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Montgomery County
1835 Pensioners







Pvt Henry Briance Sr

NC Cont'l

14 Aug1833


died 19 Aug 1833

Pvt Ezra Bostwick

NC Cont'l

28 Feb 1833



Pvt Thomas Craig Sr

NC Cont'l

28 Feb 1833



Pvt Benjamin Gordon

NC Cont'l

25 Sep 1833



Pvt Wooten Harris

VA Cont'l

01 Dec 1832



Pvt John Light

VA Cont'l

28 Feb 1833



Pvt James Richardson

NC Cont'l

28 Feb 1833



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Other Rev. War Soldiers who are known (or thought) to be buried in Montgomery Co. but weren't listed on this census:

Thomas Brockman/Breckman | -- Burge -- |John Cannady/Canady/Kannady/Kanady | John Crabtree | Joseph Evans | Mason or John Owens/Owen | Harris Revis/Revice/Reeves | John Rutledge | Joseph McAdams |George McLain | Hezekiah Rowe |Benjamin Todd

Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener
The following is a series of brief sketches about the Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Montgomery County. When more than one date, name, or spelling was given in the material researched, they are all listed. Married names of daughters are given when available.

Ezra Bostic/Bostick/Bostich
b. 1753 Queen Ann Co. MD
m. 24 Feb. 1792 Anson Co. N. C.
spo Drusilla Liles (she d. 1849)
d. Jan 1843/10 Feb. 1843 Montgomery Co. IL
bur. McCord Cemetery
ch. Benjamin Harrison, Belia Mallory, John, Joe, Marie Crawford, James, Martha Knight Nancy Rutledge, Edney Haller, Barsheba Knight
service: Pvt. Anson Co. N.C. Mounted Volunteers under Capt. Patrick Begans. Enlisted 15 Oct. 1780 and served until 15 Jan 1782 when he was discharged.
Ezra Bostic settled near Donnellson about 1824. In 1826, he and his sons-in-law, William and Joel Knight, moved about 2 1/2 miles northeast of Hillsboro in Irving Twp. There they formed what was known as the "Bostic Settlement", near the present town of Irving.

Henry Briance/Bryens Sr.
b. 27 Mar 1760 York Co. PA (He stated this on his application for pension. )
/abt. 1762 N. C./1759
spo. Deborah McGraw
d. 19 Aug. 1833 Montgomery Co. IL
bur. Clear Springs Cemetery
ch. Deborah Jones, Betsey Penter, Margaret Evans, James, Eleanor Shelvey Penter
service: Enlisted in Feb. 1777 in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. under Capt. James Harris. He served in the regular army and as a volunteer during 1777 and 1778. In Feb. 1787 he enlisted and served 10 mos. under Capt. Thomas Shelby.
After Henry Briance was married and had a family, he came to Illinois and settled in a log cabin which he built. After applying for his pension, but, before receiving it, he died in the cabin which he built. He was probably the first one buried in Clear Springs Cemetery.

Thomas Brockman/Breckman
b. 1759 Albemarle Co. VA
spo Elizabeth Burress/Burriss
d. abt. 1833/abt. 1838
bur. Spinner Farm in East Fork Twp,
ch. Thomas, Mahala Scaggs, Samuel, Eleanor Brown
service: Pvt. from VA under Capt. John Marks. He entered the service in 1776 and_served under Capt. Marks for 3 years. He then served under Capt. Archibald Moon for the remainder of the war.
Thomas Brockman lived on the East Fork of Shoal Creek.

John Cannady/Canady/Kannady/Kanady
b. 14 Jan. 1763 (National Archives)/14 Mar. 1763 King George's Co. VA
m. 26 Mar. 1787 Campbell Co. VA
spo. Mary Shearer
d. 15 Dec. 1836 Montgomery Co. IL
bur. Cannady home, Montgomery Co. IL
ch. James, John, Robert, William, Sophia, Patsey, Elizabeth
service: Entered service in Sept. 1781 in Bedford Co. VA and served as a private in Capt. Charles Callaway's Co. for 3 mos. He re-enlisted in July 1782 with Capt. Abraham Kirkpatrick and served 6 mos. He was transferred to Capt. Charles Yarborough and Capt. Benjamin Dade' s troop and was furloughed home when he became ill. He was discharged in 1783.

John Crabtree
b. 3 May 1763/31 / May 1764 Randolph Co. N.C.
m. three times
spo. Mrs. Harkens who d. 1818, Midy ? , and ? (do not know order)
d. 24 Oct. 1835
bur. Clear Springs
ch. Nancy Jane Fogleman, John A., Sarah Jordan, Isaac, Allen, George Posey
service: Enlisted in 1780 as a soldier from N.C. under Capt. Edward Williams. He re-enlisted under Capt. John Knight.
John Crabtree was among the first settlers of Montgomery Co. He lived in what was known as the "Street Settlement", about 4 miles southwest of Hillsboro.

Thomas Craig
b. Oct 1762 Granville Co. N.C.
spo. Francis Brown
d. 7 Nov. 1839
bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery/Craig Cemetery, Hurricane Twp. Montgomery Co.
(note: There is no Hurricane Twp. )
ch. Gilbert, Larkin, Sarah, Elizabeth Brown, Thomas, Jesse, James, Samuel
service: Enlisted in 1781 under Capt. Smith. He re-enlisted in Lincoln Co. N.C. in the Indian Spy Service under Capt. Brown Stimson and Capt. John Sevier,
Thomas Craig settled in East Fork Twp.

Joseph Evans
b. abt. 1752
spo. Mary
d. 4 Sept. 1832 age 80
bur. Kirkland Cemetery
ch. Joseph, John E., Mary Garrison, Thomas
Joseph Evans came to Walshville Twp. in 1826.

Benjamin Gordon
b. 30 Aug 1762/30 Aug 1763 Newberry Co SC
spo. Jane ______
d. 30 Mar 1836
bur. Van Burensburg area of Montgomery Co.
ch. Benjamin, Jemima Parrish
Service: Enlisted in July 1780 in Mecklenburg Co NC under Gen Thomas Sumpter
He later served as a mountaineer ranger under Gen. John C. Clark of GA. He was
discharged in 1783.
Benjamin Gordon was a member of the Hurricane Settlement.

Wooten Harris
b. March 1759 Brunswick Co. VA
spo. Francis Adams
d. 1837/10 Jan. 1840/11 Feb. 1840
bur. Scribner Farm/Harris Cemetery on his land in Fillmore Twp.
ch. Sterling, Benjamin, William D, Joel, Patty Angle, Frankie Cook, Betsey Halford, Kate Hicks, Mary "Polly" Jordan
service: Pvt. VA Continental Troops. Enlisted 1777 in Brunswick Co. VA in Capt. Elliott's Co of militia for 90 days. Re-enlisted in Capt. William Petterson's Co. and served until the close of the War.
About 1827 Wooten Harris and his sons Benjamin and William came to Montgomery Co. from Hickman Co. TN.

John Liggett/Ligit/Liget
b. March 1762 Augusta Co. VA
d abt. 1833
bur. Irving Area, Montgomery Co.
ch. He is known to have had children in Ark. in 1836.
service: He enlisted in 1776 as a pvt. under Capt. John Reese and was transferred to Capt. David Plunkett's Co. 4th Regiment Light Dragoons of the PA line. He was taken prisoner, escaped, and rejoined the army under General Washington until the close of the war.
John Liggett settled in the Bostic Settlement.

Mason or John Owens/Owen
b. 8 Sept. 1760 Kings Co. VA
d. 1846 Montgomery Co. IL
bur. Montgomery Co. IL
ch. Nancy White a dau. m. Samuel Bartlett
service: Pvt. VA Continental Troops. He served 8 mos under Capt. Joseph Rogers, 10 mos under Capt. George Strother, 5 mos under C : pt. William Bunbury.
In 1807 Mr. Owens moved to KY and in 1827 he came to Montgomery Co.

Harris Revis/Revice/Reeves
b. Nov. 1750/Nov 1754/ Dec. 1754 Northhampton Co. N.C.
d. 1837/29 May 1838/1840 Montgomery Co. IL
bur. Old Wright Cemetery
ch. Hiram, Isham, John, William, Joseph, Noah, Frances w/o Simon Landers, Martha w/o Aaron Casey, Sarah Wright, Mary w/o Isham Revis (cousins)
service: Enlisted 1780 in Rowan Co. N.C. under Sgt. Elias Langham and served. at the magazine until the close of the war.
Harris Revis and his brother Henry came to IL. Henry settled in Madison Co. and. Harris settled in the Hurricane Settlement of Montgomery Co.

James Richardson
b. 25 Aug 1757 Middlesex Co VA
spo. Jemima _____
d. 28 Mar 1842
bur. McCord Cemetery
service: Pvt. N.C. Continental Troops. Enlisted in Aug. 1780 in Spotsylvania Co. VA under
Cast. Lemuel Smith, Col. Peter Perkins' Regiment of VA troops. He also served in Capt. Miner
Smith' Co. of N. C. Troops.

John Rutledge
bur. McCord Cemetery
service: Enlisted 12 July 1781 from Botetourt Co. VA under Lt. H. Paterson.
Jacob Sights
b. 4 July 1755 Germany
spo. Mary Elizabeth Preston/Mary Black
d. 1845
bur. Hopewell Cemetery
ch. Elizabeth w/o Jack Bostic, David, Mary Brown, Isaac, Adam, Catherine Gibson, Ann Bentley
service: He enlisted in 1776 under Capt. John Reese and was transferred to Capt. David Plunkett's Co. 4th Regiment Light Dragoons of the PA line. He was captured in 1778, escaped, and rejoined the army under General Washington until the close of the war.
Jacob Sights settled in the Bostic Settlement.

The above soldiers were listed in all the sources used. In addition, some of the sources listed the following men as serving in the Revolutionary War and living in Montgomery Co. (may not *necessarily* be buried in Montgomery Co)

bur Wilhite Cemetery, Montgomery Co. IL
(Wilhite aka Kinder Cemetery is across the western boundary in Macoupin Co. near Hornsby, IL.)

Joseph McAdams
b. 1753-55/1759 York Co. PA
m. #1 14 Dec. 1781 Orange Co. N.C. #2 17 Nov 1788 Orange Co. N.C.
spo. #1 Jemima Justice #2 Sarah Bradford
d. 22 Sept. 1840 near Dudleyville, IL
bur. Camp Ground Cemetery 6 miles south of Greenville, Bond Co. IL
ch. by #1 Samuel
by #2 John, Hannah McPhail, Joseph, Jemima, Jesse, Thomas Bradford, Sarah Bradford, Robert, Sloss, William, James

service: Enlisted as pvt. in Orange Co. N.C. in Apr. or May 1779 under Capt John Carrington. Re-enlisted in 1780 in the light cavalry under Capt. Nathaniel Christman. He was a pilot for Col Lee. He was discharged in 1782.
Joseph McAdams moved to Sumner Co. TN after the war, then to Logan Co. Ky. In 1817-18 he settled in Hillsboro Twp, Montgomery Co. IL and in his old age moved to Bond Co. He was the first coroner of Montgomery Co. His brother William settled in Madison Co. IL

George McLain
b. 14 Oct 1760 Lincoln Co NC
m. 25/26 July 1789 Mecklenburg Co NC
spo Rebecca Alexander
d. 30 Nov 1834Bedford Co TN
service: Enlisted in July 1779 as a private under Capt. Samuel Martin and in Apr. 1780 under Capt. John Mattocks. He also served under Capt. John Walker, Capt. Robert White, and Capt. Null.
George McLain's widow was living in Bond Co. on 4 Mar. 1844 when she was allowed a pension. A son, Josiah Thomas, one of 8 children was 46 and living in Bond Co. at the time. Many descendents settled in Montgomery Co.

Hezekiah Rowe
b. 17 June 1759 N.C.
d. 1835
bur Allen Cemetery near Coffeen Montgomery Co. IL/ Sugg Cemetery Bond Co. IL
(Allen Cemetery is in Bond Co.)
service: Pvt. S.C. Continental Troops

Benjamin Todd
b. 1766
spo. #2 Rachael Moore
bur. Ables Cemetery Fayette Co. IL/Ishil Cemetery, Hurricane Twp. Montgomery Co. IL
(There is no Hurricane Twp in Montgomery Co.)
ch. Thomas Jefferson Henry Katherine Russell
service: Sergeant 4th MD Regiment enlisted Dec. 1777.
(I rechecked these dates which came from two different sources and they are correct as stated!)
Many descendents of Benjamin Todd settled in Fayette Co. and eastern Montgomery Co.

Sources Used:
by the IL State Genealogical Society
by Alexander Strange
by Jacob Traylor
by William Henry Perrin


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