstreet
How you found us:email friend
Comments:A wonderful gift to all of us, and I am very interested in communicating with anyone interested in the Overstreet surname.

Name:ERNEST CLARY       Date:December 11, 2003
Surnames of Interest:
How you found us:
Comments:I forgot to say thanks to Jeanie and all the others that dedicate they,re time and spend money to make this information available.I also hope others will send in photo,s etc. to keep the legacy of our forefathers alive. thank you all.

Name:Ernest Lee Clary       Date:November 23, 2003
How you found us:MENARD CO. SITE

Name:Ernest J. Nall       Date:November 19, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Hamilton,Goble/Gobel
How you found us:looking for Menard Co. info
Comments:I am interestd in findind information about the James Hamilton & Mary (Davis) Hamilton Family, their Children were John(b. abt1854) Henry b 1870, & Christiana b unk.. John was the Father of my Grandmother and was married to Martha(my grt.Grandmother) McKinney in 1889. Henry was married to Ina Barger and lived around TICE until they died in the mid 50's,any help would be appreciated.

Name:Barbara Chidester       Date:November 12, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Baum\Bumgardner
How you found us:Researching Illinois
Comments:Looking for any info on the Bumgardner family living in Athens, IL area. My G- grandfather George Lincoln Bumgardner was born in Athens, 1854, and would love to find the history and who his family are for I've hit a brick wall on my gg- grandparents. This is a great site and has lots of great info.

Name:Joyce Bennett       Date:October 20, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Bennett, Miller
How you found us:accident
Comments:This is a wonderful site and I am so glad I found it. Thanks so much for all your hard work. The pictures are beautiful.

Name:Margaret Braun       Date:September 29, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Godbey
How you found us:Google
Comments:This site is so full of informaion and organized so well. You have a treasure in your volunteers who have put the cemetery information here for everyone to see. I am descended from the Godbey family who originally came from Virginia. I've found many "cousins" on your site. Thanks!

Name:Michelle (Collins) Hedrick       Date:September 9, 2003
Surnames of Interest:collins, dawson
How you found us:friend
Comments:looking for any info on collins or dawson in oakford,kilbourne area. love the site it was helpful.

Name:Shirley Noel       Date:August 25, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Lowe, Noel, Rakes
How you found us:A friend
Comments:A very good job......well done. Thanks.

Name:Linda Owen Rogers       Date:August 6, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Owen, Senter, Hollis, Caldwell, Armstrong
How you found us:Jeanie
Comments:This is a great site! There are many places to go for research in the Central Illinois area, I only wish that there were the same good coices in other areas of the country! Good work!

Name:Albert (Al) Armstrong       Date:July 29, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Armstrong
How you found us:Jeannie Lowe
Comments:Your site is great, I even added to my collection by viewing it.

Name:Paul Altig       Date:June 30, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Altig, Clary, Hudspeth, Hinds
How you found us:Through general snooping about menard county
Comments:Love it. Keep up good work. Thanks for your efforts. Paul Altig

Name:Al Armstrong       Date:May 5, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Armstrong
How you found us:Jeannie Lowe
Comments:Great site, With Jeannie Lowe at the Helm, how can you go wrong? I am looking for the Armstrong tree from the Petersburg Ill. area. I will gladly compare the Data I have collected with anyone interested in the Armstrong Surname..

Name:Kristi Murdock       Date:May 5, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Hornbuckle, Nance
How you found us:From the e-list for updates
Comments:One of the best genealogy sites existing. Such terrific organization, great info that isn't likely to be found elsewhere. Thank you for all the hard work!

Name: Edwin R. Armstrong       Date:March 15, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Armstrong, Carter
How you found us:Did a lookup for Menard County
Comments:I lived in Petersburg from 1944 to 1951 when we moved to Springfield. My Armstrong line goes back to Robert Armstrong,my father was Oliver J. Armstrong and my mother was Opal Lee Carter.

You have a great Web site. Thanks for doing the work. Ed Armstrong

Name:Darlene Parrish       Date:March 9, 2003
Surnames of Interest:Erwin, Clark
How you found us:internet
Comments: I am researching my step sons family Their Great grandparents were James Jasper Erwin and Martha J. (Clark)Erwin.

There is a history about the family that I would like to be able to establish fact or ficton.

If anyone has some time to help me, I would appreciate it tremendously. Darlene Parrish

Name: Toni       Date: February 21, 2003
Surnames of Interest: Pantier,Armstrong, Guinan, Dant, Clemens,Schafer,Belanger
How you found us: Google
Comments: Love your site! Lots of new info. Can't wait for more! Thanks!!!

Name: Beverly Humphrey       Date: February 17, 2003
Surnames of Interest: humphrey (s) (ies)
How you found us: thru illinois trails
Comments: surprised to see the first mention of dr regnier in illinois history--he was my husband's gggrandfather-his daughter emma married samuel cobell humphrey in 1861 in illinois, i noticed in the notes of regnier that there was a w. humphrey living near- that may be samuel cobell's brother, william.

Name: Bette Jo Lawson       Date: February 6, 2003
Surnames of Interest: Denton, Killion, Hornback,Power,etc.
How you found us: Jeane Lowe
Comments: I am really enjoying this new site and its getting better all the time. I have so much family in this area that its like a dream come true. Keep up the great work and I want you to know much I appreciate all your efforts.

Name:Don W. Estaque       Date:November 25, 2002
Surnames of Interest:Eastin, Kalb, and Courtwright
How you found us:I have been on IMAGA site for several years
Comments:I have done resrarch on the John Eastin,Henry Kalb and the Joel and Catherine families,and have it in book form and I would send you a copy of what I have if you send me an address of where I could send it to, as I don"t want to send it by e-mail

Name:Larry Wells       Date: November 20, 2002
Surnames of Interest:Wells, Hammond, Moore, Cown
How you found us:made a left turn at Jupiter
Comments:where's the chili...?

Name: Betty Albert       Date:November 20, 2002
Surnames of Interest:Albert, Finley, Stott,Brown, Park
How you found us:Jeanie Lowe and Maga site

Name:Brenda Lee Zachary       Date:November 5, 2002
Surnames of Interest: Lee
How you found us: Jeanie Lowe
Comments:I cannot wait to be able to add to this site for future generations of history buffs. It seems like a chance to contribute to good.

Name:Mary Ann Kaylor       Date:October 25, 2002
Surnames of Interest:
How you found us:A Little Birdie Told me
Comments:Your new Menard site is great! Will bookmark it and come back often.

Name:Rajean Gallagher       Date:October 24, 2002
Surnames of Interest:Yoakum, Neff, Leavitt (Levitt), Harrelson, etc.
How you found us:Menard County Posting from Ron Willis
Comments:Nice, clean site! Good to see the spirit of sharing is alive and well in this County!

Name:Kristin Vaughn       Date:October 20, 2002
Surnames of Interest:Vaughn, Wright, Wooldridge
How you found us:I created it!
Comments:Welcome to our Guestbook!

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here to share with others.

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