Murders & Suicides

The Ottawa Free Trader, September 12, 1857

A Man Killed at a Camp-Meeting -- From the Menard Index, we learn that at the camp-meeting held near Hiawatha, in Mason county, Illinois, a man by the name of Preston Metzker and a worthless fellow by the name of Duff Armstrong had a quarrel and a fight, during which Metzker received a blow from a slung shot, which has since resulted in his death. Armstrong and a wicked character by the name of Norris have cleared out. They are supposed to be the murderers. The Index gives great praise to the Rev. Peter Cartwright for his conduct on the occasion.

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The Cairo Bulletin, October 21, 1875

The person who was shot by Constable Reed, while endeavoring to defend the horse-thief Pemberton from the hands of the vigilant committee, at Forest City, on the 7th inst., proves to be Fred Bruning, a young man about 24 years of age, who died from the effect of his injuries last Saturday night. Bruning was formerly a clerk in the dry-good store of M.M. Engle, of Green View, Menard county, and was well known throughout the community.

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Rock Island Argus, July 31, 1900

Died of Murderous Assault
Petersburg, Ills., July 31 -- George Stroh, carpenter, married, and with a family, died Friday night at Oakford, Menard county, from murderous assault, his skull being cracked. Mat Thomas has been arrested at Oakford, charged with the murder, and lodged in jail here. It is said that another man is also implicated.

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