The Inter Ocean, various dates

Postal Affairs
Postoffice changes in Illinois during the week ending _______, furnished for the "Inter Ocean" by William Van Vleck, of the Postoffice Department.

Offices Established:
Fancy Prairie, Menard County, Bergun Fullerton, Postmaster.
(Week of Feb. 13, 1873)

Lloyd, Menard County, L.V. Conover, Postmaster
(Week of March 31, 1877)

Offices Discontinued:
Fancy Prairie, Menard County
(Week of March 20, 1875)

Postmaster Appointed:
Oakford, Menard County, Wm. S. Sutton
(Week of March 27, 1875)

Oak Ridge, Menard County, A.W. Tice
(Week of Dec 12, 1874)

Contributed by Kristin Vaughn