City Was Birthplace of Confessed Denver Slayer of Aged Friend.
Petersburg Observer August 7, 1942

Petersburg has the doubtful honor of being the birthplace of Theodore Coneys, the Denver man who has confessed to having killed another resident of the same city, after living for many weeks, hidden in the attic of the murdered man's home.

Coneys is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Coneys, both long dead. His father was born in Canada and came to Petersburg some seventy years ago. He owned a hardware store at the location now occupied by the A. and P. store, and was married here to a Miss Elam. Theodore Coneys was born in the house on South 6th Street now owned by Lawley Albent, about sixty years ago. His father died here in 1888 and a number of years later he and his mother left Petersburg and went to Denver and she apparently died there.

He is well remembered by many local people, including A. W. Lillenstein, W. H. Weaver and Miss Sarah Crawford, Miss Crawford remembering him by reason of the fact that she was his teacher.

[Note: Theodore Coneys was known as the Spiderman of Moncrieff Place. More information on the case can be found in "The Encyclopedia of American Crime" by Carl Sifakis.]

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