The Marbold Farmstead

Photos of the house as it is today, and as it looked in the 1880's

The Marbold farmstead is located on the south edge of Greenview on Route 29. The original house was built in 1850 by John Marbold, who came to the United States from Germany in 1847. The house was enlarged and renovated by his son, H.H. Marbold, in the 1880's.

After the house sat empty and neglected for many years, a restoration project was recently started by the Historic Marbold Farmstead Association, who hope to turn the grounds into a living history farm. Click on the links to view the progress made to the Exterior, the Interior and the Outbuildings

For more information regarding the restoration and fundraising, please contact Barbara VanDyke Brown, President or Cindy Rankin, Treasurer

Thanks to Allen & Carole Martin for contributing the photos for this article

Main House Exterior
Main House Interior