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Jacob Roll Haenny
Submitted by: Jack Oakley

Jacob Roll Haenny, was born in the village of Thun, Canton of Beme, Switerland, on June 1, 1845. His father, John Haenny, native of Berne also, was born around 1800. He wanted to establish a home, for his family in America. He crossed the Atlantic and selected a suitable place for a home. He then started the return trip to his home, in the Old Country, to get his family. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in New York City, preventing him from accomplishing his wishes and dreams.

Jacob's mother whose maiden name was Magdelena [Roll] Haenny, was born in Berne about 1808. After the death of her husband, she gathered together her children, her household belongings and began her journey to America. They left their native land on November 10, 1851 and traveled to the nearest port of deportation in France.

Aboard a tall masted ship, they departed the Port of Harve, France on or about the 17th of November 1851. After a journey of forty-two days, from Berne, they arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana. That date being December 22, 1851. During that sailing Jacob's siter, along with eighty-three other passengers died of cholera.

At New Orleans they boarded a small ship and traveled north up the Mississippi River. It was wintertime and the river had frozen over at Weinbusch, Illinois. Due to those conditions they could travel no further. Over land they continued to Highland, Illinois arriving there on Christmas Day in 1851. Jacob Haenny along with his remaning siblings, Carl born in 1833, Fritz born in 1837, Rudolph born in 1839, Anna born in 1843, Jacob born in 1845 and John born in 1847 were raised by their mother in the Highland Illinois area.

On February 20, 1868 in Highland, Illinois he married Anna Kurth. Anna was also born in Canton Berne, Switzerland [February 24, 1846] to Johann Ulrich Kurth and Anna Barbara [Antenen] Kurth. After their marriage they established their first home in Highland, [Madison County] Illinois. They later lived in Mount Olive and New Douglas, Illinois. The family moved to Coffeen, [Montgomery County] Illinois in 1883 and resided there for over 43 years. To this union was born twelve children. The children of Jacob and Anna Haenny were: John Edward, 1869; Charles Louis, 1870; Frederick William, 1871; Rudoph Alexander, 1873; Anna Caroline, 1875; August Rutherford, 1876; Gustavus Adolphus, 1878; John Albert, 1882; Albert John, 1882; Mary Louise 1880; Rosalie Otilda, 1884; George Washington, 1886.

Jacob Haenny was a resident of Coffeen for 35 years at the time of his death. He was killed by a Cloverleaf train on September 27, 1918. He was struck while standing on the track in front of the General Store where he had conducted business for many years. It was thought that he was watching an airplane flying nearby and failed to see or hear the moving train. Anna Haenny died September 18, 1926 in Coffeen, Illinois. Mr. Haenny and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Jacob and Anna Haenny are buried in the Olive Hill Cemetery at Coffeen, Illinois.

Harold J. Henderson
Dr. Harold J. Henderson moved to Litchfield from Raymond Sep 20, 1937 and was associated with Scott's Optometrists. On Sep 15, 1942, he purchased the practice. He married Beatrice Custer and had 5 children - Robert H., Harold V., Carroll, Virginia, and Marilyn w/o Robert Garrels.
[Pg. 121, "The Centennial History of Litchfield, Illinois" - submitted by Lynn Boyd Renner]


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