The Pekin Daily Times, September 22, 1948

The 4th annual reunion of former residents of Petersburg was held Sunday [Sept. 19] at Mineral Springs park with 70 in attendance.

Members came from Petersburg, Peoria, San Jose, Manito, Peoria Heights, Pekin and Ferry, O. Mrmrs Charles Hohimer of Pekin were the eldest couple present and the youngest person was Mickey Lynn, 9 month old son [should be daughter] of Mrmrs Ernest Cooling. A gift was presented to these honorees.

Officers elected for 1 year are Elmer Hughes, president; Omer May, vice-president; and Mrs. Everett Sams, secretary-treasurer.

Those present included Mrmrs Omer Emery, San Jose; Alfred Borchert and Mrmrs Caleb Pelham, Petersburg; Mrmrs Ervin Peplow, Manito; Mrmrs George Montgomery, Peoria Heights; Mrmrs William Montgomery and son Michael, Mrmrs Roy Montgomery, Mrmrs Marshall Montgomery, Mrmrs Lee Montgomery, the Misses Margaret, Norma, and Shirley Montgomery and Donna Branks, all of Peoria.

Mrs. John Coryell and children, Carol Lynn, Timothy, Tilden and Irving of Ferry, O; Miss Anita Ricci. Mrmrs Leland Pratt, Mrmrs Omer May, Mrmrs Guy Corson, Mrmrs Charlie Hohimer, Mrmrs C.A. Hohimer Jr., Billy Hohimer, Mrmrs Charlie Gum, Mrmrs Everett Sams, Mrs. George Marshall, Mrs. George LeGault, Mrs. [should be Miss?] Lizzie Durett, Mrs. Katherine Cleer, Mrs. Elsie Cuzick, Mrmrs A.C. Hughes, Elmer Hughes, Otis Lee, Glenn Durett, Kenneth Norris, Mrmrs Thomas Martin, Mrmrs Nathan Martin and Lulubelle, Estella, Roland and Pvt. John E. Martin of the marine corps and Mrmrs Ernest Cooling and Larry, Julia Fae [Faye], Mickey, Donald, Grace, Anice [Annis], Nathan [Ernest Nathan] and Burma May [Mae], all of Pekin.

[Note from Carole Martin: I attempted to transcribe exactly as printed. Where I knew there was an error, I put a correction in.]

Contributed by Carole Martin