Petersburg Observer, February 15, 1924

W. H. Plunkett Killed.
A clipping has been received here, taken from a Butler (Mo.) paper, telling of the tragic death of W. H. Plunkett, a former Illinois man, who married a Menard county girl. Mr. Plunkett was helping to operate a sawmill Tuesday, January 29, when the saw wedged and broke and a segment of the blade struck him in the face, almost severing the top portion of his head, and causing instant death.

Mr. Plunkett is survived by his widow, who is a sister of Mrs. Chas. Altig of Oakford and Mrs. Thomas Holman of Sandridge, and also by two sisters and five children. Funeral services were held Thursday January 31 in Butler, and the remains were interred in the cemetery there.

Contributed by: Matthew