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Montgomery County

1850 U.S. Census, Montgomery County Illinois
Southern East Fork Township






Pers. Prop.


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793 Jones, Martin Powell 40 M Farmer 150 North Carolina (Son of James Jones and Elizabeth Toles, Illinois by ca. 1833)
  Jones, James 17 M Farmer   Illinois  
  Jones, William 14 M     Illinois  
  Jones, Elizabeth 11 F     Illinois  
  Jones, Eli 9 M     Illinois  
  Jones, Mariah 6 F   Illinois  
805 Traylor, John Jacob 41 M Farmer   unknown POB: VA
(Son of James Traylor)
  Traylor, Turza Jane Blair 23 F     Illinois (Daughter of John Blair, granddaughter of Colbert Blair)
  Traylor, John 14 M     Illinois  
  Traylor, Mary 12 F     Illinois  
  Traylor, William 11 M     Illinois  
  Traylor, Joel 5 M     Illinois  
  Traylor, Martha 3 F     Illinois  
  Traylor, Nancy 1 F     Illinois Son Wesley Hardin, b. 1855, married Mary Ellen Smith, daughter of Wilson Smith and grandaughter of Samuel Smith and Tabitha Jones
807 Traylor, Joel Cousins 34 M Grocery kpr. 1,000 Kentucky (Son of James Traylor, from KY to Illinois in 1844)
  Traylor, Sarah 22 F     Ohio (Sarah Ann Ohmart married Joel C. Traylor 1846)
  Traylor, James 11 M     Illinois  
  Traylor, George 2 M     Illinois  
811 Jones, Colbert 35 M farmer 200 Indiana (Son of James Jones and Elizabeth Toles, to Illinois by ca. 1849)
  Jones, Margarett 31 F     Indiana (Margaret “Peggy” Lewis m. ca. 1837)
  Jones, Tibatha 11 F     Arkansas  
  Jones, William 8 M     Arkansas  
  Jones, Elizabeth 5 F     Arkansas  
  Jones, George 1 M     Illinois  
819 White, William 32 M Farmer 120 Kentucky (Probable son of Stephen White and nephew of Ambrose White)
  White, Elizabeth Smith 28 F     Indiana (Probable daughter of Samuel Smith and Tabitha Jones Smith)
  White, Iva 10 F     Illinois  
  White, Ambrose 8 M     Illinois  
  White, James 2 M     Illinois  
  White, Martha 4/12 F       Illinois  
820 Smith, Tibitha Jones [52] F   300 unknown (Daughter of James Jones and Elizabeth Toles, wife of Samuel Smith. Married Harrison, Indiana in 1819, Samuel died before 1840)
  Smith, Susan 18 F     Indiana  
  Smith, Wilson 14 M     Illinois (or Indiana?)
  Smith, Eliza 11 F   Illinois  
821 White, Stephen Rowland 28 M FARMER 300 Kentucky (Probable son of Stephen White, brother of William White. Ambrose White would have been his uncle and Stephen White [1818-1921] his cousin.)
  White, Trecy Smith 29 F     Indiana (Daughter of Samuel Smith and Tabitha Jones)
  White, Nancy 10 F     Illinois  
  White, Malisey 6 F   Illinois  
  White, Ambrose 5 M     Illinois  
  White, Tibitha 4 M     Illinois  
832 Smith, John (Jr.) 48 M FARMER   Kentucky (Probable brother of Samuel Smith, brother-in-law of Tabitha Jones Smith)
  Smith, Susan Stripling 22 F     Tennessee (John Smith m. Susan C. Stripling 1846 in Montgomery)
  Smith, Lydia 8 F     Illinois  
  Smith, John 6 M     Illinois  
  Smith, William 3 M     Illinois  
  Smith, Samuel 6/12 M       Illinois  
838 Landers, Bloomington 29 M FARMER   Illinois  
  Landers, Sarah Smith 28 F     Indiana (Probable daughter of John Smith)
(Married Bloomington Landers November 24, 1839)
(Census of 1860 says Sarah was born in 1820 – 40 years old)
  Landers, Mary 10 F     Illinois  
  Landers, Elizabeth 9 F     Illinois  
  Landers, William 2 M     Illinois  
839 Jones, Hardy F. 39 M FARMER 1299 Kentucky (Son of James Jones and Elizabeth Toles, Illinois by 1842)
  Jones, Matilda 40 F     Kentucky (Matilda Nicholson, 1st wife of three)
  Jones, Martha 17 F     Indiana  
  Jones, Lydia 15 F     Indiana  
  Jones, Mary 13 F     Indiana  
  Jones, William 12 M     Illinois  
  Jones, Lety 10 F     Illinois  
  Jones, Tibatha 8 F     Illinois  
  Jones, John 6 M     Illinois  
  Jones, James 3 M     Illinois  
  Jones, Joseph 1 M     Illinois  
841 Traylor, James 62 M FARMER 150 Virginia (Father of Caleb, John Jacob, Joel Cousins, William W., John Cousins, etc.)
  Traylor, Barbara 64 F     Virginia (Barbara Van Hattan, second wife of James Traylor)
842 Traylor, Caleb 41 M FARMER 900 Virginia (Son of James Traylor, to Illinois by 1833)
  Traylor, Martha Duncan 42 F     Kentucky (Martha Duncan, from Shelby Co. KY)
  Traylor, Frances 21 F     Kentucky  
  Traylor, Mary 19 F     Kentucky  
  Traylor, James 17 M FARMER   Illinois  
  Traylor, David 16 M FARMER   Illinois  
  Traylor, Martha 15 F     Illinois  
  Traylor, Margarett 15 F     Illinois  
  Traylor, William 13 M     Illinois  
  Traylor, Thomas 10 M     Illinois  

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