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Belleville News-Democrat, Aug 17, 1918
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August 18, 1862--Menard County, Illinois, under new call for volunteers gave more than 350 men in a total voting population of 2,000

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Petersburg, Nov. 6. - Although no official notice has been received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bart Osborn, of near this city, it is thought that Private Harris Osborn has been severely wounded in France, from letters received from other boys associated with him. A letter received by Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hadsall of this city from their son, LeRoy Hadsall, Co. C, 124th Machine Gun battalion, states that Osborne (sic) was hit several times in one leg and one arm by machine gun bullets. Another letter received by Mr. and Mrs. McKinney of near Atterberry from their son, Private C. McKinney, states that as he was going into battle the day before the letter was written he saw Osborn. He said that he would not be allowed to say what was the matter with him but that he "hated to see him in such condition." He also stated that he talked with some of Osborn's company mates several hours later and that they told him that they thought Osborn would pull through. Harris Osborn is well known in this city. He resided near here most of his life. He volunteered over a year ago and was a member of Co C, until transferred to another unit. He has been in France for over six months.

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