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Mason City Journal, January 22, 1875

Jonathan Colby, of Petersburg, has presented to the Presbyterian Church in that city, a valuable silver communion set.

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Mason City Journal, January 29, 1875

Rev. D.R. Shields Again
And this lenient course of conduct, we have pursued towards Brother Shields, has not been dictated by any desire, to compromise with his sinful conduct far from it; on the contrary, the more we consider his sin, the more we condemn it; the more its demerit appears. Our leniency was caused out of a desire to do no harm partly, and partly because it did not appear just what we ought to do in the premises, but mainly because we desired to save the man from ruin. We therefore heard Brother Shields make his acknowledgement to-day. He confessed his sin, professed great sorrow for it, and promised to abandon all intoxicants, and every thing which would lead to intoxication, forever. He said also, that he had gone to God, in penitence, and had receive pardon, and trusted his brethren would also pardon him.

Therefore, being unwilling to hinder any one in his struggle, to recover from sin, and like our blessed Master, preferring mercy to sacrifice, we would exercise the spirit of forbearance towards him, and recommend others to do the same.
And if he can gain complete ascendency over his habit, and do good, we shall rejoice; but will be the first to condemn a repetition of his sin. We especially bespeak the forbearance of the authorities of the church.

A.P. Thornburg, S.L. Kindle, I.W. Depue, W.L. Cooper, R.M. Wilson, Joseph Bodle, James Stone, Henry Payne, official members of the church in Easton Circuit.

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The Decatur Daily Review, August 9, 1900

Result Is a Secret Session of Elders
Church Trial to Punish for Violation of Rules

Fancy Prairie, Ills., Aug. 9 - P.J. England and family, who reside north of here, were the defendants in a church trial yesterday that was held at the Irish Grove church. The charge against them was a violation of one of the rules of the church against dancing. Rev. D.W. Check presided at the trial, which was in secret.

Three daughters and two sons of Mr. and Mrs. England gave a dancing party a few nights ago at their home. Young people were present from the neighborhood and several couples were there from Williamsville. When this was made known to the board of trustees of the church, one of the members visited the England house and it is said that when he made known the purpose of his visit he was insulted. The trustee reported the matter to the pastor of the church and the trial was called for.

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True Republican, October 17, 1908
Greenview Presbyterian Church
Greenview - Plans are on foot for the erection of a modern church building on the southeast corner of the square where the Presbyterian church now stands. The congregation of the Cumberland and Presbyterian churches have recently united and now purpose to dispose of both of their churches and erect a building costing about $10,000

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